• The great national shakedown


    The trouble with our LAW is that when a small fry makes a crime, it does not take long that he goes to jail BUT for this one, THEY will come through with it as the MARCOSES has done it and until now ther are not in jail, now the ARROYOS, ampatuans and so forth. For this I AM NOT INTERESTED AND WILL NOT ANYMORE PAY MY TAXES as my money just goes to naught. BETTER, let janet lim napoles be shot and killed and all will move forward. same goes for bongbong marcos n bong revilla and the others who made money.

    i like to agree w/ mr. tolentino. w/ a lot of “honorable” and “distinguished” lawmakers involved, one can just wonder how on mother earth will the case fare in our courts of law. and w/ the kind of species we have who always blame the president for all the misfortunes of the country as “demolition job”, it is not surprising that we have all these things upon us. it’s such a pity being a president, really in the philippines. presidente kang magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan, dami mong kalaban. presidente kang nagpapahuli ng mga magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan, sandamakmak din ang ayaw sayo. what a pity, really.
    Ariel Palanca


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