• ‘The Giving Journal’ sends scholars to schools


    These planners have already sent 38 scholars of Real Life Foundation to schools

    It’s that time of the year once again when Filipinos begin collecting coffee stubs for planners or journals in time for the upcoming, new year.

    To give meaning to this growing craze, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) franchise in the Philippines introduced a campaign called “The Giving Journal” in 2008.

    By allocating proceeds of journal sales, the campaign allows Filipino coffee lovers to help various organizations that uplift marginalized communities while getting their planners—all in the spirit of giving.

    In October, CBTL Philippines launched this year’s edition of The Giving Journal announcing Real Life Foundation as its partner charity once again.

    A non-profit organization, Real Life aims to provide a better future for underprivileged Filipinos by giving them access to good education and transforming their communities through voluntary services. It has three programs namely Scholarships for deserving high school and college students, Coaching for character development, and Line for community development and emergency relief.

    Since 2011, it has been supported by CBTL Philippines’ corporate social responsibility projects like The Giving Journal.

    In an exclusive interview with The Manila Times, communications manager Nella Lomotan shared, “The Giving Journal particularly supports Real Life’s scholarship. We have already sponsored education 38 scholars of which 13 have already graduated. And yes, a few of them now works at CBTL.”

    Ask why choose education among many other sectors of the society, the officer answered,
    “We at CBTL Philippines simply believe in the saying that ‘knowledge is power.’ Equip the youth with knowledge by educating them and you already provide them a better future.”

    But besides Real Life, Lomoton noted that the coffee company has donated to other social organizations for the environment, street children, the elderly, and sick or disabled people, among others. In the beginning of The Giving Journal, planner owners are given the chance to support an advocacy that is close to their passions.

    “The journal is designed to inspire each individual to pursue their passions and find meaning and fulfillment in everyday moments, while at the same time providing them with the opportunities to give back by helping others,” Lomoton added.

    Lastly, the communications manager proudly revealed that The Giving Journal is unique among CBTL franchises around the globe. It takes off from CBTL’s Caring Cup campaign, which contributes to the livelihood of the company’s harvesters.


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