• The (In)Famous Cedric Lee


    Long before Cedric Lee hogged the headlines for beating up comedian Vhong Navarro last week, his name, on several occasions, have been appearing in the celebrity pages of tabloids and gossip magazines and even on TV showbiz news.

    Not that he works in the movie industry but his association with movie stars brought him to the limelight.

    A businessman by profession, Lee became an instant celebrity almost a decade ago when the news broke out that singing diva Vina Morales took a non-showbiz guy for a lover.

    However, after only a few years and one child, the couple parted ways for reasons kept from the public.

    But rumor has it that Morales became a human punching bag of Lee, which was the reason for their separation. Morales, however, did not confirm or deny that story.

    A few years later, Lee was once again on the limelight, after accusing actor David Bunevacz of ripping him off in a spa business.

    Bunevacz hurriedly left the country after that incident. Showbiz insiders alleged that Lee threatened to liquidate the foreign-born actor if he fails to pay him (Lee).

    Next came the news that Lee and sexy star Patricia Javier were dating. But the news fizzled out a few days later.

    Then the news about the PNP’s “euro generals”, wherein several top brass of the police and their wives carried hundreds of thousands of Euro currency to Europe during a supposed police seminar.

    Some of those generals are said to be business partners of Cedric Lee. The PNP officials were eventually charged, including former PNP chief, Jesus Versoza.

    So it seems that Cedric Lee is not new to scandals and intrigues, which he usually gets out of in the nick of time.

    Let’s see if he can get out of his present predicament.

    However, a highly reliable source said Lee’s “padrino,” a popular and dreaded politician from the north, may come to his aid.



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    1. Cedric may not be found guilty because of corruption/ connections/money. Still he will remain hated by Filipinos, will be judged by God at the end of his life.

    2. Whatever punishment should be given to Cedric Lee, let the public present administer it for the nation to see!

    3. He is not a bussinessman. Isa syang magaling na scammer at mandarambong. Isa syang fixer kaya dumidikit sya sa mga showbiz personalities para gamitin nya at ibugaw nya sa mga malilibog na general at politiko… at pag kumagat ang mga ito ay mahuhulog sa kanyang bitag ng panghuhuthot ng salapi dahil sa takot na masira ang reputasyon at ma eskandalo…..

    4. This guy cedric lee has no place in our society. His behaviour demonstrate his criminal mind. This time, justice should be served on him to remind him that “Crime does not pay”.

    5. Cedric Lee is a butcher, he kill or even eliminate business partners, that come into his way. This man is a Kingmaker soon, he make friends to Generals to become his defender in times of crisis. What happen to Bong is unfortunate. Deniece is her girlfriend or lover. The bad thing Vhong walkover, and Lee smells prey to extort and chance to get huge amount of money. But it backfired because of Vhong as celebrity. Lee’s days are numbered.