• The Marcos-Robredo cliffhanger


    It’s not right to make summary conclusions about the controversy that has arisen in the vice-presidential contest that has left Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo battling neck and neck in the unofficial vote count of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV).

    And it is bad manners to underestimate the true grit of a woman.

    But the hard questions must be asked and answered because many groups, domestic as well as foreign, are totally incredulous about how Marcos could lose a 1-million vote lead over Robredo at midnight on Monday, and wind up with a quarter-of-a million- vote deficit by 5 a.m Tuesday.

    Marcos is not alone in suspecting something sinister in the tabulation and reporting of election results. Others are raising questions about the integrity of the PPCRV, a problem which it has encountered in previous elections.

    How did the PPCRV and its chair Henrietta De Villa attain their signal role in tabulating results in Monday’s balloting?

    What is the PPCRV and who is Ms. De Villa, and what are their special competence or expertise for the aggregation and reporting of election results?

    Is it statistically probable that transmitted results could dramatically change by the hour.

    These questions are not answered by saying that what the PPCRV is doing or has done is only unofficial and partial, and nothing harmful.

    But the fact is the PPCRV count, by being reported heavily in the media, has shaped the misleading perception that Robredo has already won the vice-presidential race, when she has not.

    The misleading count cannot be ascribed to a typographical error or an honest mistake. There is method to the madness. And Bongbong is not alone in suspecting that something sinister and conspiratorial is going on.

    Bongbong has a legitimate reason to denounce what is happening. And there is reason to doubt the work and links of the PPCRV.

    Lost neutrality and incompetence
    IN 2013, columnist Belinda Olivares-Cunanan reported on her blogsite “Political Tidbits” that a number of Catholic bishops withdrew their support from the PPCRV because of its poor track record in the 2010 elections and its perceived partiality toward the Commission on Elections (Comelec). In spite of this, the poll body reappointed the group to a sensitive role in the 2013 balloting, and again to this year’s elections.

    In her article, Cunanan said the PPCRV lost its neutrality in the political exercise. She reported that several groups had objected to de Villa’s appointment as chair of the Random Manual Audit Committee (RMAC) of the Comelec, “despite her team having failed miserably to carry out that most crucial task in the May 2010 elections.”

    Cunanan wrote: “In the 2010 elections PPCRV Chair De Villa was appointed to head the RMAC, with the NSO and a Comelec audit official as members. RMAC’s mandate was that within 15 hours after polls closed, it was to finish the manual audit of pre-selected precincts across the country. But what happened was that the RMAC was able to conduct only a 75% audit of selected precincts, and ONLY AFTER ONE MONTH.”

    But now, De Villa and PPCRV are performing yet again a major role in national elections. And they have landed afresh in controversy in a big way. Two controversies in fact.

    First, PPCRV created a row when it told the media that its volunteers spotted vote counting machines (VCMs) at the Novotel Hotel, at the Araneta Centerm in Cubao, Quezon City, which is owned by the family of LP standard-bearer Mar Roxas.

    Smartmatic IT experts were billeted in the hotel.

    PPCRV Chair Henrietta de Villa herself had briefed the media. She claimed that PPCRV volunteers saw VCMs in at least seven rooms on the 7th floor of the hotel.

    Comelec Chair Andres Bautista rushed to the hotel to check, but he and his team could not find any VCM.

    Rep. Barry Gutierrez, LP spokesman, demanded an apology from De Villa for stirring up the controversy.

    The second controversy is the PPCRV’s erratic unofficial count of election results in the vice-presidential race, which Marcos has branded as part of a “sinister plot” called Plan B by the Liberal Party to steal the vice presidency from him and to eventually install Robredo as President.

    Algorithmic rigging of the vote
    Credence about an orchestrated attempt to thwart the will of the electorate has been reinforced by persuasive analysis by experts of the numbers in the mysterious reversal of Bongbong’s vote lead.

    The highly informative and well-edited website Get Real Philippines.com posted on Tuesday a revealing article that validates the claim of the Marcos camp that the senator is the victim of a plot to propel Robredo to victory through the manipulation of data.

    The information is contained in the article “1.37 million ‘registered voters’ discrepancy observed in Unofficial Results reporting operations!” by Benigno.

    The author relates how several netizens took keen interest in the unusual way that Robredo chipped away at the initial 1-million vote lead of Marcos, and then succeeded in wresting the lead.

    They noted the almost algorithmic way the process was accomplished. An algorithm is a logical arithmetical or computational procedure that if correctly applied ensures the solution of a problem. So when an expert describes a process as algorithmic, it is a sure sign of seriousness.

    Benigno reported:
    “Facebook netizen Benjamin Vallejo, Jr. plotted the progressive decrease of Marcos’s lead over Robredo over time and found an almost perfect linear correlation and posted it on his Facebook profile. The correlation plotted a straight path downward trajectory for Marcos’s lead. “Di kapanipaniwala!” observed Vallejo, noting the perfectly straight line.

    “Statistician and Ateneo de Manila faculty member David Yap also closely monitored the movement of Marcos’s lead over Robredo and arrived at the same conclusion independently. Like Vallejo, he also posted the results of his analysis on his Facebook profile…

    Yap said: “Starting from the 80% (of returns) mark, BBM’s lead has been dwindling by 40k per 1%. The progression is so consistent.”

    Benigno concluded his piece, saying:
    “What is going on?

    “This is a question being asked by many observers who, among other things, are questioning how Robredo could have possibly attracted these numbers considering the poor way with which most voters regard the Liberal Party and the character of the constituencies she supposedly won.”

    Plan B in full swing—Bongbong
    In a media interview on Tuesday, Bongbong declared: “Plan B is in full swing.” His warning of an LP plot to cheat him of victory is already being carried out.

    He said that the plot involves the suppression and delay of his votes from his bailiwicks, while those of Robrebdo’s are being pushed up front.

    He said that many of the results from his bailiwicks in the Solid North have not been reflected in the partial and unofficial quick count of the PPCRV.

    This was the reason why his 1 million vote-lead started to go down before 12 a.m. Tuesday until he was supposedly overtaken by Robredo.

    But the senator remained confident of winning the VP race when all votes are reported.

    Marcos said that with President Aquino himself declaring that he will stop his bid for the vice presidency, nothing will be spared to achieve this objective.

    Full official canvass is the key
    The final leg of the Marcos strategy is to trust all in the full official canvass of the vote.

    Rep. Jonathan Dela Cruz, campaign adviser of Sen. Marcos, claims certitude that Marcos would win in the official canvass despite the slim lead posted in the unofficial count by Leni Robredo.

    He noted that the exit polls of the Social Weather Stations and other transparency groups have confirmed their own internal polling that showed Marcos getting 34.9 percent of the votes compared with Robredo’s 32.2 percent.

    “Once the official canvass starts, we will emerge victorious. That is the reason why we requested the Comelec to put an end to this unofficial count,” he said.

    Dela Cruz explained that the request is meant to prevent a situation where the unofficial count and the official canvass of the National Board of Canvassers would differ and create confusion and doubts about the election results.

    He said they also requested the poll body to identify the areas where the votes reflected in the transparency servers were coming from to prevent the possibility of double entries.

    Dela Cruz disclosed that the decrease in the lead of Sen. Marcos began after what Comelec said was a glitch that delayed the updates of the transmitted votes in the transparency server.

    Finally, Dela Cruz stressed that there were still many votes that have yet to be transmitted from various areas, including those that are known bailiwicks of Sen. Marcos such as Ilocos Sur, with 11 percent; La Union, 11 percent; Nueva Vizcaya, 12 percent; Apayao, 18 percent; Abra, 11 percent; Lanao del Norte, 12 percent; Zamboanga del Sur, 9 percent; and Sultan Kudarat, 22 percent—all as of 9:30 this morning.

    So there is a lot more votes to count.

    And PPCRV and Henrietta, thankfully, have no role to play in the official canvass of the votes.



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    1. If this election is not credible then no election ever was. We suddenly become “experts” in defense of our favored candidates. There are no losers in Philippine elections – only the winners and the cheated.

    2. Country first on

      When Robredo says that you cannot cheat on computer election because there is no human intervention then she might be right if only smartmatic in the middle of computerize vote counting doesnt suddenly change the script from ? to n . Because it a human intervention. This raise a very serious doubt on the integrity of the computerize process specially when Bongbong was leading the packs of Vice Presidentiable. then start to experience gradual decline after the script has been change. So it will be wish to erase all doubt that comelec allowed for the opening of a serious investigation on the process . If the present comelec would want to come clean. If they dont then the whole process is a farce.

    3. Thank you for clarifying a lot of issues.
      In Local Absentee Vote for example, it clearly shows the real survey all over the Philippines that BBM leads the race.

    4. myla torres on

      Thank you Manila Times for this report. Recount is the answer to know who really wins.

    5. Mas masarap matulog na kahit natalo ka sa election ay at least alam mong hindi ka nandaya.

    6. How is it that majority of voters are pushing for change and yet you look at the election results is dominated by LP? Roxas only managed to get 8 million votes and yet Robredo is at almost 14 million – almost at Du30’s level. Something is up people.

      • it would be the height of naivete and stupidity to assume that just because one supports a prez candidate from a political party necessarily means that the same individual will also vote for the vice prez candidate of that same party … one cannot make that assumption

    7. I think the most logical approach is to check the code and compare it to the original submitted source code.Two entities arriving with the same findings on the trend is alarming.
      Let us pray that no rigging was made as this puts the entire election process in jeopardy. Imagine every losing candidates requesting for recount because of this incident.

    8. Louie Cauilan on

      It is malicious and false to say that Marcos lose 1 million votes and much more to say that it went to Robredo’s or other candidates. The truth is the votes for each of the VP candidate continued to accumulate or grow as time went by especially during the night of May 9 and beyond. But when the accumulation of Robredo’s votes picked up as votes coming from Bicol region and the Visayas came, by 3:30am Leni had more votes than Marcos. I know this because I myself was monitoring the tally of votes per province from the election result heat map of news5. I was also viewing the Comelec pilipinaselectionresults2016.com website to compare it with the provincial CoCs but which came later. The political parties or candidates can also use the website to monitor or validate the results by ERs (Election Return) and municipal / city CoCs. If there is really any proof that Marcos votes in the ERs and CoCs were tampered with, then Marcos should file a protest to recount such. He could also declare any such discrepancy to the Media to show his proof, instead of just insinuating that the counting is not credible.

    9. I tabulated the results per region from GMA network as of 12:30 pm May 12 and added the figures, the result are: Marcos – 14,058,771; Robredo – 13,981,789. Overall tally posted by PPCRV via transparency server, the figures are: Marcos – 13,774,268; Robredo – 13,988,939. Try doing the math.

    10. The truth will come after the final count of canvassing , BBM will prevail.. Leni the puppet of Yellow noytard will loose everything as well as her ingtegrity. Lots of filipino people hates this mad women created by mad president as well. We filipino people will not recognize Leni as the VP of the Philippines. Soon, after oath taking statement of Digong as President of the Philippines, he start to screw this yellow oligarch people , na salot sa bayang Pilipinas. Go go go digong the new President of RP expected for the new change of Philippine government system.

    11. I myself was pretty much unsuspecting that night of May 10 @around 8pm – BBM leading by a Million. Got awaken by an overseas text message @ 5am inquiring where on hell THE Yellow candidate got her votes and leading by @ least 200,000!!!

      Wow, holy guacamole!!! True, as I checked on the internet and tuning in the latest TV news. Then it sank in…the HANDS OF THE YELLOW and Yellows who have a black sinister plans is in the works, the YEllow God who made a vow to do all he can not to let a Marcos get one step closer to the Seat of Power…

    12. May Himala. May Milagro. What ever you may call it anyway you want, – systems glitch, hash code reprogramming, new script . ANF FROM THE TIME ALL THESE MAMBO JAMBO GUMBO OF Systems programs were introduced @ around 7:30 pm May 10 its all downhill for BBM – and miraculously upward trend for the unknown Yellow protege.

      Only the Unseen Hands of the Shadowy Gods could explain to us how miracles really work….

    13. It is now evident that Bongbong Marcos is being cheated and his allegation of Plan B has been substantiated when IT expert found out that Smartmatic altered a program that changed the hash tag for BBM to Bongbong Marcos Liberal Party. Why would Smartmatic changed the hash tag in the middle of counting without approval of Comelec and without anyone to witness? What do you think is the purpose other than cheating?

    14. Matino T. Delacruz on

      The accusations about cheating can never be proven, because nobody, to include the author of this article, or any IT expert can explain HOW. Therefore, cheating never occurred and I would say that Marcos Camp and his troops are on fishing expedition. They are hoping that COMELEC will buy their stupid and ridiculous accusations. The COMELEC should put the burden of proof on them and let them find the alleged program that was installed in the computer, dedicated for receiving data that was sent from polling stations around the country. Marcos Camp should show the NUMBERS to the public, describe HOW it should have been, WHAT was done and WHEN it was done, or anything the make them conclude that cheating has occurred. All these tsismis or circumstantial evidences do not prove anything. Please stop crying!

    15. To erase once and for all the doubts as to the genuineness of vote tabulation, the Electoral Tribunal should obtain the historicity of the returns summarized and tabulated by PPCRV, and then follow the same order when they will conduct their official canvassing. This way, we could ascertain both veracity and suspicions.

    16. Jose Manalo on

      Pagnatalo nadaya, pagnanalo magaling, please let the comelec and ppcrv do their works, anyway counting is not completed yet, ano ba ang nirereklamo ni marcos, wala pa namang resulta na natalo siya neck to neck nga, noong nalamangan siya sa survey madaya daw ang survey, pero noong lamang siya thank you daw sa survey, sa bilangan ng lamang siya masaya at tahimik isla, pero ng malamangan puro sila daldal at reklamo, me narining ba kayo sa kampo ni robreredo, di wala. kung ayaw nyong matalo at patalo, huwag kayong kumandidato, dahil di nyo alam ang gusto ng tao.

    17. Thank you mr. Yen for this article. I believe Leni has nothing to do with how cheating will go. If BBM prove that manipulation really occured and if she really is a dignified person, she wont accept victory only gained by cheating.

    18. Robredo must be enjoying an ET manipulation at the PPCRV tabulation …. its an alien intervention if you will…..i

    19. Chris Espiritu on

      I still remember what vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo once said during the campaign trail that should she win that position and Digong becomes president, she will resign her electoral post. Now that she is ahead in the counting she sang a different tune as she mentioned a “working relationship” with Digong. Spoken like a true trapo. BBM will win and this pretender will join the Yellows in oblivion.

    20. Concerned Voter on

      Marcos is trying to DECEIVE again the Philippine nation with his lies and fabricated stories. Just like when he tried to deceive us with his faked diplomas and denial of ill-gotten wealth.

      Filipinos, BEWARE marcos! He is using his billions of $$$ to deceive the Filipinos. Beware.

    21. Concerned Citizen on

      Could it be that marcos is the one who really cheated? By paying, buying the votes of Luzon? He just couldn’t buy the whole Visayas and Mindanao! It’s in his character to cheat. Even his son, sandro, tried to cheat by voting 2 presidential candidates.

      No WAY that many Filipinos voted for an unrepentant son of a plunderer. He’s the only one who claims of cheating, NO OTHER NATIONAL CANDIDATE is saying so. Most probably, marcos is the one who cheated and wants to fool us Filipinos of thinking otherwise!

    22. May Sariling Isip on

      Looks like marcos’ ill-gotten wealth is being used to confuse the Filipino People by sowing malicious distrust. A lot of articles are coming up with fabricated stories and fake analysis to make the Filipinos lose our trust on a CLEAN and HONEST elections!

      Filipino people, don’t be deceived by marcos. Beware!

    23. Kung walang dayaan e Bakit pinalitan ng Comelec yung Hundreds ng mga trained VCM technicians last May 5,2016 ng bagong VCM technicians? Ayon Sa balita(Newspapers) basta Na Lang pinalitan sila ng walang explanation Ang Comelec. Kahinahinala talaga! Sa Zamboanga peninsula Ang binoto ng mga Tao si BBM at nung counting Na lamang si Robredo. Majority ng taga Zamboanga ay si BBM Ang binoto dahil sya Ang lumaban Sa BBL. Bukang bibig ng taga Zamboanga si BBM at sya Ang binoto Nila. Kaso Sa bilangan Na e lamang si Robredo. Hindi nga mabango Ang pangalan Robredo Sa Zamboanga.

    24. It is totally unfair to conclude that there was cheating going on because one party is pro Marcos. Naming and bad mouthing workers are the works of Satan himself. You should be ashamed of yourself. Of course there will be changes in the numbers first , because it is the day of the elections when all precincts are reporting , second, we are in the computer age when numbers are transmitted in a split of a second. Do not be amazed. I hate to say this but there are a lot of stupid Filipinos. Show me the numbers , I challenge anybody that say there was cheating. If you cannot show me the numbers, better SHUT UP.

      • julius draculan on

        Perhaps those who are part of this scheme to cheat and deny the people’s will to choose their vice president will react vehemently to this article. Clearly, what people are saying is that there should be a clean and honest election and that “trending” should be avoided. “Trending” in itself is a form of cheating as it conditions the mind of the people to accept a perception that is being shaped by the perpetrators of such “trending”. This is not the first time that “trending” is being employed in an election. So in order to stop the initiation of a “trending” the camp of Sen. Marcos is requesting that the partial and unofficial count be terminated and instead proceed with the COMELEC official count. The perspective of Mr. Yen Makabenta to me is as clear as the blue sky. And just like everyone else, I want to have a clean and honest election. If Sen. Marcos loses because it is the will of the people so be it. But all the pre-election surveys, including that of the SWS exit poll, do not indicate that Sen. Marcos will lose in his vice presidential bid.

      • taga marilao on

        i don’t think you are well aware of the process how the canvassing of vote was being done.. although it was computerized in casting your vote, the computer that we used doesn’t transmit the votes to the main server but uses a SD card and put in a COC envelope, just like they do in a manual voting without the ballot box, transmitted by people to the board of regional canvasser.. so basically the only thing that we accomplished in spending alot of money with this machine is the counting of ballots in the precinct level.. if somebody was able to hack a bank in new york and transmitted the money to the Philippines, what more with just an sd card switched during transit.. i wouldn’t be so gullible to think that cheating isn’t possible with such primitive way of using a computer… and for a country that has the slowest internet feed in the world and can’t used the computer in it’s full potential but for easy manipulation of votes..

      • 1. Comelec Chairman ay pinsan ni Pnoy.
        2. Bakit biglang pinalitan ng Comelec yung Hundreds of trained VCM technicians 4 days(May 9,2016) bago Ang election at another VCM technicians inilagay.
        3. Pag pinalitan mo Ang Server Script ng Smartmatic e kailangan i re program mo yan Ulit. Dito Na pumasok yung dayaan.
        4. Very funny Sa isang lugar Sa BASILAN si Roxas – 595, Duterte -2 ???????? Ha ha ha basahin mo yung comment ko Sa Taas about Zamboanga Peninsula.

      • charlie castro on

        Oh yeah to the max? you must be one and only stupid Filipino in this beloved nation of ours. How dare you judge even a segment of Filipinos to be stupid. Bobo ka pala, katulad ka ng mga naninilaw at gahaman sa posisyon na mga elitista sa kawawang bansang ito. Look there remains some suspicion, pero hindi ibig sabihin mananahimik na lang si Marcos kahit ano ang mangyari lalo’t may naamoy na dayaan, this is a democratic country.. nobody.. just nobody..including you stupid can lay claim to what is right and what is wrong isnt your doing. Remember, Pnoy is madly maneuvering to escape imprisonment, and he will do anything just to avoid that scenario… but bad karma has stick to his nerve. just watch, just watch with the turn of events. besides, kung hindi ka bobo at stupid, hindi pa official ang vote count.. huwag kang atat! baka kapag si Bongbong ang nag-emerge na true winner, mangisay ka dyan at sabihin mong nandaya ang kampo ng mga Marcos. By the way, bago mo ako pag-isipan, i didnt vote for Bongbong, i voted for Cayetano.

      • just add up the total vote for president and add up for the total of vice president. check the total and you will see a 1.4 million votes missing

    25. Highway robbery orchestrated by no less than the people who were going to Plan B in case Duterte’s lead is insurmountable…Sir Digong should be careful against attempts on his life — before and after June 30 — The Liberal Party will have a vice president that’s a heartbeat away from the presidency…Aquino should be running scared — Mr Aquino, beware of the Punisher. He is coming! You can run, but you can’t hide.

    26. Leni Robredo quipped on TV that she did not claim being cheated when Bongbong was the one leading early in the count. Leni, the cheating could only be done by the administration because of its vast resources. And you are the candidate of the administration.

      • This is not about Marcos crying because an opponent simply and naturally surpassed his number of votes.

        Robredo may not be directly responsible – can be somebody from her camp, or certain people from administration.

        This is about the Marcos IT camp’s report along with outsiders IT’s who monitored the election via Transparency Servers.
        At around 7:30pm to 9PM, a “script” was being fed that altered ”hash codes of the packet data.” Then all of a sudden, Marcos votes went down faster than stocks investment falls, and PPCRV quick count reached over 95% of the total clustered precincts, even if a number of clustered precincts or vote-counting machines were unable to transmit their data.

        Comelec must step up on this regard. Investigate, and explain to the public.

      • yes, she must not. Because she knows how big the crowd of BBM’s supporters…..

      • Why don;t the two of you meet at the PICC since both of you have about 13 million votes each…. call it a draw ….. ….. so what can Robredo claim VP for 225 thousand votes? Robredo will becaome a spare tire with this kind of win?

      • not to mention the obvious. cheating is only done by the losing party who is trying to overtake the leading. BBM was ahead early on in the game so who will he cheat?

    27. Nadaya talaga si BBM. Very clear ung Election 2016 naka-program kaya wala masyadong kampanya sa LP Senatorials dahil alam nila kahit hindi natin binoto ay mananalo sila like Drilon, Hontiveros, etc.
      We want change! Ang matagal ng nakaupo diyan like Drilon, Pangilinan, etc dapat wala na. #1MarcosTrueVP

    28. Girlie Bebbeb on

      Manila Times, thank you for the integrity of your reporters for their reporting. Keep up the good and neutral reporting. May God bless you all.

    29. Girlie Bebbeb on

      Sana, kahit na may cheating ay manalo pa rin si BongBong Marcos. Despite that The Aquinos tried their best to destroy the Marcoses, the Marcoses are still being love by the majority of Filipinos.

    30. YOU ARE DAMNEDSUPPORTER OF BBM NO DOUBT. the early lead of BBM was caused by the early return from his bailwick. naturally, he will lead by million. But once thebailwick of Leni comes, slowly she cut the margin. thats the reason. ungas

      • Humanda ka abnoy on

        there is no such thing as lerni’s bailiwick you idiot, all transport group,civil society leaders,political clans,el shadai and INC endorsed marcos, and i am not even counting the solid north…

        maybe your talking about leni’s hometown as her bailiwick,but she is behind on her own hometown against BBM and chiz…so get your facts straight stupid filipino

      • taga marilao on

        and what bailiwick of leni you are talking about aside from Bicol region?

    31. Oh common. Tell your boss, Bongbong to respect the results of the elections. Let the will of the people prevail. During his father’s terms, nobody cannot even say what he said about cheating during the elections because they are afraid of Marcos. Panapanahon lang yan. Just be humble enough to accept defeat. Bongbong, whatever money you invested in the elections, you still have much wealth hidden taken during the martial law years.

      • taga marilao on

        so everybody just accept that after all these years the votes are still being manipulated by who is in power? the only right every filipino have in their total control still being disrespected and stolen by people who are power greedy and thieves?..if i were you, don’t meddle with our country’s problem and stay wherever you came from.. china, north korea or vietnam.. thank’s for your concern even it’s not needed..

      • Unless you are a fool yourself can you please tell or elaborate what” has BBM Father got to do with this election”. Please tell otherwise, shut up because you just did not know what you talking about.

    32. Maribel A. Calanda on

      I would like BBM to win but he knows there is a plan B and the person in power is an Aquino, we might not see the best of him in the coming years. What a waste! The another mind boggling thing is that why Escudero is obviously not fond of BBM considering that his father admired so much the late FM and his father is one of Marcos’ agriculture ministers. Is it because of envy?

    33. Very clearly explained. BBM is correct to a recounting of votes to make sure rightful winner is declared. By the look of it, it was he who won the vice presidency and not robredo…

    34. Leni R. the mysterious PCOS magic VP will be standing on shaky mud with out peoples support. Plan “B” will flung this nation into chaos never seen before. It is better to stop Aquino’s plan “B” now to save the nation. BBMarcos shall lead the charge against LP’s PCOS magic wand. The people hates Aquino and his LP PCOS.

    35. Ang Election 2016 ay Lutong Pinoy (LP) kaya very obvious ang pandaraya ang ginagawa ng yellow army ni Abnoy. Simula’t sapul ay masama na ang balak ng bengatibong Abnoy dahil ayaw na ayaw niyang umapak muli ang mga Marcos sa Malakanyang. Nagdagmel nga Presidente!

    36. I believe the press releases coming from Mrs Leni Robredo are totally out of character with the real person. Therefore, I believe she is caught and trapped in the plans and designs of the LP camp. God Bless Her and Our Beloved Country.

    37. oversea votes from ofw will give the true outcome.Most overseas migrant workers see already the result in the embassy and transmitted by Social Media exchange net……there are 400 thousand votes theat favour BBM…….BBM won the OFW votes with 55 percent to 75 votes….Leni is lucky to 5 percent votes from OFW…Votes concluded from OFW mass media by Social Network…

      • Johnny, Is there a way to compile the OAV results? I’ve been pointing out why the ER is an a snail’s pace at this time. If you check the election results they are still at 23.26%. Why it’s taking too long to transmit the returns?

    38. Now you see it now you dont. They will do anything to stop Marcos. Chiz Escudero’s endorsement of Leni Robredo is a go signal to shave his votes in favor of Leni.

      Damn with the Aquino’s. Mabuhay ang mga Marcos.

    39. Lolita Marquez on

      Bm won by more 6000 votes over Leni from media and government absentee voters which cane across our srchipekago. This is the modality that BM is more prefered than leni across the country with 10/2 meaning one-half if the 54 million voted for BM and only 1/5 of the 54 million voted for Leni