• THE ‘HANGEUL’ EXHIBIT: Korea’s precious ABCs

    From Kim’s Sowyen jewelry collection

    From Kim’s Sowyen jewelry collection

    The Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines will be launching the Korean Alphabet Jewelry exhibit on August 16 in celebration of the Hangeul Day or the Korean Alphabet Day, and for the promotion of the aesthetics of this scientific writing system of the Koreans.

    This exhibit aims to disseminate the use of Hangeul and to introduce the beauty of the Korean alphabet through the diverse accessories related to the figures of Hangeul. In addition, it is also envisioned to be a step towards the globalization of Hangeul through the aesthetic value it has.

    There are 170 art pieces in the exhibit from 26 artists, including those from the exhibit collection of the Korean metal artist Kim Seung-hee from 1970s up until to the present. Kim, who is also an emeritus professor for Kookmin University, projects the craftsman’s spirit and the Korean traditional beauty in her jewelry line Sowyen. Carrying the meaning “essence of nature,” the works from Kim’s Sowyen brand are made out of gold and silver, accentuated with natural-colored stones to further enhance one’s attire.

    The Hangeul or the Korean alphabet, composed of 14 consonants and 10 vowels, was developed in 1444 and was promulgated in 1446 during the time of King Sejong. It was primarily developed for the benefit of the Korean masses because King Sejong wanted to create a writing system that is easy to learn and access. In 1997, Hangeul was inscribed on the Unesco list of Memory of the World Heritage.

    The exhibit will run until November 30. For more information call the Korean Cultural Center at 555-1711 or e-mail info@koreanculture.ph.


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