• The Legend Returns


    E1---Honda-Legend20151027Honda’s flagship luxury sedan now with hybrid technology

    Honda Cars Philippines Inc. has launched the 5th generation Legend, combining Honda’s latest hybrid technology and advanced safety features into a luxury sedan that caters to the rich and the famous.

    “While the market is growing in 20% pace, we also considered the needs of the affluent, prominent people of the Philippines, that’s why we brought the 5th generation Legend with the cutting edge technology, safety equipment and luxury,” HCPI President Toshio Kuwahara said in an interview.

    Kuwahara added that HCPI tries to expand more to its lineup, starting with the entry-level Brio and the Mobilio MPV, with the Legend being the third car in the company’s expanded lineup.

    The fifth-generation Honda Legend is powered by a 312hp 3.5L direct injection SOHC V6, with Honda’s Variable Cylinder Management, coupled with a 48hp electric motor in the front which powers the front wheels altogether, and a 37hp twin electric motors at the rear driving the rear wheels. The combined power delivers 380hp at 6500 revolutions per minute, and 462 Nm of torque at 4700rpm. Keeping the power in check is a 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission and Honda’s Sport Hybrid-All Wheel Drive system which features torque vectoring that is also found in the new NSX.

    The torque vectoring system provides and balances drive and deceleration power to each wheel so that power distribution is balanced, reducing understeer or oversteer.

    “You may also look at it this way: the NSX’s petrol engine is located at the rear (which powers the rear tires) while the twin electric motors are located in the front (which powers the front tires). In the Legend, it’s the other way around,” Kuwahara said.

    The car is awash with sensory safety features such as Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow function, Collision Mitigation Braking System which makes use of the small windshield camera to detect obstacles, and applies the brakes if the driver does not act; and Lane Keeping Assist system which assists the electronic power steering to keep the car in the lane. Other standard safety features include front and rear parking sensors, child proof door locks, and airbags which are located almost everywhere.

    The exterior balances simple, flowing lines with chrome accents and jewel shaped LED headlight bulbs, as with today’s breed of luxury cars. The interior color can be customized by the owner as he or she desires. Parts from Modulo and Mugen can also be chosen to the owner’s liking.

    The car is available in Crystal Black Pearl, White Orchid Pearl, Super Platinum Metallic, Graphite Luster Metallic, Gilded Pewter Metallic and Pomegranate Pearl, with the latter 3 available later in the year.

    The car’s luxurious nature, its abundance of safety features, and hybrid technology brings the price to a whopping P4,380,000, with Modulo and Mugen parts adding P115,000 and P167,000, respectively. Mugen MFL alloys are available for P292,000.

    In the car’s five-generation lifespan, the Honda Legend has its fair share of innovative firsts, with the first generation model being the first Japanese car to have a driver-side airbag, ABS, traction control and more.


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