The magnetism of Ian Banzon



A SUPERWOMAN exists. She is the one who does everything with such grace and ease that not a single hair falls out of place.

Ian Banzon is that kind of woman, who is also blessed with a face that can instantly captivate a room. Yet her beauty is just a plus in her multi-faceted life.

Aside from being a national athlete who has competed with the country’s water polo team at Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in June, the 27-year old also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and currently completing a medical degree from Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health.

Defining herself as someone who enjoys “exploring, trying new things, and learning from different activities and places,” Ian continues to be a dedicated athlete by representing Sante Barley Tri Team and training at CrossFit Alpha Strike. She is as passionate about teaching others what she knows about nutrition, sports medicine, and a bit of preventive medicine.

An athlete since she was a young child, Ian believes she is able to do what she does because of her training as a student athlete. She says, “I have been a competitive athlete since 12, and have been since, a student athlete. I’m used to the routine of training and studying at the same time. I basically just did the same thing this time around, making sure I don’t let my studies down and staying determined to succeed in both challenges. Major exams such as the boards are mental obstacles that is beyond just studying. At the end of the day it’s going to be about confidence and believing in yourself.”

For her, passing the boards this year would be a dream come true since becoming a doctor is something she wanted since she was a child. Now she dreams of applying her medical background in what she is most passionate about: sports and nutrition.

Staying sane, she says, despite her busy schedule, can be attributed to working out. It is here that she finds balance and is able to think despite the many things that are required of her.

Ian’s life is inspiring in a way that it reminds us that we truly have all the time in the day to do the things we want to do and it’s superwomen like her who reminds us that if we just go the extra mile, we’re bound to be super all on our own.

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