The good guys vs. bad guys


THE “good guys in, bad guys out” campaign at the Bureau of Immigration seems successful to the point that it is hurting the bad guys but somehow, working against the good officials who started the campaign.

Immigration Commissioner Siegfred Mison and his office is now in the midst of a controversy involving alleged Chinese crime lord Wang Bo. Reports say evidence presented by the Chinese embassy in the Philipines showed Wang Bo’s illegal gambling activities amounting to P91 billion were brought into the Philippines to expand his illegal network.

This evidence prompted Mison to push for the reversal of the May 21 release order that would have freed Wang and restored his businessman status.

Could this be the source of grease money for the congressmen to pass the BBL? Mga buang talaga ang mga taong ito!

Why is it that when things start working right, evil forces move to make things wrong again? It has been said all it takes is for good men to do nothing for evil to triumph. I pray Commissioner Mison does not give up the fight against the scalawags in his bureau. He is a man of integrity as far as I know and a military brat at that like me. Guys, let him do his job!


SMDC’s slogan claims they are the good guys. So who do you think are the bad guys?


My hopes for a president in Sen. Grace Poe were dampened upon hearing news questioning her citizenship and residency. Quickly, those to be affected lost no time in digging up her records. Truly, there is legislation needed with regards to the rights of foundlings. Poor Grace, if she probably was not such a strong candidate, nobody would even mind her and her background or where she originated. More important for me is her reason to exist. Like they always say, the presidency is destiny. But only God holds the Master Plan for each and everyone of us. May the Force be with you, Grace Poe.

God is Great!


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