• The Image on the Mirror


    Sit. Feast on your life.
    –From “Love After Love,” Derek Walcott

    casuga-image-on-the-mirrorAlthough this invitation will prolong our wait
    in the cold antechambers that we surround
    ourselves with, we will cautiously accept it.

    Why not? Sitting here, staring at a kaleidoscope
    of the many faces we have constructed to meet
    other faces, I celebrate a love affair with myself.

    Who else will do that for me? There were lovers,
    and there were lovers, but they held on to their
    own chisels to pare and scrape their own image

    of what they could have and hold not unlike
    a wild-eyed Pygmalion sculpting flesh onto his one
    desire, a Galatea of his rawest wants and dreams.

    I will sit and wait for the feast of all feasts
    to be served on my table, my head on a platter,
    my heart seasoning a bowl of hope, a soupçon

    of little mercies that lovers often do: a salving
    of hurts, a troth of endless fealty, a promise
    that the image on the mirror is finally, only mine.


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