• The hero that is Vin



    TV5’S Artista Academy back in 2013—for the first and the last time—adjudged Vin Abrenica as the top winner in the male showbiz aspirants’ category. Vin is the brother of Aljur Abrenica, himself also a product of artista search Starstruck of GMA.

    After clinching the title, Vin has since slowly but surely realized the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream with one big TV assignment after another.

    I remember having attended TV5’s launch of the repackaged month-long Wattpad Presents, whose episode for the second week of February had Vin topbill the Gil Portes-helmed Mysterious Guy at the Coffee Shop opposite Yassi Pressman.

    When asked how he felt about the “invasion” of the network by more stars, he said, “Sobrang happy, dumarami kami.”

    Or so I thought.

    Reportedly, a month later Vin decided to bolt the gates of TV5 for reasons his manager Noel Ferrer did not state. Truth be told, the young actor didn’t seriously mean it when he announced how extremely happy he was with the growing number of TV5 artists. Add to the fact that the focus now seems to have shifted to Mark Neumann, Vin’s runner-up in the AA search.

    Albeit inactive, Vin still manages to be in the papers, this time in a true-to-life story of heroism. In her tabloid column published on May 17, respected entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin—and Reyna ng mga Intriga—only had praises for Vin’s dauntless act no other actor would possibly dare do.

    Sans a driver and a personal assistant, Vin drove all the way to Visoria—Cristy’s hometown—in Nueva Ecija on its fiesta two Sundays ago. Along with other performing celebrities, the young hunk was the toast particularly of the shrieking gay crowd.

    On his way back to Manila, Vin had to pull over as he saw a bloodied man down the road, apparently injured in a motorcycle accident. The man was later identified as Bryan Gonzales whom Vin immediately rushed to a nearby emergency hospital.

    With a fractured skull that necessitated an operation, Bryan had to be transferred by Vin to a bigger, more equipped hospital in Cabanatuan City. Didn’t Vin think that it could be some MO (modus operandi) staged by some motorist on the pretext of an accident?

    Vin told Cristy, “He needed anyone’s help, and it happened that I was around. Hindi na ako nagdalawang-isip na dalhin siya sa ospital dahil matindi ang tama niya. Kahit kanino po, gagawin ko ang pagtulong.”

    It was after the incident that the actor’s manager Noel Ferrer realized what brought his ward to Visoria and why he had to lounge around Cristy’s residence even after the fiesta celebration. “There was a life he’d save,” said Noel.

    Now, TV5 might just want to “reinstate” Vin, and how about casting him in an inspiring series about real-life heroes in our midst?

    * * *

    GUESS who? Once a gay TV host-comedian happened to pass by a bar a few meters away from his workplace. Popular, he got easily recognized by a group of star-struck young men, all varsity players.

    As he waved and smiled back, the group then signaled that he go in and join them. And the gay celebrity did just that.

    In the group stood out a tall handsome guy, who was coaxed by his companions to be extra sweet to their “guest” as they found a likely answer to their problem: footing the bill. Came the deal, the guy agreed to hie off with the host-comedian to the latter’s rented condo unit.

    While gone, the group that stayed at the bar rejoicingly ordered more rounds of booze with sizzling pulutan on the side. After all, their problem was solved.

    Moments later, the guy who earlier left came rushing inside the bar. Miffed, he laid the pambayad on the table before his flabbergasted friends.

    A coin-filled piggy bank.


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