The lowdown on nursing bras for breastfeeding Filipino moms


    breastfeeding20160823For a breastfeeding mom, wearing a nursing bra is a matter of preference and availability. In the Philippines, most breastfeeding women choose to wear a nursing bra when going out of the house.

    However, looking for nursing bras that fit perfectly and comfortably is a challenge for most breastfeeding Filipino mothers because available sizes in physical retail stores are very limited and lacks sturdiness.

    Breastfeeding mothers also tend to stay at home and prefer buying bras online but purchases are a hit or miss as measurements are not accurate.

    Experts say, however, that wearing a supportive bra may help reduce the stretching of tissues that could result in sagging. Breastfeeding mommies with big breasts generally are more comfortable wearing a bra for support.

    Is a nursing bra really important for breastfeeding?

    For lack of an idea where to buy nursing bras, breastfeeding mothers settle for their regular bras. They just get a size bigger than their pre-pregnancy stage. Others would temporarily replace their regulars with nursing bras because they find wearing them feels easier to have the baby latch on and still be comfortably discreet when breastfeeding in public places than using the standard bra.

    It’s worth the time checking the different styles to find which one you are most comfortable wearing.

    When shopping, feel the cups and choose those molded yet flexible ones because a hard cup would put some pressure on the breasts which could be irritating.

    Some styles have the center clasps while others have the shoulder clasps. Try opening and closing the cups and see how loosely or rigidly they come off and fastened back.

    When should a mother buy a nur­sing bra?

    The best time to get one or be fitted varies from woman to woman. As soon as pregnancy starts, the breast begins to prepare for lactation but it is either at the end of the ninth month or soon after the baby is born that a woman‘s breast swells to its biggest size.

    Is it true that wearing an underwire is not recommended?

    pregnant20160823There is no scientific basis to the claim but the truth is that when breastfeeding, the size of breasts fluctuates by a couple of hours because milk is produced and drained in a continuous cycle. As lactating mothers experienced, a rigid underwire in a bra puts some pressure on the breasts which can lead to blocked milk ducts which can be painful.

    In short, choosing to wear a nursing bra or a regular bra during the entire breastfeeding adventure is entirely one’s decision. The important thing is if it fits comfortably. Different nursing bras also offer different price points.

    A bra brand called Coobie, acknowledged in the US as the most comfortable bra ever, is now in the Philippines and is offering its nursing line to the local online market. It’s seamless, wireless, made of ultra soft, brushed nylon and spandex blend with molded and flexible remo­vable pads.

    Each bra has a unique ribbing and ruching design for a more shapely silhouette and never squashes the breasts. The wide straps and racerback style are designed for a relaxed fit and to keep as much weight off your shoulders to make breastfeeding a breeze for you and your baby.

    It has a wide, soft, inner comfort band that helps keep it in place and keep the pressure off your ribs. Even after breastfeeding, Coobie nursing bras are comfortable and supportive to wear.

    It conveniently comes in two sizes—the regular bra for sizes 32A to 36D and the full bra for sizes 38A to 42D.

    Coobie is available online at CoobiePhilippines on Facebook and @coobie.ph on Instagram.


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