The land’s laziest official ever


Erwin Tulfo

While the country was being battered by enormous flooding brought about by the heavy rains in the wake of typhoon Emong, Director Eduardo del Rosario of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) was nowhere to be found.

Even as a dozen of people already drowned in several parts of the country because of the flood and thousands of families were displaced, the NDRRMC was not heard from all week.

And, while the sea tragedy in Masbate was unfolding, Del Rosario and the NDRRMC were all quite and refused to give out any statement at least to comfort the victims and their relatives and assure the public of the immediate search and rescue efforts of the authorities.

Unlike former NDRRMC Director Benito Ramos, this inutile Del Rosario has not issued any statement pertaining to the actions of the government during any calamity or tragedy the country experienced during these past few weeks. After all, he heads the disaster coordinating agency of the country.

This good-for-nothing former general of the Army should not stay a day more in the office.

For heavens sake, Mr. President, Del Rosario is not the right person for NDRRMC. He will be better off to head the War Memorial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig.

Justice on wheels really rolling
If there’s one thing Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno and the other senior justices of the Supreme Court can agree upon these days…its their justice on wheels program going to the city jails to decongest these facilities, and bring justice to those who have been deprived of it for so long.

Seventyfive inmates from the Manila City jail were outrightly freed by the SC last Tuesday.

Most of the inmates who were sent home have been convicted of selling dope and were sentenced for five years but are still in jail after serving their sentences.

Some, who are still being tried for snatching that carries a maximum of two years imprisonment, were freed by the high court for being in jail for over three years already.

The freed inmates and their familes were overjoyed and thankful for the long awaited justice that came in just one day.

If only our courts can try cases in one day like what the “justice on wheels” does, our jails will surely be underpopulated and trust in our justice system will defintely soar once again.

I just hope the “justice on wheels” will keep turning and won’t get stuck in the intersection of politics, corruption, bureaucracy and red tape.
Kudos to our Supreme Court justices.


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  1. “Del Rosario is not the right person for NDRRMC”… Who is then the right person for this Job? YOU? You seem to be so good of everything Mr. Erwin Tulfo.
    “inutile”, look who’s talking… Hindi Lang nag issue ng statement inutile na agad? What is more important to you? being an “action man” or being a darling of the media? You should know better. You’re an irresponsible journalist, if you can consider yourself a journalist at all.

    • concerned citizen on

      Cheryl tama lang ang sinabi ni Erwin Tulfo. I agree he’s the laziest mga galamay na mga mistah nya lang ang pinapagalaw nya. Masipag lang sa pera yan. I have reliable sources na nagsasabing hindi sya karapatdapat sa posisyon na yan. Nagsama pa sya ng mag incompetent mistahs nya!

  2. Iriga city boy on

    If that person is the head of NDRRMC,and the country is experiencing the typhoon EMONG,he should be available 24/7 to update the country of the situation!! So where was he?Wow!! Philippines,how about a missing in action head of a Department of our government.