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The Bloomfields just signed an exclu­sive recording agreement with indie label Curve Entertainment. They are preparing for a new all-original album —a mix of their individual influences but Bloomfieldisque still, which points to a mix trademark of vocal harmonies, rock and roll, guitars and a bit of psychedelia.

The band’s last album “Hit The Ground Running” was released in CDs in 2011 but just recently became available in digital platforms worldwide last month.

The Bloomfields

Composed of four members who are all vocalists— Lakan Hila as lead guitarist, Dino Pascual on rhythm guitar, Rocky Collado on drums and Louie Poco on bass—the group particularly renders music of the ‘60s, playing rock and roll, with sporadic ballads and mellow hits.

Formed in 2003, the choice to render ‘60s music was not a formidable decision they made. Their influences way back in high school were their idols—The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Birds and many others.

Music aside, the boys are also very accomplished—all educated, intelligent and eloquent.

Rocky is fondly called “Doctor of the Drums” because of his unparalleled talent in playing the drums. He is even hailed as the “Gene Krupa of the Philippines.” The latter was an American jazz and big band drummer known for his flamboyant style.

The Morning Episodes

Lakan comes from a family of musicians. That explains his proficiency in a number of musical instruments he attempts to play. He soars with his amazing leads during instrumentals, often playing the keyboards with his guitar firmly strapped to his chest.

Louie is the master of rock and roll showmanship. He is often seen jumping off stages, standing on tables and doing all sorts of maneuvers. He is also the go-to guy for blaring numbers. He has raspy, high-pitched voice, ideal for rock and roll.

Turn Me On Holly

Dino is the youngest member of the group. Also the resident balladeer, he has a strong but soothing voice that is always a hit with the female crowd. His acoustic roots also allowed him to bring diversity to the band’s repertoire.

With four, different personalities performing together, The Bloomfields has admirably ironed out their respective differences and dealt with their occasional misunderstandings.
Indie pop band The Morning Episodes are back with yet another single sure to bring some electric vibe to the hottest of one’s summer nights: “Feel the Night” takes the music aficionado higher with its almost sentimental lyrics, dancey rhythm, and distinct guitar hooks.

“The song is about just having a blast with someone out of nowhere, [with]nobody expecting it,” frontman Miguel Escueta explained. “These are the type of moments you live for, but at the same time, you realize that these moments don’t come around that often, so the moment just becomes even more special.”

Collaborating this time with hip-hop duo No One’s Home (Claudio Lopa and Mark Yap), The Morning Episodes’ newest track is a balance of beats that get one off his feet, music that weave the track into a seamless thread, and words that make the listener savor the moments you are in even more.

Miguel has already released a few albums as a solo artist under MCA Music Inc, but claims that listening to The Morning Episodes is a totally different experience from his previous work.

While he took a break from the scene to focus on his bar and restaurant businesses (Pablo’s, Frank & Dean and Ocean’s Telephone Company) and finished a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship, he never stopped writing music. So, with his most recent comeback, Miguel started exploring a different sound, making music that is new and modern, but still ultimately his own.

“Initially, I was thinking of doing acoustic first, just with keyboards,” he shared. “We did a couple of gigs, and we started thinking, should we go full band again? I hadn’t touched my pedal board in years. Then Paul [Binag, keyboards] said, ‘If you want I can ask. I have friends who just really want to play.’ So he talked to them and they said they’re game. We rehearsed, had a gig. And that was it.”

Besides Miguel and Paul, other members of The Morning Episodes are Juni Devecais (sound production), Hosh Domingo (drums), and Igi Montelibano (bass).

A talented and enthusiastic bunch, they are all music artists in their own right.

“Feel the Night” is released digitally through Yellow Room Music.

* * *

A promising new indie pop rock band to watch out for is Turn Me On Holly. Composed of Aaron Silvestre on vocals and guitar, Gino Tambuatco on guitar and backing vocals, Jerome Ulob on bass and keyboard and Charles Gener on drums, the band started in 2017 with Silvestre and Gener jamming trying to find a sound that they would like.

“We got two other guys to play with us, we had a different band name during this time but it didn’t work out with those guys so we moved on renamed the band and we asked Jerome who’s a long-time friend of mine from high school to play bass. Charles then asked Gino to play guitars who was his orchestra-mate from his college days. Then we played our first gig together as Turn Me On Holly on August 19 last year. We’ve been together since then, we kinda get along pretty well and we hang out as friends even outside music,” lead vocalist Silvestre said.

The band got its name from an All Time Low song, “Holly (Would You Turn Me On?).”

“We just jumbled it a bit and we thought it sounded cool,” Silvestre said.

So far, Turn Me On Holly have released two singles on Spotify and YouTube: “Yesterday’s Best” and “Stay The Night” in February. It was recorded at La Balls Studio in Makati and was produced by Nick Lazaro. They are hoping to release an EP or an album within the year.

According to Silvestre, “Yesterday’s Best” is about moving on. “It could be about a bad one-sided relationship you had with your ex, it could mean a lot of things,” he added. “Stay The Night” was the first song the band worked on together.

As a new indie band, they admit to experiencing the challenges of being in the local music industry.

“There are a lot of good bands in the Philippines right now and that’s a good thing. The challenge is, you need to get noticed amidst the slew of good music arising in the scene right now. It’s exciting and very challenging as well but we love it nonetheless. Since we’re an independent band we DIY everything from booking shows, to writing songs, performing them, and doing social media but it’s all part of the whole fun of it,” Silvestre said.


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