The Jabra Revo lives up to reputation


Jabra20130930The Jabra brand is best known for creating topnotch headphones at relatively fair prices, and its latest Revo model delivers the goods as expected.

Retailing for a little under P14,000, it is definitely not cheap. But then, because the manufacturer partnered with Dolby to deliver high quality sound, ‘nuff said. Audiophiles will like it a lot.

At first, the size was overwhelming but the comfortably cushioned folding earphones made it bearable. I tried the Revo in the most extreme conditions, specifically out in the streets with heavy Manila traffic and a lot of honking. To make matters worse, it was drizzling. I put the volume on full blast and guess what? None of the outside sounds were coming in. This Jabra headphone doesn’t even bill itself as a noise reducing headset, which is a definite plus.

The plug and play feature makes it easy to use and connect with desktops and laptops, and all sorts of music players, of course. Once the USB jack is connected, everything else follows. The sound is full, crisp and clear. The headset searches all FM frequencies when used as antenna for the radio features of the phone compared with the usual headsets.

When used as phone headset, the Revo also delivers. The Bluetooth feature and side shuffles makes wireless phone use pleasant, although the size of the Revo is much bigger than the usual earphones that come with most cell phones.

Watching a movie on the go using a tablet or laptop feels like having a personal home theatre system that can be carried anywhere.

Because it looks no different from any number of headphones, it is not so eye catching for those Metro Manila snatchers. Assume that it is safe to walk while listening to music while wearing the Revo. Unless, of course, they know what is Jabra.

Yes, competition is fierce among the manufacturers of headphones, but this product can stand against the best in head-to-head comparisons. It comes in black or white, which means that the younger market will most likely wish for more colorful models to be made. If the iPhone can have a gold colored unit, why not the Jabra Revo?

In terms of value for money, this product is a winner.


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