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    Before coloring the hair, make sure that the new shade complements the skin tone PHOTO FROM HAIRSTYLEBLOG.COM

    Before coloring the hair, make sure that the new shade complements the skin tone PHOTO FROM HAIRSTYLEBLOG.COM

    Tips before, during, and after hair coloring
    It is important to note that when a person colors his or her hair, it makes a drastic difference to the appearance—it can either be delightful or disappointing. To avoid the latter, a person must first make sure that the skin tone and the natural hair color match the new color one intends to use. It will also be best to learn the following:

    Types of coloring
    • Temporary – Usually this style of color is based and can be applied to pre-shading wet hair. It forms a cuticle layer of the hair that can be easily washed away. It is good for a quick change, probably for a one-off occasion.

    • Semi-Permanent – This type of coloring gives your hair a more noticeable effect that can last through eight shampoo washes. It adds, enriches, darkens or lightens color. This color gradually fades with time.

    • Permanent – This type of coloring will darken or lighten you hair and effectively cover white hair. A person may need to retouch every six weeks, depending on how fast or slow the hair grow. It is important to cover the new hair growth when retouching.

    Important steps to follow during coloring
    • Wash hair with mild shampoo and dry it by using a towel.

    • Blow dry hair to remove or dry the excess water.

    • Apply the color mixture evenly in the hair,

    • Use a shower cup to generate heat for about 30 minutes.

    • Rinse out thoroughly using a post-color shampoo to help sustain color as you wash the hair.

    Caring tips for colored hair
    • Never brush colored hair while it is wet.

    • Use low temperature when blow drying.

    • In case of perming, ensure to use a perm cream formulated for colored hair.

    • Ensure to use shampoos and conditioners products specifically made for colored hair.

    • Wear a hut or use sunscreen product to protect colored hair from the effect of the sun because the sun dries out the hair and alters the color.

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