The ‘late’ PNoy administration


(By Erwin Tulfo, Column, November 15, 2013)

Yes, God bless the entire Filipino population EXCEPT NOYNOY !

Jesus Nazario,
The filipino Government couldn’t manage a two man canoe with one person on leave. The Php 30000 canoe would have been a Php 1 million project. The oarsman who went on leave because he was hungry and wet. The remaining oarsman had to bring his own life saving jacket and oar.

Raymond Stenhouse,

UN admits failure to reach victims

(By Bernice Camille V. Bauzon and Volt Palaña, Headline, November 15, 2013)

The international relief agencies and donors, now, trust the Philippine National Red Cross team of their valuable aids more than the current gov’t leaders. That’s a glaring fact, especially now that the ‘in-actions’ of the current Malacañang ‘leaders’ are very evident at their handling of the aftermath of the super typhoon.

Military should be in charge

(By Rigoberto Tiglao, Analysis & Commentaries, November 15, 2013)

Marami na naman pagkaka kitaan at sandamakmak na mga Rakets ang gagawin ng mga Kongresman ninyo, mga Honorables na mga Senor Senadores, Local Govt Units, NGO’s – para maka kupit, maka pitik, at maka bulsa ng limpak limpak na Salapi sa nag uu,mapaw, bumabaha, at walang katapusan na mga foreign donations, in kind and in cash. At kasama na ang domestic contributions.

Tulo-laway na sila LINTA na mga Pulitikos….Welcome to the Philippines, hospitality is served best, just leave the tip “under the the table”. ONLI IN DA PILIPINZZZZZZ.

I agree with Christiane Amanpour of CNN, Pinoy’s presidency will be defined by his administration response to the Yolanda devastation. Already, people should see that this is another failed leadership. Tuwid na Daan? What’s next?


6 dead, 33 injured in EDSA bus accident

(By Ritchie A. Horario, News, November 15, 2013 )

I am requesting the LTO to do the same thing as they did to the school bus service that if the bus is old they need to change.. I’m one of those person who rode in Elena Bus Liner and luckily not that injured but suffered muscle pain because of the impact between the two buses. I saw it when the driver can no longer stop with his break, I saw the people wanted to go out from the bus and dead people. I left my one shoe and went to work straight without something in my foot even I’m in the state of shocked. Now I don’t like to ride any of the bus… I hope the government can action to this to avoid any of that accident. One thing more, as a passenger of everyday riding a bus there should be a speed limit not always rushing and take over… Thank you

Jen Ty,
Time for better leaders, voters

(Editorial, November 15, 2013)

Good idea but what about the PCOS ? Our elections are now farcical exercises in futility in the expression of the will of the electors. The “winners” will always be those that the ruling cabal blesses and not those voted for by the people but what are pre-programmed in the PCOS. So all campaigns for voters to wisen up in selecting their leaders will be for naught. Let us get rid of this curse NOW and prosecute the people who did this travesty to our democracy.

Jesus Nazario,
Wakeskaters and more wakes?

(By Rene Saguisag, Column, November 15, 2013)

Rene you said Pnoy needs help. The question is, Did he ask anybody to help him? If you are referring for other to just help voluntarily, I think they are already helping in their own way but what our kababayan need in Samar/Leyte is a MASTER PLAN to address their needs. The president slow decision & action in this tragedy is very clear. The truth is, He is not really helpless. As president & commander in chief of this nation, he can mobilize our military and govt. agencies in full force. He can even use private transportation & companies for logistical support. If the problem of transferring aid to remote areas are block roads them his 1st priority is to clear them thru DPWH.

Boyet M.,


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  1. People are easy to point the problem to the national government of the lapses or mishandling the situation. However did they forget that in the last 3 months Philippines endures war crisis and flood in Zamboanga, flood in southern negros, flood in region 4A, super typhoon in central Luzon, earthquake in cebu and Bohol and now the whole visayas encountered Yolanda. While the national government had only 3 C130, handful of helicopter that distribute goods to the disaster hit areas not just Leyte and samar, military trucks that is distributed all around the archipelago. Warnings was given days before regarding yolanda , its strength possible result and destruction. Local government are the one responsible to educate, to give awareness, to prepare the people on the disaster like this. Local government are the one who knows the danger prone areas that was given already by countless of government and international websites, they are the ones that must create the plan for preventive action prior the typhoon and clearing operation after the typhoon for there constituents. Does the visayas local governments forgot the wrath of ruping (1990) and uring (1991), does the local government don’t have a contingency plan or don’t have any lessoned learned of years of typhoon that hit the Philippines. There are indeed lapses in the recent shambles but it can be prevented if the local government heed the warnings, there are lapses and delay and it is unavoidable. But why is it instead of helping everybody is pointing the finger to the national government….did anybody appreciate the action of the national government towards the Zamboanga crisis, action towards the earthquake hit areas, did anyone give appreciation?
    Being prepared is not a mandate by the government but it lies in every individual, this is moment that we need to assess ourselves in facing this kind of disaster. I’m not a pro administration but this time after some assessment I would rather shut up and help and. PRAY and ask guidance that this thing shall pass accordingly and visayas will rise again..
    Lesson learned that the provincial government and below should create a plan in response to this kind of typhoon ir disaster I guess do there job, as what rivinj had said that nothing beats PREPAREDNESS…people should think that we can not trust the national government for a quick aide especially if disaster after disaster hit the nation…and most of all heed the warning, dont wait, do some research….

  2. Yes god knows already, how corrupt and evil our politicians and some of our people are, who stole the budget for these calamities, as a result many will die. there goes your politicians at work. Even this disaster will make money to them, Im sure some if not many of the politicians from barangay to mayor to congress and senate will try to steal these donations in cash and kind. they all should be shot if caught.

  3. our BOY SISI president is just a mere puppet,with so many strings attach we dont know who is ruuning the country.he speaks when ask to..he appears and disappers when told to..he wiil die when ordered to…hopeless boy!!!!!!

  4. Yes, God bless the entire Filipino population EXCEPT NOYNOY !

    Regarding that comment. I disagree,its not him that causing the damage to the Philippines but the other elected officials ‘sexy boy or senile.turn coat man” that causes the damage upon this country

  5. The Philippine government must protect the devastated area, and people from all criminal activities, preying on the suffering and confused victims of the storm, especially women and children against human trafficking, rape, robbery and murder. Furthermore, the aids local and foreign that are arriving in the country is in danger of being stolen by criminals, if nobody is protecting them. Therefore it is incumbent upon the government In charge to have arm guards protecting these precious aids, otherwise donors will think twice before donating more. Send the army, if need be to be sure that the victims are protected and the aid reach to them. May God have mercy on all the victims, aid donors and people in charge for peace and order.