• The great swindle that is Grace


    To sexagenarians upward, the tale of the emperor’s new clothes by Hans Christian Andersen – titled just that, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” – had been part of their early schooling. To latter generation, however, classic literature in many cases must step aside to give way to the advent of modern themes. Particularly among the current youth, it’s doubtful if 2 or perhaps even 1 of 10 is familiar with the fascinating Andersen story.

    It tells of an emperor whose vanity with clothes made two smooth operators think of a swindle. They make it known to the emperor that they are capable of weaving a cloth so fine it makes you feel you are wearing nothing. One truly wondrous quality of the textile is that it is capable of being invisible to one who is either stupid or unfit for his office – or both for that matter.

    So word is passed around to all the people, officials of government and lay citizens alike, about the wonderful textile. The emperor decides such is the cloth he needs. All it takes for him to know who among his officials are unfit for office is for them not to see it on him though he wears it, supposedly, that is; in reality he wears none. By simply pretending – going through the intricate motions of weaving the cloth on a loom and then sewing the imaginary textile into a garment– the swindlers fashion the new clothes which the emperor has his top officials check first. For fear of being discovered unfit for office or, worse, stupid, the officials confirm to the emperor the popularized illusion that the new clothes the swindlers had fashioned were incomparably beautiful.

    Thus it came to pass that when the king went through a procession in a traditional celebration of the kingdom astride a horse, garbed in the new regal habiliments fashioned by the swindlers, the entire citizenry must likewise believe as the government officials did of the emperor’s new clothes lest they be labeled unfit for office or stupid.

    But one among the people jubilating on the emperor’s new clothes was a boy, who scratched his head in bewilderment, saying, “But the emperor has got nothing on.”
    The great Philippine electoral swindle

    Today the nation is being treated to a grand extravaganza in which swindlers in the country’s electoral processes appear to have succeeded in advancing for real the illusory images of pretenders to the presidency.

    For one, there’s Senator Grace Llamanzares, who has been passed on for a Poe, which she is not. That she must take on that monicker as a vehicle for riding on the filmic, hence false, heroism of adopted father Fernando Poe, Jr. in her drive for the Philippine presidency smacks of the amazing fakery in the Hans Christian Andersen tale. She is every inch unreal, untrue. Nobody knows where she came from – or that’s excepting Susan Roces. Her natural-born status is ersatz. And above all, her character is quite suspect. She renounced her Filipino citizenship to embrace American citizenship, but abandoned that US brand in order to fit into the office of Chairman of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) when Aquino appointed her to the post. Her catch call for her drive for President is the continuation of the good deeds of her father, referring to FPJ of course. But what social good has FPJ done to the country for her to continue doing?
    Bullying lowly movie crew or beating up small guys like the late colleague Franklin
    Cabaluna. The diminutive but hard-hitting movie journalist had written something unsavory to the movie legend. In retaliation, FPJ slammed Franklin with a punch to his mouth, causing his teeth to turn into dentures. Chanda Romero, she of the famous sex kitten allure of the 70s, can attest to this incident. It was she who stood up to FPJ with the reprimand: “Find your own size.”

    Shades of the Davao City butcher called DU30 whose machismo springs from picking on kids for foes in the guise of fighting crime.

    Still on the continuance of FPJ’s “good deeds” prattled about by Grace, I recall one afternoon visit I paid the guy back in the 80s. He was in his stable in the San Lazaro race track and I came for a discussion on a movie project; he had a penchant for brainstorming with people with ideas. I can’t recall how many titles I discussed with him on that occasion which ultimately found ways into his movie credits. “Batas .45”? “Lulusot Ka Sa Butas ng Karayom”? But I’m pretty sure “Isang Bala Ka Lang,” the title of one of his most successful films, was a brainchild of the late movie reporter Efren Esteban.

    In between our discussion were pauses for viewing the race. At one pause, he sidled up to me at the window where I was viewing the parade of horses, one of which was FPJ’s – the outstanding favorite in the race.

    “Tabi ka sandali, Mao. Ako ang sesenyas (Step aside, Mao. I’ll do the sign),” FPJ softly said. I did, and FPJ made the sign, whatever that was. As expected, FPJ’s horse took up the running, pulling away from the pack, but into the homestretch it began to fade out, and at the finish came in third.

    Quite intriguingly, FPJ was visibly jubilant. Among race aficionados are talks of FPJ’s horse losing but FPJ winning. Figure that out. In fact, FPJ held the record of having won singly in a race – that is, as a legend goes.

    When FPJ ran for President in 2004, I did not vote for him, though he was my friend. When you drop your horse which the masses bet on so you be the single winner in a race, what awesome people’s welfare will you all the more drop in order to make a single sweep of the spoils of government?

    Now we have the adopted daughter aspiring for the post FPJ failed to win. Despite having been disqualified not once nor twice but thrice by the Comelec, she has prevailed in the race, even topping pre-poll surveys. In the final stretch of the procession toward the presidency, she rides her father’s stallion garbed in the emperor’s new clothes. Swindlers in the electoral process like bright media hyphers (funded by Washington) or that brand new Philippine tyrant called Supreme Court had spun the yarn that effectively reversed the Comelec ruling.

    Are we to hail her as indeed possessed of the virtues and qualifications woven for her by her propagandists? Or are we to be like the boy who saw the truth in the emperor’s new clothes?

    In the end everybody listened to the boy and realized that the emperor really had nothing on. Grace’s procession to the presidency is headed for a similar finale.

    In the sixties, the world-acclaimed Filipino poet Jose Garcia Villa shocked the literary circles with a poem that had only a title and nothing else; the whole poem is an empty space. The title of the poem, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

    With all due respect to Villa, I reiterate these Grace’s qualification for the presidency, including her zero performance in the Senate:


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    1. Seven SC justices presumed Grace Poe to be a natural born Filipino because statistics indicate a high probability that her parents are Filipinos. Well, they got deceived. Does she look like 99+% of the population of Iloilo? She looks more like a mestiza more than a native Ilongga .It shows in her genes…did the 7 justices even bother to look at her face to face and conclude she is a 100% Filipino?

    2. Kari Normann on

      If Grace Llamanzares wins, the US /CIA doesn’t need to send EHM (Economic Hitmen) to the Philippines, they might as well tear the US Embassy down since they don’t need it anymore, they already have their girl no less in Malakanyang.

    3. How I despair for my adopted country. A beautiful, wealthy Country with beautiful lovely people but a people who are at best gullible, at worst stupid! Not one of the candidates for the Presidency or Vice Presidency would be allowed to run for office in just about any other country in the world with perhaps the exception of Pakistan, Bangladesh or some Banana republic in Africa.

    4. juan delacruz on

      Its high time for the Filipino people to wake up and choose a leader who will fight for their interest and not of the oligarchs as what Grace Llamanzares is doing right now behind the back of Danding Cojuangco and Benigno Aquino Jr. Duterte for real change.

    5. Wolfgang Struck on

      Interesting to read the comments. We are trying to find a leader for a better Philippines, noh?.May I? Don’t get shocked. FPJ had order from Marcos. “Susan, you cannot have children. Come to Iloilo and get ours.” Sabi ni Rosmary. Susan is a liar, I am sorry to say that. “Hindi marunong ako mag salita.” FPJ let Erap go ahead. Erap won landslide after Imelda withdrew 2 days before election day. The CIA had no chance to make Joe de V President as planned. Since that election we do not open ballot boxes anymore. They murdered (poisoned) FPJ in the night before the electoral tribunal of the Supreme Court would open 10 boxes at random. 2010 Erap won landslide again but they made it appear that 10 million votes were deducted from 18 M to 8 M and the 10 M were added to the 3 of Aquino. No counting of votes again, not even “noted”. In the middle of the night, the US Ambassador goes to the house of Aquino, cameras on, “Mr. Aquino, congratulations, you are the new President of the Republic.” In fact, they do not know how to count the votes. They only did that once in 1992, when Imelda won landslide, and they had to do 10 weeks of dagdag bawas to fullfill the deal with Ramos since 1986.

    6. In respect of “Lying Grace”, Andersen’s tale is so appropriate, fitting and proper. She is such a liar that one wonders whether lying can be a part of a person’s DNA or genes – just like what is now being claimed for the “gay” or “gayness” gene.

      It is an accepted fact in Psychology that lying can be an acquired trait from a person’s environment. For Grace and her adoptive mother Susan Roces, it could be a case of “like mother, like daughter”. I remember reading a report in The Manila Times quite a while back that Susan got so angry and emotional because some critics called her daughter an “ampon”. She was so insulted that in response, and to counteract the “ampon” charge, she actually stated that she even saw the umbilical cord tied around her adopted baby’s abdomen! Now, this statement can only be a lie because the official story that Susan and Grace have bandied about is that it was a man named Mr. Militar who found the baby Grace in 1968 in a church in Jaro, Iloilo, and it was way past that event before Susan and her late husband FPJ adopted the baby in 1974. Of course, if, as suspected by many, lying Grace is actually the daughter of Rosemarie (Susan’s sister), then it is possible Susan was present at the baby’s birth and thus, saw the baby’s umbilical cord. But this version of events would mean even more lies, wouldn’t it?

      If Mar Roxas wants to hit a home run, he and his team should come up with another comic book – this one should be based on Andersen’s tale, and illustrating all the lies that lying Grace has concocted about her history and background. They should also consider weaving in the original children’s novel “The Adventures of Pinocchio”. This is the tale of a puppet (like Grace) whose strings were controlled by a puppeteer (Grace “financiers” alleged to be Danding Cojuangco or Atong Ang of SMC), and whose short nose grew a little longer each time he lied and fabricated stories. The comic strips may have to be revised significantly because lying Grace’s lies are so numerous that her nose would likely be 2-3 meters long by the end of the comic book.

      As for the late FPJ, when I read the incidents described above (including those described by some of the commenters), the more one tends to believe in karma. As the popular saying goes: “Karma is a bitch. What goes around, comes around”. For his arrogance, drunkenness, and abusive behavior towards poor underlings who could not afford to fight back, bad karma got FPJ. And true to form, lying Grace promises to continue her adoptive father’s mythical good deeds! Wonders never cease!!

    7. Ipinagpipilitan sa Masa’ng Bayan na qualipikado DAW, may credentials DAW kahit wala, may kakayahan DAW kahit bokya sa eksperiensiya, may kredibilidad DAW kahit nag sinungaling at ipinalalabas na “honest mistake” DAW ang mga papeles-dokumentos, natural born citizen DAW kahit “ampon” ang IDENTITY pero nunca NAG SWEAR NG ALLEGIANCE KAY BIG BROTHER UNCLE SAM NANG 1991, at nang umuwi dito sa Pinas ng 2004 nakasilip nang window of opportunity sa Big Business of Patronaged Politics, ergo NAGHUBAD KUNOH NG AMBOY CITIZENSHIP….at heto, nag di discuss ang mga makabayan kung bakit pinapayagan ang dating American Citizen na mailuklok diyan sa Malakanyang – at maisalba ang failed presidential bid ni DA KING ng 2004??? Bayad Utang na Loob kay Noynoying sa pagtanggap at pagyakap sa patronaged na pumumulitika nang mga Aquinos? NagkaKutsabahan na nga ba ang mga perceived na na AGRAVIADO DAW ng GMA Presidency? MASASAGOT LAHAT IYAN SA INYONG TUNAY AT TUNAY NA NA-BILANG NA VOTO SA MAY 9.


    8. The supreme court just gave legal tender a new meaning . Stench in the bench ..

    9. Somewhere, somehow there is SOMETHING WRONG with our values as Filipinos – we cannot distinguish illusion from reality. Whose fault is it? Your guess is as good as mine.

    10. that she conveniently abandoned being a Filipino only to pick it up when she needed to is that one big reason why she should not be voted into office!

    11. We are doomed as a nation if we allowed her to lead for the next six years, She will have nothing to offer and will only be beholden to her oligarchs finders who will own and control her.

    12. My major question on Grace Llamanzares is her having to renounce PH citizenship to acquire US when she was not in danger of persecution here. It was a free act of renunciation that expressly said she no longer had loyalties to PH. When a job in the MTRCB was offered her, she renounced her US citizenship and reacquired her PH citizenship. Even if our laws permit the reacquisition of citizenship, the bigger question now in the light of her running for president is this: what should convince me as a voter that you have the loyalty and patriotism needed as President when you had renounced being a Filipino in the past? She must hurdle this question. And so far she has not said anything substantial or convincing. As Mr Samonte correctly pointed out she is a fake and an opportunist.

    13. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Let us not allow ourselves to be fooled by a woman who has continually disgrace herself by misrepresentation. We were given the gifts of intellect and freewill which no other creation possess. Let us use them to preserve and protect our country. God save the Philippines.

    14. “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

      May God save the Republic of the Philippines!

    15. Rudi Miranda on

      Bust the goody-goody FPJ myth and the ‘anak’ of Panday goes. I cannot accept Grace Poe as president with the Danding Cojuangco et al behind her governance. Heavens forbid!

      According to intimate circle(s) of Da King, FPJ unintentionally shot a driver-owner of the car which happened to bump his car. The traffic incident occurred near the Del Monte Ave-Commonwealth Avenue crossing. The traffic cop took the blame for shooting the driver which included going to the New Bilibid Prison (Muntinglupa). I heard it from a drinking buddy of FPJ who resides as well within the neighborhood of Del Monte, Q.C., unfortunately, the drinking buddy is dead. Try sleuthing journalism! By all counts, Grace Poe should be denied Malacanyang!

      • I share the same thought. Better for Grace to gain more experience and to distance herself from people who have questionable backgrounds. Danding has harmed the farmers heavily. From the Coco Levy Fund mess, the Hacienda Luisita massacre to their failure in distributing the Luisita lands to the farmers, which is part of the original agreement, Danding has done so much in hurting our people. Voting for Grace Poe at this time is like ALLOWING OURSELVES TO BE USED BY THE GREEDY FEW IN HARMING OUR PEOPLE FURTHER as well as denying those who were murdered, those who were fooled and those who were abused by the greedy few, the long delayed justice.

    16. Indeed, those were the years at the San Lazaro Hippodrome when it was still a fashion to use “stuka” to make your horse win. Surely, Franklyn wrote about the size.

      With the recent pronouncement of the mama’s boy that the husband is once with the US Air Force, it stands to reason that the Korte Sampera may have to withhold the release of its decision today. It may be a big embarrassment for the country for its Korte Sampera to have allowed the wife of a former US military man to be running the affairs of the country as possible espionage acts and charges that can be heaped on either the husband or the wife by both the US and the Philippine government.

    17. Huwag kayo ano! Dahan dahan lang kayo kay FPJ na tutularan daw ng ampon niyang si Grace Poe na ang tjnay na kulay ni Ronnie Poe ay lasenggero na tulad ng kanyang matalik na friend na si Erap. Ang pamangkin ko, nag-shooting ng Aguila sa Ilocos, naku ang kuwento, lasenggero yan si FPJ. nakupoooo! Yan ang tutularan o itutuloy ang inumpisahan ni FPJ ni Grace? Ano ba talaga yun inumpisahan ni FPJ diumano? Paki-expica ka nga Grace para maliwanagan kami. Please? (Kaya walang masagot kasi wala naman inumpisahan kundi kalokohan). Yun lang yun!

    18. I wonder who is the greater swindle among the presidential candidates, the lady , the excecutioner or the Binay dynasty. At least the electorates can now decide on May elections who are lying naked like the emperor. Vox populi, Vox die the privilege that rabid partisans of Poe’s opponents had desperately wanted to deny among voters.

    19. … but what you call of a person attacking a defenseless dead person in public?

    20. It will be the fault of the Filipino voters if they stick to the filmy legacy of her adopted father. Everything will be fantacy. It will be as unacceptable as a thief of government money or violator of human rights. Wake up Filipino voters.

    21. She’s so fake that sometimes she herself believes it’s alright for her American children and their American friends to campaign for her. Only fools would believe such stupidity.

    22. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      08 April 2016

      Intriguingly complicit with Grace Poe Llamanzares in her scandalous and Machiavellian candidacy for the presidency of the country is a Supreme Court which I think feloneously substituted its shaky ruling allowing her to be a candidate for President, for that of the Comelec which disqualified her three times in a row on two constitutional grounds:1] she is not a natural-born citizen of the Philippines; and 2] she is not in compliance with the 10-year residency requirement.

      In the event that she gets elected President, blame should be laid at the door of this Supreme Court. The 7 justices who actually wrote the Ponencia or what was illegally “sold” as the “majority” decision of the Court are now vulnerable to being impeached for an act which amounts to “grave abuse of discretion,” or even “legislating from the bench.”

      If and when the House of Representatives finds that there is a case for starting Impeachment proceedings against those 7 Supreme Court justices, and the Senate, acting as an Impeachment Court finds them Guilty, then it should follow that a bogus President Grace Llamanzares should be removed from office likewise by Impeachment.


      • mariano patalinjug, your idea of impeaching the DEADLY (deadly coz they killed the constitution) 7 sc justices is what is ideal situation. but here in the phil., the reality is, especially if llamanzares the trojan horse wins, all the congressmen and senators except those with principles and without a price, will form a beeline to her doorstep for the precious pork. how can an impeachment of the 7 deadly sc justices prosper?? for sure llamanzares the trojan horse will make sure that they are under her protection since they killed the constitution for her.

    23. You want to know what Grace Poe’s vision for the Philippines is? Unplug your computer and stare at your monitor.

    24. juandelacruz on

      Direct to the point Grace Llamanzares have no experienced in governance.That”s all.