• The magic keys of revolution


    “The Moving Finger writes; and having writ,
    Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a line,
    Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.”
    – Stanza LXXVI in the Rubaiyat
    of Omar Khayyam

    Everything here is analysis and discourse. Make no mistake about it because when the Moving Finger of the Revolution starts moving, there is no stopping it – even if it leads to the guillotine.

    Why is the Leninist doctrine more effective than the Maoist theory of waging a revolution? The answer is simple. It has proved itself successful in the streets of Petrograd. It is the most successful based on our own experience in the Philippines. Any fool can see that. But we have a number of fools in this country who prove to be the exceptions. The misfortune is some of them come from UP and Ateneo – the universities which are supposed to produce the best of the best. Unfortunately, they also produce the worst of the worst and the exceptions to the rule about fools are also produced by these honored institutions.

    The separatist revolution

    I happen to know personally two of the leaders of the separatist revolution – Mayor Reuben Canoy of Cagayan de Oro City who became an Undersecretary for the Press during the time of Marcos and later became Member of Parliament (MP) under the banner of the Mindanao Alliance and was the Chairman of the Mindanao Independence Movement (MIM); and Nur Misuari, professor at UP Diliman and Chairman of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). They are both highly intelligent and intellectual personalities. But both of them are failures in the realization of their objective of Mindanao independence.

    Canoy is one of the finest short story writers in English in this country. But he is a failure as a strategist and tactician to realize his dream of Mindanao iondependence. Now he is old and grey and there is no turning back the hands of time. He is also one of the finest broadcasters in Cebuano and English in the Cebuano speaking world. In his program named “Perspective,” Canoy gained a following in the Cebuano speaking world in Mindanao and the Visayas which he could have utilized to make the people march behind him on the road to Mindanao independence but he did not. Until now, I am still wondering why. But knowing Canoy’s background, he is more of a fiction writer than a revolutionary and between them is a world of a difference.

    In the case of Nur, he was my client in one of his rebellion cases when he was confined in Fort Santo Domingo. Revelatory of his character was the following conversation in his dining room at the Fort.

    I told him in one of our relaxed moments inside his cottage, “Nur, do you know how to kill a snake?

    “Of course, I do,” he quickly replied.

    “Then, why are you fighting the war of independence in Mindanao? This is the tail of the snake that is the Philippines,” I answered. “The head of the snake is Manila, that’s where you should fight the war for Mindanao independence, in Manila,” I continued.

    “You know Bono, keep that to yourself. You are a very dangerous man,” he answered with a warning.

    I wanted to laugh but I could not. I wondered to myself why a man like Nur Misuari who graduated and taught in UP could be so naïve and lacking in analysis.

    Canoy and Misuari are intelligent and visibly intellectual persons but they are no revolutionaries and Sun Tzu warriors; that is why their attempts at a separatist revolution failed.

    Qualities of a revolutionary leader

    What are the qualities of a revolutionary leader? First, he must be brilliant like Lenin and Trotzky, Mao Zedong and Zou-en-Lai, Fidel Castro and Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap, Gammal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat. You need brilliance to be a visionary and overwhelmingly analytical. Second, he must be extraordinarily brave.

    Without razor sharp courage, you are better planting camotes. You need that kind of courage to take extreme risk because leadership means risk. Third, he must be highly disciplined otherwise he is likely to wither on the vine. Fourth, he must be intensely focused because a bit of diversion could lead to disaster. Fifth, he must be prepared to kill otherwise the counter-revolutionaries will kill him first. Sixth, he must be decisive and a man of character. Seventh, he must have “The Art of War” of Sun Tzu as his bible.

    Can we find a man of such qualifications in the Philippines? Yes, as I keep on articulating over again, there must be one in every million. Since we are a hundred million Filipinos, there are a hundred Filipinos who have those qualifications. The task of every Filipino is to find just one of every million. Then, mention his name in the open so the people can case him and if successful, the people can ask him to respond to the task of renewing this country.

    That is not difficult to do. Or is it? As a Filipino, I have done my duty of finding one among the one hundred who fits the description. You might ask me: “Who?” Well, as the analyst, it is a trade secret to keep for the moment. I am waiting for him, as the Australian journalist put it so well, to favorably respond to the challenge of death and then Hell is likely to break loose. When that happens, the people better welcome him because for this fellow, defeat is not an option.

    As examples of failure of leadership are the many failed coups in the Philippines. First, the planning was bad. Second, the execution was even worse. Third, the leaders were afraid to kill. In the struggle for power with the noble objective of reforming the system, you must kill as many as needed to capture political power. To define limits in this regard is to delimit your chances of victory.

    This was also the reason why Marcos lost to the crowd at Edsa because there was a failure to pulverize Ramos and Enrile. Marcos lost also because he allowed the members of the Opposition to be free to roam around. That is not the way to deal with critical situations when the fate of your revolution and the country is at stake. It takes firm resolve –come what may.

    It also explains the defeat of Enrile and Laurel in the hands of the Cory crowd. It is just a case of nerves and lack of resolve because the leaders did not dream dreams.
    Is there a revolutionary situation in the Philippines?

    There is a revolutionary situation in the Philippines. Those who dabble with the idea of revolution always try to find the magic combination of the objective and subjective conditions. The objective factor refers to the factual condition of the political, social and economic environment. The subjective factor is the readiness of the people to participate in the revolutionary struggle with the revolutionary leader.

    Is there is an objective revolutionary situation? Yes, there is – massive and stifling graft and corruption in all sectors and levels of government; shameless behavior of the officialdom in the commission of graft and corruption; overwhelming poverty in the land; unabated criminality from the cities to the countryside; continuing violation of human rights by the military and the police; illegal drug infestation all over the country; failure of the justice system; lack of medical services for the people; runaway rise in the price of basic commodities; total chaos in the streets of Metro Manila; almost total lack of protection for the citizens; total absence of faith in the electoral process; enveloping condition of hopelessness in the country.

    What about the subjective revolutionary situation? It is there – boiling in some areas and potentially growing in many. The subjective element that is missing is the leader. Will he emerge? Will he rise? Will he respond to the challenges of the moment? I think he will as soon as soon as he puts the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together? How soon? I don’t know.

    Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe mine could be better because I successfully predicted the fall of Marcos and Erap from the presidency.

    How soon? I really don’t know. The great leader creates his season. But it could be sooner than you think. The great leader strikes when nobody expects – just like a thief in the night to pave the way for a clear, cloudless, and better day.


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    1. El Cid Fajardo on

      Pañero Bono, I think I know who you have in mind, and I also think you are not mistaken about him. Let us just hope he is able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together as soon as possible.

    2. I believed otherwise. There can be no real revolution led by a revolutionary leader if he/she will not be supported by the people. Kahit sino pa maging Presidente natin kung ang mga opisyales ng gobyerno at ang mga tao ay di magbabago, wala ring pagbabagong matutupad. Simple lang na halimbawa at problema sa basura. Kahit pa maglagay ng sandaang libong tagasimot ng mga basura (upos ng sigarilyo, balot ng kendi, atbp) kung halos lahat ng Pilipino (sandaang milyon) ay nagtatapon ng basura kahit saan pati mga edukado, nakakotse, atbp….itsurang basurahan pa rin ating mga kalsada at mga gusali. Ang rebolusyon para sa pagbabago ay kinakailangan magmula sa bawat Pilipino.

    3. kenneth rosal on

      DIOGENES is still carrying a lamp in the daytime,looking for the honest man to lead the country. may he find one, and sooner.

    4. You are right Mr. Bono a revolution is needed as a catalyst to cure the ills or our society. However, It should sprout from the conscience and hearts of people based on higher principles and moral grounds not from anger and frustration. It seems impractical an idea because congenitally we as a people have mutated from years of colonization and subjugation by imperial powers and recently from foreign breeding who comes here for fun and leave a litter behind. Your soldiers are zombies and to be led by an intellectual will be an utter failure. We need to evolve like Japan in their inter-provinces warring years to become a homogenized society started with the education of the young in Shinto ideals. America, the beacon of democracy and capitalism was based on this idea of higher principles and human rights and the rule of law. What we lack is the courage to enforce our laws. We have all the tools and intelligent lawyers, PMA graduates, and auditors but lack the spine to enforce their mandate. So, my recommendation is to encourage these highly educated leaders to lead the charge supported by all sectors of society to punish foreign companies who are in cahoots to buy our companies and corrupt businessmen including all local business and government employees. This is a much easier task than to get the zombies die in the streets for nothing.

    5. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      03 October 2015

      I tend to agree that the Philippines is ripe for an honest-to-goodness revolution now, given the “objective revolutionary” political, economic and social conditions which are present, a total of 13, as cited here by HOMOBONO A. ADAZA.

      [Incidentally, I personally knew Reuben Canoy whom he mentions here; he was an acquaintance of mine around the late Fifties in Manila.]

      As a close observer of the situation of the Philippines as it has evolved over the last 69 years or so, I have come to the painful realization that there is no way the country could ever follow the examples set by its neighbors Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea which have successfully made it in terms of real, solid, inclusive and enduring prosperity and progress as “Asian economic tigers!”

      In contrast, the Philippines has earned for itself the worldwide pejorative distinction as “The sick man of Asia!”


      My distilled Analysis is that the country is effectively in the vise-like grip of a PLUTOCRATIC-POLITICO-CLERICO CONSPIRACY, whose overarching Agenda is to perpetuate itself in wealth and power, the better to manipulate and exploit the Filipino people.

      An eerily good analogy is France of the late 18th Century which for centuries had been likewise held in the vise-like grip of a ROYAL-ARISTOCRATIC-CLERICO CONSPIRACY, whose overarching Agenda was to perpetuate itself in wealth and power, in the process reducing the people to the status of SERFS–until that fateful day in 1789 when the people of Paris, hungry and in rags could no longer take it and stormed the Bastille, triggering the Revolution of 1789.

      At this point, the question that needs to be asked is this: “Is there a Filipino right now who has some if not most of the qualities of Homobono A. Adaza’s revolutionary Leader? That is a tough one! At first blush, nobody seems “to fit the bill.” On closer examination, however, Davao City Mayor RODY DUTERTE may possess those requirements. He has many of the qualities of Singapore’s LEE KWAN YEW.


    6. This kind of writing reminds me of Rizal and Bonifacio. Filipinos then were braver and more patriotic. Only few good men are left in this country. I am already losing hope and thinking to migrate to another country to save my children.

    7. Bloody killing revolution will not happen in this pious nation. The Bishops, Priest and Nuns are there to fulfill the bow of peace on earth. What this nation of literate citizens need is intellectual renaissance. Revolutionaries shall be the professionals living in commoners existence (as measured by international standard). As long the educated professionals are happy being better than dirt poor, ignorant Filipinos. There will be no revolution in PH because the poor, no matter how poor they maybe will reject bloody killings of fellow Filipinos.
      The educated must shout, “We have brains and are not feudal slaves anymore, Rizal is not our hero. The half breed landed China man, Rizal is NOT Filipino hero. Smash to ground all the images of Rizal”. Only then cultural and intellectual renaissance will be the beginning of peaceful revolution which fits in pious Filipino mind. ENOUGH OF LIES, LET TRUTH SET US FREE.

    8. the moros historically knows nothing but war and conquest. . . . . and we have a fool for a president, wala pang bayag . . . . ang hirap neto damay tayo lahat sa kasuwapangan nila,

      Bakit napakamalas natin, tingnan mo na lang ang mga mukha ng kandidato
      si ***Grace Llamanzares opportunista, ganid, sinungaling, supsupbayagkayAquino upang maging LP candidate.
      si ***Binay, kulang sa depensa, hilaw pa, kung di nya kayang idepensa sarili nya, pano nya ko maipagtatanggol? *** Mar Roxas, malas lang nya, naniwala sya sa mga Aquino
      *** Duterte? kung sa dami ng pinatay o ipinapatay, mahina pa si Duterte, si Palparan ang mas mainam, kulang sa isang libo ang na-salvage ng grupo ni Palaparan
      yun namang “tatlong itlog” na senador, Trillanes Pimentel Cayetano, sample lang yan nga mga asong sunod sunuran, walang pag-asa, wala tayong magaling na maaasahan sa tatlong itlog.
      si Erap, kung sa pakwan lipas na ang tamis, pero puede pa yan, kelangan lang konting tigas, kelangan walang awa
      , si Bongbong Marcos pwede, kahit kulang sa kamandag, pwede
      ang nakikita ko pa ay si senadora Santiago, pwede, mas masaya kung siya ang magiging presidente, marunong mayt utak

      • my 2016 Candidates

        President Erap Estrada
        Vice Pres Bongbong Marcos Sec Interior Loc Govt concurrent Defense Secretary of Justice Secretary Mirriam Santiago /under sec DILG

        Jovito Palparan Jr >>> TO HANDLE THE PEACE PROCESS
        Mindanao BBL MILF MNLF

    9. Amnata Pundit on

      I hope when your predicted messiah comes- and he can only be a military man as the current political class is completely hopeless- he will do to all the hypocrites who have lived at the expense of the people for the last 30 years what Stalin, Castro, Mao and the others did to their enemies. To succeed, he must throw away all his acquired western ideas and rely only on Asian models to run the government. Is he smart enough to do that?

    10. Rodrigo Duterte could be the individual that could provide personal leadership that will inspire the masses. The Communist Party could act as the vanguard and provide the guidance poli-mil, strategy an tactics and eco. guidance just in case it become necessary.



    11. Kale Alaskador on

      Be careful! Aside from being debarred, you will soon be arrested for inciting rebellion!

      Or maybe, you are hoping that you will be arrested for rebellion and not only inciting rebellion!

      Kulang ka lang sa pansin.

      • Maybe you mean disbar not debar. There is no such thing as inciting to rebellon, its inciting to sedition. Dapat mong pag-ukulan ng pansin ang English grammar mo. TAGALUGIN MO NA LANG PO.

    12. Naku Bono, para mo din sinabi na dahil magaling si Joma sa English writing ay di sya kailanman magtatagumpay sa kanyang pambansang demokratikong rebolusyon. Indeed, the leader should be able to approximate what the Sri Lankan leader did to the Tamil Tigers who have been fighting a secessionist war for several years. We have those so-called Mindanao leaders ranting for independence. Maybe, the next leader should be able to apply the Sri Lankan solution if only to stop those tantrums and puerile bickerings of those kids in a man’s body.