The joke’s on us



When The Hangover first came out in 2009—the idea for it was fresh. The comedy was wrong, crass, out of control but also crazily hilarious. By the time Hangover 2 came out, I felt the thrill was gone, though there were still a few laughs. In Hangover 3—what’s left is more of a caper film and disappointingly, nothing memorably funny. Unfortunately, this is a case of flogging a dead horse.

While it says “The End” on the poster, the actual ending of the film suggests there’s room for more mayhem. Though I seriously hope not. This one is strictly for those who like looking at Bradley Cooper and those who are compelled to find out the fate of the “Wolfpack.” This one’s uninspired and made to milk whatever money the franchise can squirt out.

* * *

What’s much more unfortunate is that Vice Ganda (who probably doesn’t care) succeeded in making The Hangover’s “Wolfpack” look like choirboys when she made a rape joke about broadcast journalist Jessica Soho. You’ll probably find that horrid comment somewhere on line but I’m not printing it here. I echo the sentiment of fellow journalist Alma Anonas Carpio when she says rape is NEVER ever funny.

She and I have heard the stories of individuals who have gone through the ordeal and making light of it is just cruel.

* * *

I also have problems with a new ad for a brand of powdered kiddie milk. In it, a little girl drops her doll in the middle of fountains. A little boy, who drinks the milk, has the alertness, strength and agility to rescue the doll and give in back to the little girl. In my world, it would be a space ship in cool colors and the little girl would race for it and retrieve it herself and return messed up and somewhat drenched but happy.

* * *

And finally, one of ABS-CBN’s newest telenovelas Cofradia tells the story of girl with dark skin whose lot in life only improves when a magic candle turns her into a mestiza.

I don’t know where to begin. It perpetuates negatives stereotypes about skin color. Also, instead of extolling the virtues of kicking ass in a certain sport, mastering a certain skillset or working hard, it extolls the virtues of whitening cream.

* * *

For the first time in a long time, Fan Girl is not happy and may need some cheese to go with her whine.


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