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ONE of the plus-plus gifts I got from working at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources was a deepening of my experience of the Filipino.

We are such a beautiful race. The most charming aspect of our race is our “heartness” and childlikeness, traits which are actually exuded by all social classes, be they rich, poor, young or old. I already knew this before I went to the DENR. I just got to experience it in greater depth. It is only with greed and selfishness that instead of the above qualities what we perceive is a hardness, and that comes when money becomes the overall objective.

Such is the tapestry of life. There is positive, and there is negative. Its like China. China has an. Inherently spiritual culture. My perception is Mao ruined everything by making matter the be all and the end all. They have become selfish, greedy – and will do anything for money – bullying their way through what is good for them. Thank God this hasn’t reached massive scale in the Philippines. The Philippines still has an inherently spiritual culture – in terms of giving and loving.

Through facebook I have experienced the child likeness, the joy, and even the humor of the Filipino. They like to laugh – play and have fun. Even at my age – this is very me. This attitude, and temperament keeps life light and joyful.

A few days ago I was having a profound discussion with someone who is adamant on being anonymous but the thoughts are worth sharing so here goes:

“ You can deceive your mind but not your heart. Filipinos have potential , They have the power of their hearts. This is what will bring them to the next level because their hearts know what is right and wrong. There are different ways of knowing. The heart is far more powerful than the mind.

The mind is good at tricks. Sometimes the mind is used to justify abuses.

The mind operates on fear. The mind operates on the past. Listen to the heart. There is always good in the heart. If something wrong is being done , then we need to bring it to light. So we develop intellect. “

I concur that the greatest strength of the Filipino is our heart – and it is this which will bring us to the next level. and how the heart is actually much more profound, more powerful than the mind.

Almost every night as my “entertainment” I watch You Tube. I continue to be captivated by the American talk show hosts: Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert – who is now lording it on Late Night TV,: Seth Myers, John Oliver…. I find the guts and intelligence of these hosts inspiring The fact of the American people not taking “s____” is a good trait we need to learn. We have been colonized for hundreds of years. Uunfotunately the effects of that are one – a feeling of smallness, – two an inclination to “surrender” – to whatever is. As in what can we do.

I believe there is a power to idealism and good intentions. and I firmly believe in the necessity of questioning – it is healthy. When one accepts what is – because it is – life doesnt move forward. We accept the status quo. We lose the gold being taking out of the dross. Even mistakes and disasters can be turned into gold by learnng .

So a more rigorous intellectual questioning based on principles and compassion is necessary. A clear sightedness as to what is right and wrong. Remmember the heart has wisdom. What does the heart say – is it right if people suffer? What does the heart feel when the environment is kept pristine.. … when there is love and harmony… when we work together.?

I would like to end this piece with the feeling of family because that is what the Fili;ino is known for.

We are blessed to be part of a race wherein one feels like family. Everywhere I go – if the person is Filipino i feel a closeness. When I was a missionary in Africa – I was sent without money – just work that had to be done. I survived by going to the cruise ships where there would invariably be Filipinos working. Living in the urban chaos of Lagos and Ghana and having children to take care of I enjoyed noodles, cheese, pasta and even brown bread because of Filipinos feeling of family. They were not rich. They just cared. When my father was alive, we would go on family travels. In the cruise ships my father always got the food he liked because Filipinos like to take care.

What a blessed blessed race we are a part of. So let that strength be our gift to humanity.

The dream: That one day all of humanity feels like one family. We can dream. Miracles, bright futures start with a dream – which may feel quixotic at the time. Hey the future belongs to those who dare. We start in this country. Fight the greed, the selfishness – we do it with courage and with love in our hearts. We create models which show love is the way to go. We manifest that in love there are infinitely creative ways to manifest. … We go out of the box. The outcome is always the welfare of our people. Because of the geophysical conditions of the country – and the fact that we are island eco systems – green is the way to go. ! We make things happen. My email is View this link which a Dutch film maker sent me last week. I find it so inspiring. I want to do something like that in the Philippines…. love to all!!


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