The first and last 1,000 days

Rene Saguisag

Rene Saguisag

The official candidates for Prez in 2010 were Benigno Aquino III, Manuel Villar, Gilbert Teodoro, Joseph Estrada, JC delos Reyes, Richard Gordon, Jamby Madrigal and Eddie Villanueva. You may not like the last three years in office of PNoy, and you may not like the next thousand days either.

You think Erap and Co. could have done better, given the mess the Marcoses and the Arroyos have left while we keep multiplying like rabbits? The one you hate the most, egg him to run for Prez of our ungovernable people with Kadunongs and Pilosopos galore. They know all the answers, like I do, as a columnist in our Wild Wild Press with Media being the Plural of Mediocre. We explain what we don’t see and understand, in our bivouacs while the Prez is in the commanding heights.

PNoy did not have to deliver that loooong State of the Nation Address (SONA) last Monday. It is obligatory? But, can the Prez be mandamused? I doubt, despite the constitutional language (“shall”).

In the US some Prez have no SONAs or just send one in writing. Here, it is mainly about making us drool in envy, particularly the women who see the attire of the women attendees in the State of the Nation’s Accouterment. A uniform? Why not? Maybe like the St. Scho-Kulasa uniform?

Orating is one strong point of ours. Japanese officials supposedly whisper or shout, unable to orate. All they do is work, work, work while we talk, talk, talk. They have the Lexus, we still have jeepneys at corners or trikes in counterflow. Perfectionists, where we are puede-na. But, masaya. We sing and dance in the rain while other peoples may take shelter. Among the Japanese, the serious ailment or death of a loved one is no excuse to be absent from work, as some over-the-hill US major leaguers playing besoboru in Japan have found out to their additional grief (our kids can say baseball with the word falling trippingly from the tongue). Not besoboru.

On PNoy’s nearly two-hour speech applauded dutifully by his people (hakot?), I had my own beef. Like many others, I wonder why he didn’t mention me and my advocacies. How dare he? Some felt deeply hurt and offered to resign. They should resign. Period. But continue to work for our people because Art. 238 of the Revised Penal Code punishes “[a]ny public officer, who, before the acceptance of his resignation, shall abandon his office to the detriment of the public service. . . .” The supposed resignation of Erap was refused by the people in the election of his legal wife, common-law wife, and a legal son and a love child, to high public offices. Erap was Mindanao’s choice for Prez in 2013, and now Manileños choice for Hizzoner, as our people joined Prez Cory in apologizing to him for removing him from office in 2001. Anyway, kudos to Biazon, Lim and Tanada, not morir-antes-de-dimitir types.

Now there are lawmaking seminars. In our time in the Senate, we had Uncle Jovy Salonga (UP, Harvard and Yale), Manong Johnny (UP and Harvard), Manang Letty (Wellesley and Sorbonne), Sonny Alvarez (UP and Harvard); Edong Angara (UP and Michigan; his son Sonny, UP and Harvard); Bobby Tanada (Ateneo, MLQ and Harvard); Kuya Teroy Laurel (UP and Yale), Manong Ernie Maceda (Ateneo and Harvard), Ting Paterno (La Salle, UP, and Lehigh), Manong Bert Romulo (La Salle, MLQ and Central Universidad de Madrid) and Mike Tamano (UP and Cornell). Me? Makati Elem, Rizal Hi, San Beda and Harvard. I was the lone Pinabili-Lang-Ng-Suka who probably needed a seminar in my batch, not having any yen for politics as an Accidental Public Official. I told Uncle Jovy I didn’t want to add to his headaches, given the squabbles over Committees and just to give me one no one else wanted. I got Ethics.

Academically, our people may be said to have lowered the bar this year and did not want another criminal genius, like Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Sr.. But, let’s hope for all, including Marcos, Jr., Bongbong, to succeed; their success is ours. What is their take on Ayungin and Scarborough?

Last Wednesday, I attended as an ordinary citizen, a demo against Bully-Bully China but Dictator Raffy Alunan ordered this groundling to go up stage and speak. For your penance, Raffy, tell naman La Salle Manila, your alma mater, not to have its vehicles stop and occupy 1/2 of Vito Cruz. City Hall should never allow the elite to build flush on the boundary but should require space within the property owned by the school for disgorging or taking in drivers and passengers.

Good people change others, better people change the system, the best ones change themselves. State of Self (SOS). If you want to see change, be that change. Tolstoy and Gandhi, TY.

The weather, City Hall and the cops cooperated last Wednesday. But, how soon will Mayor JunJun Binay, doing a good job, have the junkyard cars removed from Palanan where we have lost our sidewalks and continue to have wakes on streets? Ganito kami sa Barangay Palanan sa Makati.


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  1. That’s one of the reason – masyadong nakalog ang utak ni ka Rene at masyadong nadribol ng husto ng mga Aquino..Let’s face it- He’s just too blind fanatics of the Aquino. And he too alam nya ang sikreto ng isang Noynoy..

  2. johnny santiago on

    nadale mo kabayan rene. “IF YOU WANT TO SEE CHANGE, BE THAT CHANGE” kaso, maintindihan kaya ito ng mga “your honor”? english, e.

    • Well, that’s what you say when you like the President.

      Once upon a time when Saguisag did not like the President, he too was with the noisy self-righteous bunch screaming their heart out for change