The hell with ‘human rights’ of heinous criminals


Appalled by reports on the arrest of a British national for child exploitation and sexual abuse in the country, Valenzuela City Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian reiterated his call for the reimposition of capital punishment in such cases and other heinous crimes.

“It’s about time that Congress reconsider bringing back the death penalty which convicted pedophiles deserve for dastardly acts they committed against Filipino children,” Gatchalian said.

I share the congressman’s sentiment over the case of 73-year-old Douglas Michael Slade who has sexually abused at least 25 children.

I agree that concerned authorities should stop the entry and the activities of pedophiles in the country.

Slade has been repeatedly arrested for taking nude photos and molesting minors but has been able to post bail and continue his activities.

For me, that pig should be castrated with a razor blade and let him bleed to death.

What is this foreign scumbag doing in the country, anyway?

That is the only way to deal with filthy animals like Slade and many others who made the tabloids’ headlines recently.

There have been a number of men who were arrested for turning their own little daughters into sex slaves, even impregnating some of them.

There were those who abducted girls in their neighborhood, raping and killing them.

Just last week, two women were found dead in separate incidents, allegedly murdered by their spurned lovers.

Walang kalaban-laban ang mga kabataan at mga kababaihan na biktima ng karumal-dumal na krimen.

Crime incidence is drastically lower in countries where violent criminals are meted with capital punishment.

Instead of pampering hardened criminals at the New Bilibid Prisons at public expense, we can adopt extreme measures to penalize heinous crimes.

Pugutan ng ulo ang mga terorista. Putulan ng ari ang mga manggagahasa. Putulan ng mga daliri ang mga holdaper.

The hell with “human rights” of notorious convicts, who abuse the loopholes and weaknesses of the criminal justice system.

It is unthinkable how the human rights of crime victims are discriminated against and disregarded while lawless elements enjoy full protection of the law.

Whatever happened to the Mamasapano massacre case, this administration’s most horrendous crime?

Clearly, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) is culpable of negligence for the tragic mishap off the seaport in Ormoc City, Leyte.

PCG’s Ormoc City station commander Lt. Adonis Aniasco and three members of his boarding team deserve to be sacked and face criminal charges for permitting an overloaded MB Kim Nirvana to sail out last Thursday.

Police authorities should file criminal charges against the PCG officials along with the owner and crew of the vessel for failure to ensure the safety of the passengers, resulting in 62 deaths.

Though 145 people reportedly survived, the boat was overloaded. There were 206 passengers, exceeding the number the vessel was authorized to carry.

The ill-fated motor boat also carried sacks of rice and cement.

Apparently, Aniasco and PCG officials have a lot of questions to answer as this is not the first sea tragedy that resulted from overloading.

Ilan pang mga tao ang ipapahamak ng kapabayaan ng PCG at DOTC?



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  1. arthur keefe on

    What a load of vitriolic nonsense! Capital punishment in the USA sits alongside one of the highest crime and murder rates in the world. Much higher than in European countries, none of whom have capital punishment.
    As for mutilating and torturing sex offenders,this just expresses sadism.containing sex offenders in jail, if necessary for life, is within a legal framework, which respects everybody’s human rights. I am appalled that the Times can give space to such violent nonsense.

  2. sa uri ng justice system meron tayo, ang mga mahihirap lamang ang mabibitay. Ang mapepera ay TRO hehehe