‘The government cannot interfere . . . ?’


(By Mike Wootton, Featured Column, Decemeber 11, 2013)
This really defines that the government headed by Pnoy is incompetent, inutile, ineffective and a showbiz type of governance. The franchise or license given to the private company is a privilege subject to the public interest of the people of the Philippines. Inutile, one proof, the move or statement of ERC thru no less than the DOE Sec in asking Meralco to implement increase by installment even before the ERC hearing. What’s the mandate of ERC? ERC can make that request as part of their decision. this present administration are composed of amateurish morons. Now there is Oil price increase. the DoE again preempt that there will be another price increase in the next few days. What they (DoE) doing’s is encouraging the Oil Players to increase their prices. I really pity the People of the Philippines. Now they sideline the talkative P’noy in the Media. he might by accident utter that he is an inefficient and ignorant President.

Federico Santos, fsantos64@yahoo.com


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