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    With 33 knockouts in 37 fights, it is evident that world middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin of Kazakhstan prefers to talk with his fists. However, for his September 16 title defense against Mexican Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez (49-1-1, 34 knockouts), Golovkin appears to be leaning on taking a different approach.

    Golovkin recently appeared in TMZ Sports and wasted no time in criticizing Alvarez’s one-sided decision win over countryman Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in May. For those who fell asleep watching the fight, recall that Chavez Jr. did not up a fight and was reduced to a human punching bag in a lopsided decision loss.

    During the interview with TMZ, Golovkin mocked Alvarez for just standing up between rounds of the Chavez fight and claimed that ‘Canelo’ did it to look tough and impress the women at ringside. Golovkin however chided Alvarez for failing to knock out Chavez Jr. who was nothing more than a stationary target during their fight.

    There is a reason why Golovkin is taking the ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy” approach on Alvarez. Alvarez avoided a fight with Golovkin for several years and the latter was forced to take on pedestrian foes that did little to enhance his marketability. Now that the fight with Alvarez is sealed, Golovkin is trying to get into Alvarez’s head this early and drive home the point that the Mexican will pay for making him wait this long.

    Alvarez has been very careful in ruffling Golovkin’s feathers. Note that after beating Chavez Jr., Alvarez announced that Golovkin was next in his list, but the Mexican was very careful with his words and even referred to Golokvin as his “friend.” Golovkin is apparently the least charmed and his latest remarks on Alvarez show that he will be all business when the bell rings.

    Not a few boxing fans believe that Alvarez waited for Golovkin to show signs of mortality before consenting to a showdown. The dents in the armor apparently showed last March, when Golovkin’s 23-bout knockout streak came to an end in a 12-round decision win over American Daniel Jacobs. Golovkin knocked down Jacobs early in the fight, but he struggled to find an offensive rhythm.

    The prognosis is that Golovkin showed his age (35) in the Jacobs fight and Alvarez took as the cue for him to sign on the dotted line. But with his latest tough guy stance, Golovkin is sending the message that Alvarez has another thing coming in September.

    Responding to critics who claimed that he may have lost his killer instinct in the aftermath of the Jacobs fight, Golovkin made this reply that is likely to send shivers down Alvarez’s spine: “I ready to fight Canelo. I want that fight. I will be like an animal for that fight!”

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