The JPE vs. Miriam saga continues


We might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

By this time, it is known to everyone that Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile and Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago have no love lost for each other. Fact is, they appear to have nothing but pure hatred for each other.

Both are senior citizens who are recognized as being brilliant lawyers. This seems to be all the two have in common.

The war between the two went up a notch yesterday when Enrile took to the Senate floor to deliver a privileged speech. He had been expected to explain what role he had, if any, in the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), or pork barrel scam. After all, Enrile is one of three senators who stand accused of having committed the heinous crime of plunder.

Instead, the country’s oldest public servant spent a large part of his speech taking digs at the female senator from Iloilo.

This was in retaliation over Defensor-Santiago’s thinly veiled attacks on Enrile a couple of weeks ago during the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the PDAF scam.

At that time, without mentioning Enrile by name, Defensor-Santiago threw everything including the kitchen sink at the 89-year-old lawmaker.

She accused him of being a killer, of being the puppet master of Janet Lim-Napoles, and of walking around the Senate halls with fully armed bodyguards, including the times he went to the restroom.

Enrile took the opportunity to rebut all the accusations his mortal enemy had thrown at him, and threw a few haymakers of his own.

Relating the role he played in bringing in Defensor-Santiago to public service when he was still Justice secretary during the administration of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, Enrile told his peers the likely reason why she had turned against him. This, despite the fact that he (Enrile) had been a ninong or godfather of Santiago when she got married some decades ago.

Unlike Defensor-Santiago, however, Enrile did mention the former judge by name in the latter half of his speech. He took note of the low grades she received when she passed the bar exams, and how her husband Jun had allegedly gifted her with a sports car that belonged to a private citizen when her hubby was connected with the Bureau of Customs.

Enrile even detailed the time that Defensor-Santiago and her husband tried to make amends by apologizing profusely to him at the behest of their fellow senators.

Sadly, Enrile failed to face the PDAF scam issue. Sad because this was what the public had been waiting for. But sooner or later, the former Senate president is expected to answer the very serious accusations against him relative to the pork barrel scam, not only in a court of law, but more importantly in the court of public opinion.

In the meantime, we can expect Defensor-Santiago to prepare her counter-attack. No one yet knows in what form this retaliatory action will take, but the feisty senator would be out of character if she were to let the Enrile speech pass without comment.

Who needs telenovelas? We await with bated breath what happens in the next chapter of Juan Ponce-Enrile versus Miriam Defensor-Santiago.


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  1. Yes its strange how he didnt defend his actions in the pork barrel scam, he used the cj corona tactic in saying ill deal with that at the appropriate time. I will show all the evidence to show im innocent, i know i cant wait. I think personaly he is a crook of the highest calibre & now he has been caught with his pants down. He will like corona try diversionary tactics saying people dont like him bla blah blah but wont have any evidence to show his innocence. Thats the way in this country, try to create a diverso, dont use facts but say people are plotting against you. As i say i cant wait but i hope they get them into court very swiftly, but when they do i also think like corona enrile will be taken ill, thats another tactic ( gloria uses it ). I mean gloria had this life threatening neck problem, ha ha ha its laughable, but they use it. I hope this country stops being fools & punnishes the guilty for these heinous crimes.

  2. Bakit napunta sa dalawa ang issue? Huwag na sanang magtalo sa Senate. Sayang lang ang binabayad sa kanilang dalawa. Gumawa na lang kayo ng mga batas para sa kabutihan ng publiko at bansa natin.