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    The Manila Times has the distinction of being the oldest English-language daily newspaper in the country. It was established in 1898, right after the Treaty of Paris took effect, signaling the transfer of the Philippines from Spanish sovereignty to the United States of America. The paper changed ownerships several times, from the original foreign owners to the Roces family, briefly with the Gokongwei family and Jimenez family, and now the Ang family. The Times currently is the fourth largest broadsheet in terms of circulation, but it has at present a reputation of being the No. 1 critic of the Aquino administration. The paper is well-known to expats and various embassies, apparently because it publishes articles that promote their culture, arts, business and advocacies. Currently, the Times has the fiercest Opinion Page led by Rigoberto Tiglao. It is also known for exclusive stories, mostly exposing corruption in the government.

    Millions of visitors
    As of August 2015, the Times website has 30,886,553 VISITORS. It has generated 255,436 LIKES, enticed 48,132 COMMENTS. It is one of the most popular newspaper websites in the country today.

    The number of advertisements is the best indicator if the website is popular. The Times website has more than 40 advertisers, among them, Lenovo, Chevrolet, Globe, Sun Cellular, Samsung, McDonald’s, Accenture, Novartis, BPI Express Mobile, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Honda motorbike, Misibis Bay, Stresstabs, Converse, SM, Ford, American Express, Ibupropen, LAZADA, OPPO cellphone, Insular Life, Disney/Pixar, RCBC, Pepsi and Shell.

    The cited figures above and the list of big advertisers are proof that the website of The Manila Times is effective in delivering the company’s overall daily message.

    Recognized brand
    The Manila Times is one of the most recognizable brand names in the country today.

    Today, October 11, 2015, it is celebrating its 117th year of existence. Indeed, it is the oldest newspaper in the country. Its faithful readers know it has been “Trusted since 1898.”

    Dr. Dante Ang, the paper’s current owner, envisions The Manila Times to make it “A window on the past and a door to the future.” And, he says: “Our mission then reflects on great decisions and events, to arouse the intellect, to excite curiosity and wonder, to honor the past and pave the way to the future, but always with the aim of sharing with our readers and advertisers the joys and sorrows, the triumphs and the defeats that are the stuff of our daily lives.”

    Today, the newspaper’s readership is composed of leaders in business and government, including young people.

    One of the strengths of The Manila Times brand is its mission to produce the best journalists with its Manila Times College campuses, one inside the historic Walled City of Intramuros in Manila and the other in Subic, Zambales.

    Comprising the majority of the paper’s readers are decision-makers and young business professionals, belonging mainly to middle-income families although the daily also enjoys a proportionately larger share of readers from the Class “A” bracket. The management aims to capture the female readers, aged 40 and older, who belong to the A and B income brackets. At present, The Times is the fourth-largest newspaper in the country. It ranks number three in the Visayas region.

    Its website has been very effective in integrating marketing communications of the company as it delivers to the target readers its message as reminder of the past and guide to the future.

    Why the website is effective
    The Manila Times is an independent and a reliable and hard-hitting newspaper.

    Since 2001, under the Ang family’s administration, the paper has raised its standards. Among its recognitions are the Jaime Ongpin Awards for Excellence in Journalism and the Philippine Press Institute for its columns and its balanced news, aside from being a 10-year Superbrand awardee since 2005.

    The current owners are committed to “recording, storing, perpetuating the national memory [that]was the principal vocation of the old Manila Times. We intend to regain that distinction.”

    Effectiveness of the website is its facility to guide netizens on how to easily navigate it. Netizens could get the news in one or two clicks.

    The website and top navigation
    After the Header, you will find the Navigation Bar, which contains the links to various sections of the newspaper like Home, News, Opinion, Regions, World, Sports, Business, Special Reports and The Sunday Times Magazine.

    Right under it, and still part of the Navigation Bar, are the sub-sections namely, Fast Times (Motoring), Tech Times, Life & Times, Expats & Diplomats, Hi! Society, Health and Supplements.

    Content area
    To demonstrate that the Opinion writers are the top attraction of The Manila Times, under the Navigation Bar are two columnists (left and right).

    Glimpse of the news and contents of the paper
    The lower portion is divided into three vertical columns, to the left the News (Headline story and Page One stories), middle are the Latest News and below it are the sections of the paper and the editorial and far right is a peek on the columns of the day.

    Readers love the Times’ Editorial pages where they are enlightened via analyses of major news events by respected opinion writers who attract letters and comments from readers. In 2013, the Opinion section of the Times surged in popularity when former Ambassador Rigoberto Tiglao’s hard-hitting columns began to appear. Other outstanding and most-read columnists of the newspaper are Francisco S. Tatad, Yen Makabenta, Ric Saludo, Rene Saguisag, Brigido “Dodo” Dulay, Ernesto “Boy” Herrera, Gus Lagman, Marlen Ronquillo, Dr. Leonor Briones and Efren Danao. The other prestigious columnists are Fr. Ben Beltran of Smokey Mountain Fame, Katrina Stuart Santiago who titillate fans of showbiz personalities, Times College’s training coordinator Tita Valderama, Migration expert Cris Aranda, Election-system specialists Nelson Celis and Lito Averia, science and technology professor Dr. Giovanni Tapang, urban planner Felino Palafox, culture and arts advocate Maribel Ongpin, Jose Romero and his fellow former ambassadors, grammarian Jose Carillo, incorrigible critic Rick B. Ramos and political-economy analyst Juan T. Gatbonton.

    The Times business section dwells on updates on the latest local and foreign economic news. Our business columnists like Ben Kritz is one of our country’s best, including stock market specialist and corporate expert Emeterio Perez, E. J. Lopez, Ben Teehankee, Mike Wootton and Rural Bankers Association officials who selflessly share their insights, forecasts of economic and financial trends and corporate advice.

    The Life and Times section showcases arts, culture, glamor and practical tips on beautifying your home, and health and medical care. The lifestyle stories feature personalities who have been successful in their careers.

    The Times Sports section caters to local and international sports events. In 2013, the ts section launched its Fight Times sub-section featuring big names in sports.

    The Motoring section (Fast Times) is a good source of information on automobile trends. It added glitter to the newspaper when it clinched all the major automotive journalism awards given by prestigious organizations in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

    One thing that The Manila Times is proud of is the Latest News section (middle area of the Content section). Here you will find the current news in the country and in the world from politics to showbiz, from sports to new scientific discovery, and even the latest in social media.

    We are sure that you will love and enjoy the website of the Times because it is designed not just as your information source but for your entertainment and relaxation.


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