• The less travelled road


    I have been a fan of many sports all my life. I have long erased boxing as being in that category. It reminds me of gladiators crying, “Ave, imperator, moritori te salutant.” “We who are about to die, salute you.” Boxing’s intent is to hurt a fellow human being. Maim, even kill, willy-nilly.

    Had Manny Pacquiao stuck solely to boxing, not a pip from me, likely. Free country. But, he has multi-tasked in his long career as a high profile personality. He boxes (his forte, or gift), which cannot be taken against him, strictly, even if I am leery of any “sport” where the goal is to hurt a foe. Manny pretends to be a congressman (he had lost in Cotabato, district-shopped and found Sarangani) and PBA player, and is also a showbiz figure, preacher, singer, womanizer, gambler, etc., at one time or another. Homophobic. He now faces a number of lawsuits following his disclosure of a stiff shoulder kuno in his Mayweather bout, after he had lost. The Great Pretender.

    And, per Kim Henares, Manny is not only Top House Absentee contender, but also Top Tax Evader, which many gloss over and do not seem to mind. Today, April 15, reminds me of Will Rogers saying that the income tax law has made more liars out of the American people than golf has. A lawyer or plumber handed cash may not hand it to the Missus, much less the TaxMan, particularly if he is budgeting tightly (and has to provide for his kulasisi or two, to boot).

    The Inquirer reported last Monday that many joined me last Sunday in finding better things to do than watch Manny fight Timothy Bradley. Live attendance also reportedly down. I am prejudiced and discriminate against Manny as a cong, and would-be senator, not as a boxer. Nothing would have been heard from me had he remained in boxing. I have not commented adversely on Donaire, for one.

    Manny competed for Top House Absentee. Now he would like to be a Great Pretender as well in the Senate, where I once toiled and, along with hardworking Manong Ernie Maceda, had perfect attendance. The causes and concerns of our constituents mattered to our 1987-92 Senate batch. Top priority, even in our pork, not toxic per se, from where I sit.

    I worry about CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). There is widespread concern over it in pro football, where there are accidents. In boxing, to hurt is the intent. The more you hurt your foe, the louder the acclaim, like in the Roman Colosseum when gladiators tried to send their foes to the Promised Land.

    Manny has billions. Therefore, a man of respect in our crass materialistic culture. He may become Senate Prez and even run for Prez in 2022. He has no time now for Kidapawan,
    Basilan, BBL, Edca, federalism, etc.. He only has had time for boxing, even appearing on Solar TV on Good Friday last, boxing, another first in our history, from where I sit.

    I have not been objective but it seems to me I have not been unfair to this tax evader who has started his own dynasty. Good Vice Guv Jinky is not running for reelection. But, his brothers? With him as role model as Great Preteder-Cong?

    I did hope and pray gladiators Manny and Timothy would not get hurt, even if that be the intent of the “sport” (like in bona fide, not Kenkoy, wrestling, but perhaps in no other sport).

    A Senator with too many blows in the head may not be in the country’s best interests; topping in absences may minimize, but not erase, the institutional damage, which new faces Leila de Lima, Risa Hontiveros, Neri Colmenares, Lorna Kapunan, Walden Bello, Mon Montaño, Raffy Alunan, Roman Romulo, Edu Manzano, et al., may help arrest, and where Recto, Laurel, Tolentino, Pelaez, Rodriguez, Salonga, Sumulong, Manglapus, Rodrigo, Aquino, et al., used to tread — for the sake of the Motherland and our children and apos. The Senate is not a sideline. Hence, my beef that Senate work is treated as a hobby by some. I do not underestimate anyone’s capacity for subjective change and growth. But, Manny Pacquiao should have started preparing yesterday, as it were.

    Kidapawan, BBL, Basilan, Sabah, the death penalty, etc.. Not LGBT. Alam na po natin ang pananaw niya dito. But, he will be a Senator of all the people, including those he passes judgment on and despises. Let’s hope he reconsiders on LGBTs.

    On media exposure, a Thou-Shalt-Not advice from the Comelec or Romy Macalintal may have the effect reminiscent of what comes from a Scandinavian Ombudsman whose weight comes from sheer prestige. Gamesmanship differs from cheating.

    So, what did I do last Sunday? I followed the Augusta Masters (poor Spieth) and the NBA Go! – Warriors, finished reading Raissa Robles’s chilling detailed first-person accounts of torture during the reign of the Marcoses, and the military’s disingenuous responses (save Senate aspirant Mon Montano), sponsored by Ateneo for a Better Philippines.

    I went out with my apos, while savoring the prudent ruling of the Supreme Court in the case of Grace, who should be rejected by the voter, not by the unelected few in the Comelec and the Supreme Court, following the PBA v. Comelec precedent of Dec19, 1985.

    Many Bedan friends root for our fellow Bedista Digong Duterte, whose support, I am told, reportedly swells, not only among memorial park and funeral parlor owners, florists, grave-diggers and allied businessmen. Jojobama points out that Digong’s reported victims are riffraff, yagits, et al., who cannot really complain as the law represents the bias of the ruling classes. Sad fact of life. Not a celebration of cynicism.

    Well, fellow Bedans, I often sail against the wind, take the less travelled road and march to the beat of a different drummer. But, not to forget me when you get to paradise. Hellish for the human rights community, heaven for population control buffs.

    It’s shaping up to be a horse race among four. My pal Miriam’s time may have come and gone. I am 99 percent committed to vote for Leni Robredo, our grad law school stude, and am busy campaigning against Bongbong who should read Raissa’s book. Fruit never falls far from the tree. Macoy came home, on the commitment to FVR in 1993, by the Marcoses and Roquito Ablan, to bury him at once in the Ilocos. They have spent millions to keep him where he is. I can tell when they lie: their lips move.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    But, I have softened on my stance on Macoy and Libingan ng mga Bayani (LMB). My compromise: just change the name of the final resting place, not to Libingan ng mga Bayani Atbp., but Libingan ng mga Bayani at Pangulo. Epitaph: Here a Lawyer Lies Still. Deal?

    But, el sitio nada importa. The place does not matter. Erap has shown to one and all where he plans to be interred, in his Tanay resthouse. Corazon Aquino is not the only President not interred in the LMB. More important is to have a place in the people’s corazon.

    Still, the spectre I dread is Digong and Bongbong winning.

    Gross human rights violations and kleptocracy returning scare the bejesus out of me.


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    1. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      15 April 2016

      When one’s mood is not on the up and up because last Tuesday’s bowling score was below average, as was mine, reading former Senator RENE SAGUISAG in these pages always gives me a lift–as this wide-ranging commentary of his surely does.

      I thank him profusely–also on these pages.

      On Manny Pacquiao, the fact is that most Filipinos consider him “heaven-sent” in that he is now considered “the most famous Filipino” who ever walked this earth as the 8-division world champion boxer, a feat not even Muhammad Ali achieved in all the years that he boxed.

      The adjectives appended to his name are “world-famous” and also as one of the “greatest” boxer the world has ever known–and not the pejorative and dissonant distinction as “the world’s No. 1 Kleptocrat” who made it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

      Of course, millions of Filipinos virtually “worship” him and explains why he had no problem getting elected Congressman. And never mind that there he distinguished himself for non-attendance because his name has never been tainted with smelly “pork,” although Kim Henares is not one among the millions of Filipinos, as well as non-Filipinos, who adore Manny Pacquiao.

      More likely than not, soon his presence will grace the distinguished Senate as a distinguished new member and one is reminded of the Senate of Rome which long ago echoed to the voices of Julius Caesar and Cicero, et al, who, incidentally, were not famous for their love of “pork” but for something else: Caesar for “crossing the Rubicon,” and Cicero, the Great Orator, for not loving “democracy” because it was and is vulnerable to turning into a Plutocracy.

      Perhaps all that a Senator Manny Pacquiao needs in the Senate is one term–and as Rene Saguisag muses, he may be ready to be a candidate for President of the Philippines by 2022.

      In the event, is there a possibility, even a remote one, that he will be able to do what all of his predecessors failed to do, which is to finally slay the twin dragons of CORRUPTION and POVERTY? The same way he vanquished TIMOTHY BRADLEY recently in the ring?

      A good question, isn’t it?


    2. Sol Villamin on

      Who else but Bongbong Marcos?

      The martial law attacks

      To this day Marcos is attacked for proclaiming martial law by those who made it necessary, as though it were a “cause uncaused,” and a US court has assumed jurisdiction over human rights cases allegedly committed by the Philippine military, without anything being done about those killed by the communists everywhere.

      In the 20 years Marcos was in power, the government spent a little more than P600 billion to build more roads, bridges, ports, airports, schools, hospitals, dams, irrigation and hydroelectric and other infrastructure facilities than were built by all his predecessors combined. Cory Aquino spent twice that amount in only six and a half years and left nothing but a few flyovers. Her son PNoy misused over P150 billion in DAP funds alone, and now wants a “transition budget” of P3.5 trillion. Yet Marcos’s more corrupt enemies are the ones accusing him of corruption.

      The record shows that Marcos fell after he had taken a strong position against the bases.
      He did not fall because of corruption. He “became corrupt” after he fell. As soon as he was ousted, the new power-holders assigned to Marcos the authorship and fruits of their own corruption. This continues to this day. But their biggest corruption goes beyond money; it involves the sale of our national sovereignty and territorial integrity. This is one of the fundamental issues Bongbong Marcos is up against.

    3. Actritex Reducer on

      Attorny ibhagi m nmn m ang katiwalian ng mga Aquino. Kc Puro k n lng Macoy. Kng gusto m eto bahaginan kta. Pk check s fb- truth about Aquino administration. Saka m s eshare d2.

    4. magaling ka lang manghusga. diba tumakbo ka ng reelection… nanalo ka ba uli. ibig lang sabihin ayaw ka nga taong bayan kasi para ka lang lata na may isang batong laman… maingay lang

    5. Why dread Digong and Bongbong winning? You’ll have many clients since you claim to be a human rights lawyer!