• The importance of healthy joints


    The bones and joints work together for the body to move. But with poor diet, lack of proper exercise and natural aging, the bones become brittle while the joints wear out. As result, posture and mobility are affected making both body parts important health concerns.

    However, unlike osteoporosis prevention, there is still little awareness on osteoarthritis. Many Filipinos still don’t know the importance joint care. And because of this, Filipinos suffering from osteoarthritis continue to increase in an alarming number.

    To address this, Anlene created a milk formula that will support not just the bones but also the joints. The brand introduced its newest product, the Anlene Total packed with nano-calcium for the bones and glucosamine for the joint cartilage.

    “We recently found out that joint health is one of the top 5 concerns in our market,” revealed Mary Louise Liao, the assistant brand manager of Anlene, during the product’s launch at the Beyond Yoga Studio in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

    And as the expert in bone nutrition, Anlene saw it fit to also fortify the joints since it provide lubrication between two moving bones. “Anlene Total is our enhanced platform that fortifies both bones and joints,” added Liao.

    Also at the launch, Dr. Francis Altarejos, vice chairman of the Philippine Board of Orthopaedics, shared the reasons why Filipinos should really pay attention to their joints. He shared, “Why should we take care of our joints? Because it’s needed for us to reach, flex, rotate and move.”

    To demonstrate just how important joints are, the brand sought the expertise of enhancement specialist and master trainer Mark Wood.

    Wood demonstrated different body movements in which joints are pivotal, like walking or climbing up and down stairs. But what he revealed is that even by just doing these daily routines, pressure is exerted to the joints therefore causing it to wear and tear naturally.

    And as an orthopedic expert, Altarejos also added that joints also degenerate with age because the body’s capability to produce glucosamine for the cartilage also reduces.

    With that, the doctor underscored the importance of drinking milk as preventive measure to joint problems. Altarejos concluded, “As of now, studies say that damaged cartilage does not regenerate. [So] preventive measures for the joints is very crucial because once the cartilage cracks, it will never grow back.”


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