The many faces of boy-man Rodrigo Duterte


A lot of people may be wondering why I call Rodrigo Duterte a boy-man. The simple explanation is that Duterte has a body of a man but a mind and mouth of an obviously uneducated and ignorant boy – loving his filth and living in a quagmire of Malabanan residue. There cannot be any other explanation if you listen to the dirt that comes out of his mouth habitually and his daily behavior in public display.

If this boy-man Duterte were educated, I would be going for him for several reasons. First, he is purportedly from Mindanao and I, too, am a blue-blooded Mindanaoan. Second, even as a kid at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, I have long dreamed, as an act of justice for us in Mindanao, of a Mindanaoan presidency. Third, as editor-in-chief of the Philippine Collegian in UP, I have been an intense exponent of a federal and parliamentary system for the Philippines as the best possible system for Filipinos, so much so that when I was elected Opposition Provincial Governor of Misamis Oriental, Mindanao in 1980 during martial law, one of my best remembered slogans was Today Mindanao, Tomorrow the Philippines.

Fourth, possibly the best among the array of reasons why I should have come out supporting Duterte and as I have stated over and over again, the salvation of this country is not through elections but through a revolution – the euphemistic term of which is a constitutional transition government. But Duterte, like Cory Aquino, has no intelligent understanding of what is a revolutionary government except that, according to him, he would become a dictator if he gets elected.

But I am not for Duterte. Why? Because what comes out of his mouth habitually is an insult to human intelligence, a scandal for Filipinos, a total denigration of democracy and the human condition, and an absolute rejection of the basic value of the inviolable character of the human person, and an absolute denial of simple moral rules. It is not just filth in and from the mouth; it’s a confirmation of a sick mind and a diseased heart. That should be simple enough for a nincompoop to understand.

‘King Of Liars,’ says VP Binay of Duterte
VP Jojo did not amplify on his charge that Duterte is the “King of Liars.” This is understandable because during the second presidential debate in Cebu City, in full view of national television, Duterte and Binay endorsed each other for the presidency, shook each other’s hands and almost ended in a brotherly embrace. Their behavior is easily understandable because they are birds of a feather flocking together – as the examples of disgusting traditional politicians, always denying all possible accusations against them and when boxed into a corner lying through their teeth without any twinge of conscience. In effect, the charge of VP Binay against Duterte is correct. But Duterte is not the only “king of liars” as Binay can ably compete against Duterte for the crown.

Here are some of the glaring examples:
First, Duterte claims he comes from a poor family. This is a pathological lie because his father, Vicente Duterte, was governor of Davao when Davao was only one province and his mother was a schoolteacher who retired as supervisor, belonging to one of the elite families in our province. By any possible standard – Davao City or Cagayan de Oro City – Duterte cannot be considered coming from a poor family but from the elite.

Second, Duterte asserts that he has no money to mount a presidential campaign. Before his final decision to run for President, he told a crowd in Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin that he had FIFTEEN BILLION PESOS worth of gold and he was in the process of converting them into cash. That’s how poor he is. If he were in the United States of America, he would be dubbed as Lying Digong, just like lying Ted, who Speaker John Boehner characterized as “Lucifer in the flesh.”

Third, Duterte is viewed by almost everyone who has heard of him long before he was candidate for President as the leader and organizer of the Death Squads of Davao (DSD) but despite overwhelming evidence he denies that he had something to do with DSD, yet when interviewed by media to explain the rationale behind the killing of 700 persons by the DSD, Duterte even boasted that the DSD killed no less than 1,700 – all summary killings, without due process. As an exclamation point to this Duterte boast, he even claimed before media that he did some of the killings himself and finally sealed by the recent statement of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV that Duterte admitted to him that he killed even some of the boys who were begging for their lives.

Lies, lies and more lies
Fourth, Duterte claims that he loves women, yet he treats women like playthings – as objects, to quote his own words, in the exercise of “biology.” So in love is he of women that in the gang rape and murder of a beautiful Australian woman Christian missionary, he exclaimed that he should have been first in the gang rape because he was mayor and the woman was beautiful. He loves women so much that at the sight of a beautiful or attractive woman, he could not help embracing her or kissing her – in full view of the public and national television. Models and beauty contestants run the risk of being seduced or raped, if, by the intervention of the devil voters in this country, he gets elected President of the Philippines. I don’t mind Duterte getting elected president of the patients in the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) in Mandaluyong.

Fifth, Duterte maintains that he is an honest man and he has never cheated the government or the people. Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV presented documentary evidence that Duterte has deposited MILLIONS OR BILLIONS OF PESOS in his account in the bank together with his daughter. He never reported this in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN). This is a violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act (Republic Act No. 3019) and the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Government Officials and Employees (Republic Act No. 6713), not to speak of the law on unexplained wealth.

His claim in Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin that he has FIFTEEN BILLION PESOS worth of gold was not reported in his SALN, too. This by itself is a violation of law. The other laws he has violated are provisions in the Internal Revenue Code, the law on unexplained wealth, Republic Act No. 3019 as well as Republic Act No. 6713.

There are no honest liars
There is a chain of lies coming out of Duterte because almost every time he speaks, a Duterte lie is born. So I will not bore the readers with a bowler of lies. There are no honest liars – to borrow Gertrude Stein’s alliteration on a rose: a liar is a liar is a liar. Whether it is Duterte or any other liar, he or she remains a liar – even the smell remains the same. A liar cannot be trusted even with the lowest position in the hierarchy of public officials. And you want him to be President of the Philippines? You must be kidding! Or you must either be insane, stupid or just ignorant. Take your pick and whatever is your choice will do.

‘Psycopath’ or ‘Sick in the head,’ says Trillanes of Duterte
Sen. Trillanes has an indisputable point in describing Rodrigo Duterte as “psychopath” or “sick in the head.” Trillanes has a telling point. I used to think of Antonio Trillanes as unfit to be a senator of the realm. But his performance in the Senate investigation of Binay and his family and now his unmasking of Duterte deserves a medal for courage, dedication and intensity. Trillanes has made a fool of Duterte and rightly so.

The evidence supporting this Trillanes claim starts with the psychological report on the mental state of Duterte in the annulment case against him. The report shows that Duterte suffers from a serious mental imbalance and the following rhetorical questions sustain that report.

Cursing Pope Francis for traffic congestion, isn’t this insane, especially in a Catholic country like ours?

Confessing to murders, isn’t this insane?

Publicly admitting that he will become a dictator if he gets to be President of the Philippine in a country that says “Never again!” to dictatorship, isn’t this sick?

Openly asserting that he should have been the first in the gang rape of the Australian woman because he is mayor and the woman is beautiful, isn’t this insane?

Saying to media that if he gets to be President and there is an attempt to impeach him, he will dissolve Congress to prevent his impeachment, isn’t this sick?

Telling the complainants of human rights violation to Go to hell, isn’t this sick?

In the course of the campaign, asking his audience to kill criminals and he would be responsible for the act, isn’t this insane?

Shaming the country before the world for his tomfooleries, isn’t this sick?

Isn’t creating international problems against our allies, America and Australia, sick?

Duterte said that he will destroy the Catholic Church, isn’t this the height of insanity characterized by hallucination?

Duterte said that if he becomes President he would ride a jet ski and plant the Philippine flag on the Scarborough Shoal and challenge the Chinese to do what they must with him. If the Chinese are not stupid, and they certainly are not, before Duterte reaches within smelling distance of Scarborough, he would be blown to bits by Chinese weapons. He thinks this is heroic? This is insane and would make the Philippines a laughing stock of the international community for his behaving like an insane or stupid President.

I could go on and on with the enumeration, but at the rate Duterte is going he would make everybody sick except his avid campaigners and followers who will continue to dog him like the rats who followed the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Treasonous behavior of Duterte and PNoy
Duterte openly claims friendship with the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) and, at times, praises them. He admits he is a personal friend of Jose Maria “Joma” Sison, the founder of the CPP-NPA courtesy of Ninoy Aquino, the father of PNoy Aquino, the incumbent claimant to the presidency. Duterte shares the same communist views of Joma but hastens to add that he is not a communist but a socialist, as if he knows the difference between the two ideologies. He also claims friendship with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and endorses the constitutionally infirm and treasonous Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), which would establish a Bangsamoro state in the Mindanao heartland. All these acts of Duterte constitute treason under Article 114 of the Revised Penal Code because by his statements and behavior he gives aid and comfort to the enemies of the Republic. The CPP-NPA and MILF are the friends of Duterte and Praisident PNoy but they are enemies of the Republic, thus within the ambit of treason.

Treason is an impeachable offense under Section 2 of Article XI of our Constitution because their statements and actions are culpable violations of the Constitution, treason, graft and corruption, and other high crimes. PNoy did not get impeached because of the stupidity and incompetence of the current political opposition and PNoys control of the House majority. In the case to impeach Duterte, the Senate and the Lower House would not be under the thumb of Duterte as PDP-LABAN will have an inutile minority in both Houses. Abolish Congress as Duterte threatens? He will not reach square two before he gets thrown out of the Palace. Congress is not the City Council of Davao City – in size and composition.

When they are both convicted, as they surely will be unless the prosecutor and the judge are stupid or bought or both, the duo should share a common prison cell – busy playing trombone or Mary Palmer, the authority on palmistry.

The bravest boy-man in town
Even in Davao City where he was mayor for more than 20 years, he cannot move around without a platoon of bodyguards. The reason is simple: he is the bravest boy-man in town. Here are glaring instances of his bravery.

When Waldy Carbonnell – intellectual, professor, journalist, commentator – was commissioned by the National Press Club (NPC) to investigate the killing of journalist and commentator Jun Pala in Davao City, Duterte was so pissed off that he challenged Waldy to a duel near the Davao City Hall at 9 o’clock in the morning, to bring two magazines for his pistol and with Duterte having only two bullets. Waldy, who has braved all sorts of dangers throughout his whole life, was on time at 9 o’clock in the morning as directed by Duterte. Fifteen minutes passed and not even the shadow of Duterte appeared. Waldy, together with members of Davao City media, waited for another 15 minutes, still not even the shadow appeared. So Waldy left with media members while the bravest boy-man Duterte had turned tails. He did not show up because he was the bravest boy-man in town with the longest tail.

Mar Roxas, whom Duterte challenged to a slapping match, refused the challenge because slapping is only good for sissies (“para sa bayot lamang”) and enraged women. So Mar challenged Duterte to a boxing match but Duterte refused the challenge because he is the bravest boy-man in town with the longest tail.

Again, Mar challenged Duterte, in full view of national television during the last presidential debate. Mar made the challenge in the light of Duterte’s claim that the national government has not helped a single Davao City resident through Philhealth. If Mar proved that there are thousands of Davao City residents who were helped by the national government in their health needs through Philhealth, would Duterte withdraw his candidacy for President? Duterte refused the challenge because he is the bravest boy-man in town. When Mar presented him later with documents showing that indeed the national government has helped tens of thousands of Davao City residents, all Duterte could do was mumble that usual stupid excuse that the documents were fake. Silly boy-man!

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV challenged Duterte to waive his secrecy rights to his bank accounts in BPI and to meet him at the BPI Branch at Doña Juana in Ortigas Center on Monday morning. Trillanes was there on time together with the affidavit that Duterte required of him, but as usual, the shadow of Duterte was nowhere in sight. The boy-man Duterte did not show up because he is the bravest boy-man in town with the longest tail.

There is something indisputably brave with boy-man Duterte – his lying big mouth and his overflowing saliva.

His son Paolo and daughter Sara
The bravest boy-man in town and the most powerful man in Davao City keeps denying the claim by some sectors that his son Paolo is the king of Davao City rice smugglers with involvement in drugs. Why did not the boy-man Duterte investigate the persistent information? His daughter Sara claimed she was raped. As the boy-man Duterte is the most powerful man in his city, how could the daughter of the most powerful man be raped in his own city? If his daughter could not even be protected by him, how can he protect the country?

Where Duterte and his followers should be
It is obvious even to a fool that Duterte is the most unfit candidate for President of this country. But there is a hysterical crowd that follows him wherever he goes and considering that he has for his avid friends and sympathizers the Communist and Muslim rebels, he should invade Sabah with his followers behind him just like the rats following the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and establish the Muslim Communist State of Sabah with Rodrigo Duterte – the bravest boy-man in town with the longest tail – as President. Hail Duterte – the crown prince and President of the MCSS.


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  1. The author, Homobono Adaza, writes: “In the case to impeach Duterte, the Senate and the Lower House would not be under the thumb of Duterte as PDP-LABAN will have an inutile minority in both Houses.”


    I think you’re not a good oracle as you were a lawyer. By the way, Adaza, did you comply with SC decision against your suspension. Before you criticize others, I think you have to take care with your own career first. Just saying :)

  2. Elections are finished.. to tell you the truth I now regret.. We are all about to suffer. Get stronger.. I did hope for the best.. But I think the worst was supported by us.

  3. Duterte will be proclaimed President of the Republic of the Philippines on June 30,2016 …there is nothing anti Duterte Filipinos can do about it….if he is such an evil man why was there no news of this while he was still the Davao mayor…why only now? can we give him a chance to be president and see for ourselves if he is that evil as wat Mr. Adaza says…give this man-boy…boy-man a chance …

  4. TLDRJST. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? IS THIS REALLY A NEWS PORTAL OR A PERSONAL BLOG? LMAO. Stop brainwashing, people, srsly. And funny how a lot of people who “hates mainstream” only hates Duterte because he is who the “masa” picks. This is our country, yo! This is not some showbiz celebrity you could all claim makes you of better economic status because you do not follow whoever those in the telly are,

  5. What I expect from our leaders:
    first, the person must know his / her limitations. Huwag ang “know it all attitude”. Second, he must know how to use or harness the talent of those around him. Of course, it goes without saying na he must learn to know his job and the ability to translate that knowledge for the benefit of those he serves. Third, the ability to rapport with people he serves – maging “down-to-earth”. Fourth, fairness without favoritism. Fifth, moral ascendancy. He must speak clean, live clean and act clean (weakness ni Digong).Sixth, his sincere concern to those in need and afflicted. He cannot say that he has problems of his own so he has no time. More than anything else, people need sympathy from people above them. 7th, moral courage which is different from bravery for the latter means absence of fear; rather, it is the courage that would impel a person to follow a course knowing that it is right regardless of consequences or circumstances.

  6. Duterte can talk the language and understand the the masses – specially to the grassroots where ut is 60% of the population (it’s not a doubt).

    Let me ask you just one thing, if you were in a group of your close male friends, what do you usually talk and joke about? And how do you react or what came out from your mouth? Laughter with grins? Unless you’re of a female gender then it won’t apply.

    • Teddy Sevilla on

      You think you belong to the “normal, average” Filipino male who laughs at rape and murder jokes? Brod, nag-iisa ka. I have joined a lot of drinking sprees, even in squatter areas. I could not say if my drinking buddies will laugh out loud at the kind of self-confessions that your idol routinely confesses to BECAUSE I have never ever heard anyone make such an admission. Maski dun sa pinaka-sikat na siga sa squatters, sa sine mo lang makikita ang isang taong tuwang-tuwa na ipamalita na rapist siya at mamamatay tao.

    • he is not with a group of male friends. he is on a campaign for the presidency with the citizens of this country, young and old, WATCHING.

  7. elmer c. solidon on

    masterpiece of a description of a crackpot. i hope this is not a reflection of ourselves. to prove this we should stop him in his tracks. this would be the biggest vindication of our decency as a people.

  8. A waste of time to read. The article is filled with arrogance and subjective conclusion that does not account on what Davao and Duterte really is. Well, eat your heart out Mr Adaza coz no matter how you hate it, lie and how much you are being paid for this article to write against Duterte, Duterte will win!

  9. I wish Filipino people would understand all the sides of this issue.
    Then after, to pass down a clear judgement.
    As Einstein said “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
    Thank you Sir for this enlightening article.

  10. All of the candidates have their own evil side. I’ll be picking the evil that I’ve never tried before.

  11. he-he-he ….. Duterte won’t be the next president of the Philippines! Filipinos are not that stupid as you people think or thought. Anyways, lets keep on smiling … good things is still to come for the Philippines. as Reagan used to say ” You haven’t seen nothin yet” for the Philippines.

  12. bawal ang buang, bakakon, bastos, talawan, komunista…

  13. typical alimango.

    it’s not about the truth or half truths that come out of your mouths, but the motive behind these words.

    crab writings.

  14. Hinamon sa barilan tapos umatras!!!! Hahaha Bayot pala si Mayor!!! Hahaha ang Bobo ng mga DuDirty Fanatics!!! Hahaha naloko sila!!!!

  15. By this day next week, there will be 5 people claiming they won the presidential election. Then by same day this day by next next week there will be four people howling to high heavens that they were cheated on the presidential election. Then by the same day this day by next year those claiming to be cheated of the presidential elections will be joining forces to malign the elected president….then that is politics in the Phils. More scenarios, more news headlines, more allegations, more of…..things that shit. I don’t see any silver lining in RP future until politics is so dirty. Media people are paid and re-paid and re-paid, more than an ounce of their ink, and they will show and sow bias opinions. Politics and Media combined is devil in disguise. Let us hope Digong is the lesser devil.

    • So how did you fare with your prediction about the elected president controversy? Was someone from the defeated presidential candidate claim they are cheated?

  16. For the love of our country, let us share and spread this article using our social media accounts. Let’s open our mind my fellow countryman.

  17. I still cannot see the logic in this Duterte Syndrome . This guy is not hiding his psychopathic tendencies but people are attracted with his bad words and crazy ideas.i will call this a Strong Mans Syndrome . Cussing in public is the end of anybody career but Pilipinos still will vote for him. Either the majority of the Pilipino people are crazy or I am crazy.

  18. Lies, Lies and more Lies? Who is Lying Mr. Homobobo Adaza? It is very obvious that you believed Sen Trillanes allegations against Duterte regarding his undeclared assets and bank accounts. Naniniwala pala kayo sa kuwentong kutsero and kuwentong barbero? Trillanes allegations are mere “Chismis”….he heard from a certain person Mr. De Mesa and that De Mesa heard it from another. Hearsay! he attached documents in his concocted story in his affidavit (KUNO) which were found spurious and attested by BPI bank officials. Now Mr. Homobobo Adaza, who is a Liar? You are becoming one of the Trillaneses in this country right?

  19. Duterte Presidency is good for an OFW like me. Why? Bagsak ekonomiya, tataas ang piso, lalaki papadala namin! Go ahead vote for Dudirty!!! Thanks in advance!

  20. helen labayen on

    To All Pilipino Citzens…take Heed who ever wins ,it’s the voice of God…Don’t say that voters are blind nor deaf….TRUST GOD to Intervene….and to GIVE Us All A Good Leader with an iron steel of Heart to imposh what is Good For God’s People to Lead these Chosen Country…..PRAY PRAY PRAY……di na kamo maghaboyanay words that it wont help you either…but PRAY…because YOU WANTED a Godfearing Leader to di the Will of God…Bless US All…PRAY PRAY. PRAY…

  21. With Duterte leading the survey is like Pilate giving the Jews a choice between Jesus and Barabbas (Good and Evil)- and THEY CHOSE BARABBAS.

  22. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Hey Bono!, what makes you think that you are a blue blooded Mindanaoan? I think that you are a very intelligent individual with impressive educational background and accomplishments. However, you do not possesses an analytical abilities because you do not understand why people across the country are excited to put Duterte in place.

    If Duterte wanted to be a Revolutionary President, the people would gladly see him abolishing Congress and restructuring the government. If he believes that Congress (both houses) is no longer working for the people, more power to him. Bono, you should have known as well, that all appropriations for government expenditures are appropriated in Congress. However, most of the money appropriated for the people have gone into their pockets, and I think, this is enough justification that President Rodrigo Duterte can declare himself as a revolutionary President, and therefore, abolishing Congress in in his first agenda for business. People would say, DO IT!
    Lastly, I am a non-lawyer, a blue blooded from Ilocandia Region. lol.

  23. Thanks for your bias. As a lawyer and learned man, you should support your allegations with evidence. Obviously, all presidential candidates have flaws, and some are more flawed than others. But only Duterte has the guts, decisiveness, compassion, track record, and leadership abilities to take on the country’s monumental problems. And people know it.

    • And you arent? You just emobied his first point.. Bias with no real argument.

    • Rizalino Bonifacio, saying name mo pang hero ang dating, pero utak mo, biya ang peg! Mas lousy ka promise #Ducay.

    • God. much duterte gave you . . sounds like you are another Lawyer who never ever been successful. . .I rather vote the other candidates than to vote this inutil sa utak. .

    • your name is HOMO kasi bininyagan ka uli nang mag 14 years old kana sa parents mo,,, kasi ang daldal mo at gusto mong mag palda… ha ha ha
      is this a nice joke like yours ?????????????? dapat lahat nang candidates will sign a waiver,,, tama si duterte bakit siya lang…. BIAS is BIAS

  24. Then why didn’t you run for the gadamn president of the Philippines if you think you ate better than him. Look, if an insane guy like this could run, then how much more for a person like you who is sane and clearly better than him? Why? Because you don’t have the gadamn balls to do it. That’s why.

  25. Sergio Monterosa on

    Let us hope and pray that we will not have a psychotic joker, plundering thief, self-confessed killer, crazy maniac and congenital liar as the next president of our country.

    • Looks inevitable. Chaos in the offing. But I doubt he has the support of the PMA-ers entrenched by PNoy. If he tries to be a dictator, a military junta will be the likely result. Perhaps, this is what the country really needs. Hope so, a junta of PMA-ers is much better than boy-man alone.

  26. Wow what a very harsh write up for Duterte. Have you even known his good deeds especially for the poor, sick & abused women? You are one-sided!

    • If he has done any, it cannot compare with the avalanche of evil he brought to davao – murders, rapes, bigamy, adultery, disrespect for religion and everything except himself? What’s the matter with you, are you deaf? Are you blind? Are you like him, uncivilized and sick in the head?

    • Wow.what a great argument- not hyperbolic at all. And you would know all of this first hand would you? Being a long time resident of Davao yourself. SARCASM

    • don’t let yourself be affected with the pro-oligarch who has done nothing but pinning the poor poorer and lifting the rich into the short, they are morons who followed the morons who sadly had lead the country for so many years. To you Natan, since I cannot make reply on your comment, your name connotes “Satan”, yes my niece is among the recipient of Lingap and now by the grace of God, recovering from cancer surgery. Her family is not from Davao District. Also, your avalanche of evil he brought to Davao” are you in drugs te???? your avalanche of evils is not in my place but in MAnila, riding in tandem has been norm everyday, the laglag bala that has just received a shrug from my former fave Pnoy, the corruption right in the face of the people..yon ang evil mo te, nsa harap mo na. bulag ka yata. And we are pro duterte, I may disagree with his mouth, but that’s who he is, maybe now that he is running for presidency and a lot of people noticed him, he will certainly tone down in his foul languages, but believe me dear satan Natan, that is not what In his heart as my poor cousin’s wife, met him and spoken to him several times to ask help for her daughter, loo around the circulated picture of daughter carrying a girl age 7 with a bulging check covering her left eye. and to note> We are not like you uncivilized, claiming to be decent, pretentious, as if a learned creature, but a monster in demonizing a good leader. and you are the sick and deaf! unable to recognized the evil the oligarch has brought upon the majority of people! lag dri Davao te, I will make sure you will enjoy going around even at dawn, bisan lami ka hiloan!

  27. Bono,we are living in a different space and time now!

    It appears that this country is self-destructing and sadly, we are helpless as a people!

    A few voices in the wilderness will not turn the tide anymore!

    Through the years of strife,you did yor best and the country will forever be grateful!

  28. nag duda na lang jud ko nimo bono kung adik ba ka o plipfax.abugado man unta ka pero liki man diay kag ulo….pila gibayad nimo?unsa man nabuhat ni duterte nga grabe man nimo kasuko niya.naa kay kaila nga drug lords nga mahadlok si digong ma presidente?tanan nimo nga gisulat ba puro kwentong barbero.hahahahha.kinsa pa man motoo nimo bisag brgy. konsehal sa imong lugar dili ka kadaog…maayo ni nga i bisaya ug komentaryo kay namghambog man ni si bonoang nga bisaya daw…laos ka na bono .pasagdi mi mga batab on sa among gusto ayaw pag boot..hahaha.ACDC writer.

    • Admirer ako ni Adaza ug mao kini ang iyang tubag sa mga tao nga pareho kanimo: “Botango ka ambut ug asang planeta ka gikan. Ignorante ug buang ka sama sa imong idolo nga dudirty. Kon di pa si Adaza, nia pa unta si Marcos karon. Ang buang mong idolof fixcal pa unta sa davao city kay fiscal man sya sa panahon ni Marcos. Mga bobo nga dili makaila sa utang kabobot-on. Pakindidato sa barangay ni Adaza sa QC, CDO tanawon ta ug makadaug ba. Dili sya pareho sa mga pimentel nga baho kaayo bisag kontrahan pa sa iro dili makadaug.” Hehehe botango!

  29. I respect your chosen candidate.

    But I can’t help reacting to this and I stopped reading after this:
    “But I am not for Duterte. Why? Because what comes out of his mouth habitually is an insult to human intelligence, a scandal for Filipinos, a total denigration of democracy and the human condition, and an absolute rejection of the basic value of the inviolable character of the human person, and an absolute denial of simple moral rules. It is not just filth in and from the mouth; it’s a confirmation of a sick mind and a diseased heart. That should be simple enough for a nincompoop to understand.”

    So you don’t vote for somebody because of what comes out from his mouth and that is insult to human intelligence?

    If he has a sick mind, is the Davao City a sick city?
    If he has a diseased heart, why Davaoneous keep on voting for him as their Mayor?

    • Yes the davaoenos who support duterte are sick in the head and cowards like him. Isn’t this obvious?

    • “anyone with differing ideals to mine is obviously mentally ill” great argument you lunatic.

    • Don’t u get it. .u vote for any other candidates in Davao. where do u think your life is now . .how stupid. .

  30. The exposé of various columnist is too late . In simple terms too late the hero. Columnist has been targeting Poe thinking Poe will be like Pnoy, inexperienced and too young. Now , what do we get, a psychopath , a confessed killer, a womanizer and a NPA sympathizer. Picking a candidate is like a guy courting a girl. Once the girl decides, she will take the guy hook, line and sinker. Voters by the millions were mesmerized with the dirty talking Duterte. Now it is too late . 2 days to go unless God intervenes, will will have a dictator again in our midst. Goodbye to investors, goodbye to new jobs, goodbye to democracy.

    • Don’t be pessimistic. Not all Filipinos are stupid and insane. Dudirty can’t win the presidency. Nothing is ever late for the country. WE removed Marcos, didn’t we. We removed Erap, didn’t we. We do not wait for Dudirtyto become president because he wont be. Just wait and see.

  31. seb garcia on

    Nalagyan kana…….he is he only hope to stop the Peenoy / Marr Roxas cancer,,,,,,,,,
    a lot of time radical procefures are needed to take out cancerous tumors and almost metastasix=ed,,,,the cancer of peenoy and Mar and the oligarchs