• The good thing about the pork, IMF’s forecast

    Ej Lopez

    Ej Lopez

    The populace is so much engrossed and preoccupied in venting their ire and anger to our government leaders and legislators, as regards the revelation of the scam of majestic proportion. This infamous chapter in the history of Philippine legislation is a fitting complement to the people’s perception of what the nature of Philippine politics is all about. If we go back to the people’s belief relative to how politics work in this country, the recent turn of events have not changed anything or stunned the people with regard to this mess that currently taints the local arena; in the first place it simply confirmed the people’s long-standing apprehensions of what the character of Philippine politics is all about. It affirmed the customary belief that local politics is plagued with graft and corruption, and much more. Further, this epidemic is not mere systemic but likewise cultural in nature, and encompasses all age brackets as proven by sporadic commitments of some and highly educated persons, as young as the 22-year-old student who plagiarized foreign work for his own personal aggrandizement. The “Culture of Corruption” appears embedded in our system, regardless of social strata. In fact, this political episode of high-level corruption should be dubbed as stereotyped, if we talk of political and governmental bureaucratic procedures and operations.

    It is about time that instead of looking at the dark side of these events, it is worth seeing at the brighter side of the occasion, which if proven earnest can make our life better in the not so distant future.

    It has implicitly been impressed upon the people that electoral posts are being much sought upon by many, because of the lucrativeness of the job or at least because of the amount they spend to assure election. Seldom will you find (if there is any) that these are sought upon for the sole purpose of service and assistance to the people and if ever, these lag behind in priorities. Gone are the days of Filipino statesmen where all modes of services and legislations are being debated upon on the floor of the August Chamber; and where intellectual exchange of ideas are common occurrences and not mere investigation or probe in aid of legislations that is endless and headed nowhere.

    Whereas currently one of the gauges for one’s election is based on the candidate’s wealth and generosity but with the abrogation of the pork barrel, the landscape of Philippine politics will surely transform. Whereas now, the eligibility of government leaders predominantly rest on his or her fame and popularity but with the abrogation of the pork, it will now rest on his or her ability and sincerity to serve his or her constituents which for so many previous years was the hallmark of Philippine politics, and not the politicians interests and self-serving objectives.

    For all we know, the pork scam may be a “divine revelation” meant to awaken the people, as well as politicians that the people are not about to let go of these kind of callous people in the government service. Likewise, the absence of pork may prove significant to vested interest groups and as such lose interest in seeking an elective post for fear of nonrecovery of their election-related investments. This will result in the candidacy of people who possess that sincere desire to serve the people and seek elective post without engaging in excessive election spending. As a result, this may be a golden era highlighted by competent people in public service, real statesmen that thrive in the government with ardent desire to serve and improve our bureaucratic system without fear and with utmost fervor.

    IMF’s growth forecast

    The recent pronouncement of International Monetary Fund (IMF) trimming the local growth forecast to 6.75 percent from 7 percent has not in any way made any significant change to the local economic drive for stability. In fact, even this international funding institution has shown amazement at the local economic performance the past several years. This forecast should not in any way dampen local authorities and stakeholder’s interest, because it merely expands the horizon of economic development and not simply on local shores but foreign as well.

    Although IMF’s prediction may have something to do with the rechanneling of the US Federal Resever’s stimulus program, the mere fact that we were able to gain headway by way of the perceived good economic governance should be enough stimulus to bail us out from possible economic crisis that may come along. Despite the relative instability pause by external factors mostly political in essence, this should be seen as an isolated incident that is negated by strong economic fundamentals that were built through the years of resilient economic leadership.

    Words of caution, however, that in order to sustain a durable and lasting framework of a sustained growth, the indicators should not rely on nonsustainable factors like private and public consumption expenditure. Greater concentration should be made on investments spending and the path toward industrialization, which are both sustainable in character. With this in mind, our economic inadequacies on factors like employment and widespread criminalities will naturally be addressed.

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