The heart of a champion


IT was around the fifth round when the rains started pouring. For many superstitious, it was a good sign. The rains coming in during any occasion is welcomed as a blessing from the heavens. It was also what Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao needed as he faced the most anticipated fight in his career and most awaited by all boxing fans the world over after five years in the making.

In the first round, the two fighters were clearly still feeling each other out. I gave that round to Mayweather. In the second round, there was little excitement and I still gave that round to Mayweather. The next two rounds were debatable. But on the sixth round, I already felt Mayweather was going to clinch it. He is a dirty fighter, I agree. But Mayweather is sleek and quick to recover. He is a smart fighter. He has mastered the science of boxing. Manny on the other hand, was tentative in most instances playing it safe and lacking in follow-throughs in instances where he could have punched out Mayweather. It seemed like he had lost his fighter instinct and quest to win. After all, there is a guaranteed purse of eighty million dollars should he lose. I am not saying this fight had come to be a fight for the purse but it seemed to be like that, especially for Mayweather’s Money team.

The twelfth and final round could have turned the tide had Manny pursued Mayweather more aggressively but in the end, there could only be one winner and the judges unanimously called it for Mayweather Junior. Did it help Mayweather that he is from Las Vegas? Maybe it did but in his interview, Mayweather described Manny as a tough competitor but also called him as a true winner at heart. In a fight like this, however, it takes more than heart but skill of mind which Mayweather had. Many had advised Manny that he should take down Mayweather within the first six rounds. Otherwise, Mayweather would take control of the match. True enough! So we congratulate Mayweather for proving that he is still the undisputed champion in the welterweight division. In six weeks in September he goes back to the ring for his final fight before he hangs up his gloves as a fighter with him almost forty years of age. Good thinking!

For Manny, we advise him to do the same although it is not a good way to end a boxing career as a loser. But who cares? To Filipinos all over the world, he has already proven many times over that he is the icon of a Filipino champion. His battles did not only begin when he entered the boxing arena. His battles began the moment he was born to a poor family struggling just to have food on the table. Today, he is the richest congressman on record and the highest paying taxpayer. He has landed on the cover in many sports magazines winning accolades from all over and making a nation proud. Not bad, huh! Not bad at all from someone who started with nothing! Manny continues to be an inspiration to many who have nothing in life to become something with persistence and perseverance and most of all through the Lord’s guidance. When the dust finally settles, Manny will still come out a winner successfully carving out a niche in the pantheon of Great Filipino Fighters.

The rains came not as a blessing. They were actually tears for Manny losing the fight against Mayweather. We should have taken the cue. So what is ahead for Manny? Probably the biggest fight of them all should he pursue his fight for the presidency come 2022. And he’s got six years to prepare for it.

God is Great!


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  1. Romy A. Cator on

    In sports competition or in any kind of contest there will emerge a winner and loser. If
    you win you get congratulated and you get an award. Accept all the accolades but in
    humility. And if you lose, accept it. Maybe you did not do your best or your opponent
    is better, No excuses. That will make both the winner and loser better men.

  2. Too many hypocrites have now manifested their true colors. Viewing the side of M. Pacquiao who was to fight on a set date, pressured and facing a dilemma – yet bordering on being a little less than 100 % ( perhaps only 80% of his own assessment), let us face it. M. Pacquiao still gave a good account of himself .
    In the fight itself, his adrenalin was low at the start- but this was compensated as the fellow went on an attack mode for the rest of 7 rounds.Guidance or mis-guidance? Mr. Koncz could be the Judas who affixed his signature for and on behalf of M.Pacquiao as being OK. Naivete, machisimo pressure in that his opponent who thrash talks would brand him as dodger, should he defer the fight “as scheduled?” Yes indeed. Legal technicalities of class lawsuits vs. Pacman? That is purely B. S.
    Bettors beware. It is just like betting on a top race horse whose vets and connections rate their mount as adequately in top shape. Yet, during the actual race, it could not wrest the lead from the pacer. Frustrations also occur which diminishes performance and the flow of adrenalin. Hypocritical critics should discern.

  3. This kind of article is akin to a dead fish – it stinks. The fight was all but hype, and nothing more needs to be dwelled upon, to put some praise on a deceitful enterprise.

    It this type of article, that puts shame on Filipinos, not withstanding that most Filipinos cannot distinguish between truth and lies, it must be reminded of writers to be circumspect with the thoughts being articulated, to educate the readers properly and to provide a deeper perspective on reality.

    The thought about the rain and its mystical effect, is anchored on myth, not scientific facts, this is one of the main reason why Philippines or its people are still living in the past, and subscribe to idolatry.

    In sports, you win some and your lose some – get a grip.

  4. I wonder why you havent called manny deceitful for not telling his millions of fans who bet lots of their hard earned money on him & lost partly because he was injured & didnt tell them. Im sure had he told the fans of his injury the brightest of them wouldnt have bet on him, but i accept many of the stupid ones would still have bet on him as they believe he could beat floyd 1 handed. I hope those idiots learned a hard lesson. When betting use your brain not your heart as that way you wont lose so much money.

  5. I hope you dont think that was giving the credit to floyd that he deserved. Why cant you filipinos give credit to a foreigner that proved beyond any shadow of a doubt he was the best fighter in that ring. Im an independant as i come from the uk, but floyd made manny look like a b or c class fighter. Now was it because of the shoulder problem, i dont know & really i dont care as if manny chose to not declare the injury & to not ask for a delay then thats his choice.
    You say floyd is a dirty fighter, no he isnt, he does what every single fighter does only he does most things better than every single fighter does.
    Floyd deserved unconditional praise for a master class of boxing & you filipinos just cant do that. I think you are just blinded by your jealousy that a foreigner was so much better that a filipino & made him look 3 rd class.
    Before the fight so many of you pointed out all mannys attributes, manny didnt want to show them to floyd or better still floyd didnt allow manny to show him them, floyd gave manny a basic boxing lesson. I have to say that was one of floyds easiest wins for a few years. You people need to look at why, i know why but the filipino will not accept the truth on many things & this is one of them.
    You can waffle away to your countrymen & they will swallow it hook line & sinker but foreigners hold you to a higher standard, & we will point out what we dont like wheras you people will just accept it.

  6. Manny came to fight and he won the fight. Mayweather won the boxing match because in boxing , you’re supposed to hit without getting hit. Mayweather is the master of making running look beautiful. Mayweather is also smart enough to delay the fight five years and waited until the Pacman slowed down a bit. Manny could throw one hundred punches in one round alone five years ago!! He was fast, relentless and furious and boxing fans loved watching him. What we saw on May 2nd is only a fraction of that man but his heart, his heart is still the big heart of a Champion. Bravo!!!

  7. Emmanuel Mendoza on

    FMJ si full of dirty tricks, he clinched, pushed, rabbit punched, elbowed, head locked Pacquiao more than he jabbed Pacman. Do they want a kind of champion like that? Pacquiao is a true Champion sticking to boxing rules and I have not seen him resort to those kind of dirty tricks. That is why he is the people’s champ. He will forever be remembered as a great champion both in and out of the ring, Mabuhay ka Manny!!!

  8. It was not meant to be .
    Maybe the Presidency is also not in the stars .
    Retire from boxing now and from the senate in 2022 and enjoy your
    History will be kind to you !

  9. Manny fought a good fight despite of his shoulder problem. It’s not an embarassing defeat! He has excited us by landing telling blows on Mayweather! At least he has scored the closest score in a Mayweather fight! Had not been for that shoulder injury, our People’s Champ could have upset the Running Champion Mayweather