The Marcoses and the Aquinos compared


Probably he had his ulterior, Machiavellian reasons. Still, though, the strongman Ferdinand Marcos saved the life of his archenemy, Ninoy, then 48 years old in 1980. He released him from prison (having been convicted by a military court to be executed by firing squad for multiple murder charges) and allowed him to go to the US for a crucial heart surgery.

After that, Aquino would get a fellowship at Harvard University, and live with Cory at the upper-class suburbia of Newton, Massachusetts in an elegant two-storied brick house. “That was the happiest days of our lives,” his widow Cory would later say.

In cruel contrast, Ninoy’s son, Benigno 3rd, has kept his predecessor, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who at 68 has a life-threatening illness, incarcerated for three years now in a military hospital for baseless charges, which the United Nations Working Committee on Arbitrary Detention has condemned as violating the grandmother’s legal and human rights. Due to the utter disregard for her rights and the rule of law, the UN group even recommended that Arroyo file for compensation for her arbitrary detention.

Indeed, after three years, neither a witness nor a single document has been presented in court to support the government’s allegations that Arroyo stole from the confidential funds of the sweepstakes office. In the other case filed against Arroyo, that of electoral sabotage – allegedly in the 2007 senatorial and local elections and not in the 2004 presidential elections – no other witness has been presented to corroborate the sole testimony of one Norie Unas.

And who is this guy? He is the city administrator and, for decades, the right-hand man of Maguindanao governor Andal Ampatuan, Sr., the accused, with his son, as being the brains of the massacre of 58 people in that province in 2009. Unas would have been among the dozens accused for the killings, if not for his false testimony against Arroyo.

If only for this vindictive, petty president’s disregard for the rule of law, his lack of the most basic sense of justice, and his moral depravity in persecuting Arroyo, we should reject in 2016 his party and its candidate Manuel Roxas 2nd.

Is this justice? Above, Aquino’s home in the US, where he was allowed by Marcos to have heart surgery and stay indefinitely. Below, Arroyo visited by son and grandson on her last birthday at Veterans’ Memorial Hospital.

Is this justice? Above, Aquino’s home in the US, where he was allowed by Marcos to have heart surgery and stay indefinitely. Below, Arroyo visited by son and grandson on her last birthday at Veterans’ Memorial Hospital.

This candidate’s lack of any moral sense is demonstrated in the fact that despite his decades of friendship with the former President, despite her total support for him in her Cabinet, and even as he knows in his heart that Arroyo is innocent of the charges, Roxas has not lifted a finger to convince Aquino not to persecute her. Why? Because he can’t afford to lose Aquino’s support for his all-consuming bid to be President.

* * *

Ninoy’s son, Aquino 3rd, assaulted the independent branch of government that is the bastion of a republican democracy’s rule of law: the Supreme Court. He launched an impeachment lynch mob to remove its Chief Justice, Renato Corona, from office. Why? In order to get the Court to agree to a billion pesos more in compensation for his clan’s Hacienda Luisita, even if the Tribunal under Corona had ruled that its land reform program during Cory’s Administration was bogus.

Marcos’ son, Ferdinand (“Bongbong”) Jr., defended the Supreme Court, and voted to acquit Corona. He was one of only three senators (the other two being the late Joker Arroyo and Miriam Defensor-Santiago) who refused to be bribed, who refused to buckle under the lynch mob that included even award-winning journalists.

* * *

Ninoy’s son, Aquino 3rd, tried to force down the throat of this republic, most probably with the help of Malaysian money, a law that would have dismembered it and created a Bangsamoro nation-state, complete with its clearly defined people, its territory, and its armed forces – the three basic elements, as any college student would learn in college, of that entity we call a “nation-state.”

Marcos’ son, Ferdinand, blocked that conspiracy, and exposed this Bangsamoro Basic Law’s violations of the Constitution. The Senate hearings he led convinced even those supporting it to junk it or at least, drastically amend it so it would conform to our Constitution, and block the Moro Islamic Liberation Front from using it to carve out the group’s own independent nation.

* * *

Marcos expanded Philippine territory by issuing Presidential Decree No. 1596 in 1978, which declared that a group of islands called then as the Spratlys, is Philippine territory, a municipality of Palawan whose official name would be the Kalayaan Group of Islands. He ordered garrisons stationed on the islands, especially on the biggest isle Pag-Asa, where he ordered an airstrip built.

Aquino 3rd lost Philippine territory when he foolishly ordered Philippine ships in May 2012 to leave Scarborough Shoal, believing the report of his special envoy, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th or his foreign secretary, Albert del Rosario, (the two would later blame each other) that the Chinese had agreed to the simultaneous withdrawal of ships. They didn’t, and probably just laughed at this President’s gullibility. Now, their vessels simply shoo away our vessels and fishermen still kilometers away from the shoal’s mouth.

Aquino has done nothing to stop the erosion and start the repair of the airstrip Marcos had built, so that eventually its usable length could only allow the smallest of planes to land on the area.

* * *

Marcos convinced the Philippine ruling class to lend the government their support by successfully leading the local economy through the 1970s oil crisis largely unscathed, which gave it enough momentum to grow a phenomenal 9 percent by 1973. That drove GDP growth to average an impressive 6.2 percent from 1972 to the 1979 apex of his regime.

Aquino 3rd has won the support of a big segment of the ruling class, not because of his anti-corruption crusade, nor any economic reform he has engineered. It is because he has done nothing to derail the growth momentum Arroyo achieved during her term and the trust of the global community she earned for the country when she steered the economy through the worst global economic crisis that raged from 2008 to 2009.

The Philippines under Arroyo was the only country in Asia that still managed some growth in those tumultuous years. Under Aquino, the country’s relatively high growth rates have been due to the fact that his is the only Administration in this country that had the fortune of not having to go through any global economic catastrophe.

That high growth rate from 1972 to 1979 – was achieved at the cost of the dismantling of our institutions of democracy, which we still haven’t been able to rebuild.

Similarly, growth in our economy over the past five years has been at the cost of a megalomaniac President damaging our democratic institutions.

* * *

Marcos closed down The Manila Times and the Lopez-owned Manila Chronicle and the ABS-CBN television network. His cronies then set up The Daily Express, The Times Journal, and The Manila Bulletin – to support him and his martial law.

Similarly, Aquino 3rd now uses the newspapers that replaced the Marcos newspapers and the ABS-CBN Network, which his mother helped to resuscitate to support his regime. One leading broadsheet very loyally has taken up every single political campaign Aquino has launched as its own crusade – from removing then Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, impeaching Chief Justice Corona, jailing opposition figures for the misuse of their pork barrel funds, and even fabricating corruption charges against Vice President Jejomar Binay to weaken his candidacy in the 2016 presidential elections.

Marcos closed down media; Aquino controls the minds of media, which do not even realize it.

This is one of the biggest reasons why there is no public outrage over Aquino’s turpitudes such as his ruthless incarceration of Arroyo; the corruption at the MRT-3 that has made a hell out of millions of Filipinos’ daily commute; the massive smuggling that even our poor farmers are being outpriced by imported agricultural products; the massacre of 44 of our elite troops in Mamasapano because of this President’s criminal bungling; his government’s incompetence in relief operations for victims of the Yolanda Super Typhoon and the amazing dearth of news reports on jueteng, the billions of pesos it generates to line the pockets of government officials, and criminals’ rampage across the land that sows fear and uncertainty among members of all strata of society in this country.
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  1. Many things had been said and done about our country’s situation. It is not really about the Marcos or th Aquinos now. Maybe it is about how to bring the Philippines to be a better country serving its people’s welfare.That is the real issue now. So comes this election, we hope that the people again would vote the right leader who will bring them to their dreams and not again to blame one another if something happens wrong. We vote wisely. Let us not again become idiots of voting idiot politicians and when they are in their position, we blame each other. Vote wisely. Voters now are in power

  2. This is a good read. But a lot of Filipinos don’t even know this. Philippine History is full of lies and shit. And also, most people here lack education. How can truth be spread to everyone in English and Tagalog version? To locals who work as laborers, vendors, maids, etc? The government is good at hiding facts and brainwashing. And people believe whatever they hear on tv.

  3. A disgrace as a Filipino and. President.. he has done more damage to his parents memory than any critic….. These people around him are those described by General Luna in the movie….Life is.a balance … Payment is due soon

  4. I agree , that MDS and BBM were much prepared in this coming elections. They know what will be the solutions to all problems of our nation. At least they have something to offer to the filipino people. The True lies of Aquino government and the Oligarchs yellow regime must be STOPPED.. ZERO TO ALL LIBERAL PARTY…And prosecute Abnoy Aquino for treason about BBL. Otherwise put him at the MENTAL HOSPITAL for his mentall illness..

  5. Thank you for mentioning his administration’s incompetence in relief operations of Typhoon Haiyan.

  6. mr. E.A.Eisden on

    One question I have for all filipino voters.
    You people are the ones who should know better than any outsiders, what kind of economocal, social and educational injustice had been done and is still being done to the filipino and filipina.
    You of all people know how untrustworthy, corruptive and power-hungry certain politicians in the philipinnes really are.
    From my knowledge of the general cultural, political and social history of the philipinnes, it shows that from the overthrowing of the spanish colonial reigns,till nowadays just a very few families have benefitted from the political arena in the philipinnes.
    Marcos was more or less an exception as he did a lot to bring the philipinnes up to date with modern times.
    Now you have a gang of powrer-jungry politicians, lacking selfrespect, honour and pride ruling and dictating the course of the country.
    A lot has been written about this and a lot of illegal practices are brought forward.
    But still the filipino seems not to have learnt anything at all.
    Why does the filipino still allows these tainted politicians to dictate the course of life in the philipinnes??
    Is it so easy to complain afterwards than to vote for these politicians who are not tainted like Poe and Santiago??
    Remind you: whenever you accept chicken-change to keep corrupted and dumbb power-hungry politicians in place, you are digging multiple graves bit by bit.
    Your own grave and the graves of your children and their children.
    Maybe you are used to live under inhumane conditions and blame everything on poverty. You are mistaken: poverty is just a situation and it is never everlasting unless you accept it as a justification for not doing anything!!
    Yes then for sure ypou really deserve those kind of politicians and governments who is sucking the last drop of dignity, pride, selfrespect and honour out of you !!

  7. Tony Valenciano on

    It was said by a great lady occultist of modern time that ” Two third of the world’s evils is due to ignorance, and one third is due to superstition! ” I feel that our country’s population is close to this equation, that is two third is ignorant and out of this one third is superstitious. This is quite a heavy load to carry for democratic institutions to function as it should be because democracy’s foundation is an educated population. We have a lot of catching up to do. What sayeth?

  8. Maribel A. Calanda on

    The good news is that we will have the elections in a few months and I hope that Bongbong Marcos will emerge as the winner in the VP race so that the arrogance of the family of Ninoy Aquino will be put to an end. It was them who benefitted a lot from the sacrifices of the Filipinos in the so-called EDSA I.

  9. Hindi kaya hindi umiimik si senyor kho rheena sa mga pag aalipusta sa kanya ni benigno dahil mayroon talagang lihim na balak ang kanyang pamilya laban sa pamilyang aquino? Alam ni senyor kho rheena na ang tatay ni benigno ang dahilan ng pagkalumpo ng ama. Alam nya na makapangyarihan ang tiyuhin ni benigno na isa rin nilang kalaban sa negosyo ng asukal. Sa pagiging pangulo lamang niya maaari maipaghiganti ang sinapit ng ama.

  10. i see hope is coming when duterte is pushing his federal government but then he refuses to run for the presidency…I was hoping that Madame Miriam Santiago with all her knowledge in laws and constitution would bring back the old constitution of marcos or perhaps align it for the welfare and protection of poor filipino people. Everything should start with the basics. And after all these overthrowing of marcos government they suddenly change the constitution in favor of their interest. And the corruption that’s being blamed to marcos not proven in America’s justice system were being orchestrated at the start after constitution was replaced by cory’s government. change the system to stop all these root of corruption.

  11. Expecially you – I mean journalist – should know that Aquino (did he actually had the surgery ?) became a willing pawn of CIA to over trow Marcos, The rest is history: a woman president NOT ELECTED, the son, who was elected just becauseher mommy died just before the elections. It’s insane.

  12. Mavelyn Abiera on

    I enjoy reading all your comments…and therfore i conclude that whatever the bad things they say about marcos still the goodness of marcos regime prevails….and we cant just say this becoz we’d read the history but becoz these reactions we have rooted by our own and tru experience during marcos time and the present situations we have experience now in our country…

  13. FM was brilliant the best President of the Philippines ever. His achievements is all over the country.

  14. Wilfredo S. patriarca on

    History judge Philippines and the Pilipino people…Sana mas marami pa ang makabasa nito para mamulat sa katotohanan ang lahat, lalo na ang mga sumali sa 1986 edsa na walang alam sa mga totoong nangyari, ang mga musmus na bata noon na iminulat sa maling paniniwala after 1986 edsa, ang mga dumaranas ng kahirapan pagkatapos ng 1986 edsa, at higit sa lahat sa mga namuno noon at hanggang ngayon na magkaroon ng puso at pananalig sa totoong dyos na maging makabayan naman at wag ng maging makasarili after 1986 edsa…at para din malaman ng lahat na ang 1986 EDSA ay isang malaking pagkakamali sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas…

  15. We could and should have actually undertaken this right after the EDSA People Power cum military mutiny in 1986. At that time, the world had fully accepted and recognized Cory Aquino’s takeover of government but what went wrong? Instead of the expected full recovery of the Marcos accounts, some of the key people in Cory’s Cabinet went as far as conniving with the Marcos cronies, thus, enriching themselves while in power. To make matters worse, the cause-oriented leaders and the leftists metamorphosed into nouveau-riche and cash-oriented groups, their “left” pockets full of pieces of the action.

    Whatever happened in those days recently of “Marcos” was necessary for recognition TODAY. And it is becoming quite obvious WHO was behind every criminal act brought forth upon our nation. Marcos killed no one. And, you will find that the SAME corrupt people are STILL corrupt, and even more so, AND STILL CONTROL THE GOVERNMENT, THE SOCIETY, THE ECONOMY AND THE VERY
    LIFE-SUBSTANCE OF THE PEOPLE. Marcos persistently denied any wrongdoing, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.” No, this is not so—THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE AT ALL; THERE WERE ORCHESTRATED AND FALSE REPRESENTATIONS—BUT THERE WAS NO

  16. I completely agree that martial law benefitted the country but only in the first half until 1979 which you alluded to as its peak. From 1979, the Marcos dictatorship became to unravel which culminated in the Marcos overthrow. The economy was in free fall. We had no dollar reserves. The US dollar was selling for $53.00 pesos. Foreign capital was leaving the country. You can argue that the law of diminishing returns was in effect but there were other major factors in play, one of which was Imelda’s emergence in asserting herself in the regime. To Marcos, she was Eve to Adam. Even now, she seems to be asserting herself in young Bongbong Marcos. Together, with the help of their allies, they intend to legitimize the Marcos dictatorship.
    I also completely agree about what you wrote of Pnoy. However, you also admit that the economy did improve. Whether it was by Pnoy’s design/handy work or something else does not matter. What matters is we have something to nurture and build on. Mar Roxas, among the other candidates has the best chance to accomplish this task, and if he is true to his promises, will be able to share the country’s bounty to our impoverished countrymen.

    • Evaluate Roxas performance of the past 5 years.

      He ruined every agency he headed with his incompetence.

      Mar at Tacloband ?

      Mar during the SAF massacre ?

      Mar followed PNoy around all day and had lunch along with Sec Gazmin and Soliman while the SAF 44 begged for help, afterward at the hearings Mar claimed he didn’t know anything and he sure as hell didn’t do anything.

      Mar as the DILG chief ?

      Mar is in charge of the prisons, Remember the prisons where the inmates run around with automatic weapons and grenades.

      Mar is in charge of Fire prevention compliance.
      Shoe factory goes up in flames and the windows are barred and no fire exits.

      Mar as the DOTC chief ?

      The blame for the utter shameful failure of DOTC can be pinned on P-Noy simply because he allowed first, Mar Roxas and then Jun Abaya, to do nothing. Commuters now rightfully call the MRT – Mar Roxas Trains because the problems bloomed during his watch.

      The problems at the MRT show a callousness of this government that is unimaginable. It is the same callousness we see at NAIA where either NAIA or CAAP is guilty of doing nothing to relieve airport congestion.

      Mar is the poster boy for incompetence.

    • Dandansoy, you are one of the blind Filipinos following to the so-called Daang Matuwid. There is now way Roxas can lead this country to prosperity because he had been to several government position and nothing really can be considered his accomplishment. Roxas is a big slap to the Filipino people and must be buried in next year’s election. The man has no principle in leadership and is currently using the public’s money for his campaign. People like you makes the Philippine politics more worst. You should consider changing your position in supporting Roxas before the Filipino people seeking reform will bury you along with Roxas in next year’s election…

  17. Ninoy Aquino was nothing but a rabble rouser, a blabbermouth who knew nothing except to criticize, stir up the emotions of the people then. He was a trillanes IV , a guingona of the elite (of the current crop of politicos), agitating and duping the Filipino public. Remember the jabidah issue back then that ninoy tried to impress on the public? And Noynoy is the real dictator using crass language in Tagalog, imputing false allegations in a ” tag team” with conchita carpio morales , doing the act publicly. What a stage-managed act to hoodwink the populace. Now wouldn’t you discern, please and shake off the gullible trait in you? It was a case (and still is) of shock and awe, and budol budol tactics:Ang style nila bulok, magkasama silang lahat ng Liberal Party and the yellow oligarchs.

  18. A.Nonie Moslang on

    sir : now that you have mentioned malaysia, i have a strong hunch that philippine money ( dollars or Pesos?) might have been channelled to razak’s account as a sort of pay off for his meddling in the bbl. . .

  19. 30 years of incompetence — We must stop this intellectual bankruptcy commonsensical ignorance of the Filipinos inculcated by the government for the last 30 years. #LPmustfall

  20. Two quotes come to mind

    “A nation a sheep begets a government of wolves”

    “The people get the government they deserve”


  21. armando flores on

    Student abnoy was just doing what his teacher GMA imparted to him. GMA taught and showed abnoy how to plunder people’s money with impunity. And while doing it in his time, abnoy jailed GMA and used her as his cover in committing his crimes against the people. Abnoy, the student, has become much better than his teacher GMA in terms of corruption, dishonesty and abuse of power. Same feathers, same brand — THIEVES !

  22. Why is the name MARCOS so deeply ingrained in the national psyche even after more than 40, yes 40, years of demonization? They have thrown everything at the man, and yet they cannot bury his name. Because people know, subconsciously or not, that all the things his enemies have said about Marcos are a pack of a lies. This entire yellow EDSA regime is standing on a foundation of sand, and the proof that the sand is starting to shift is this article itself, written by a man who laid his life on the line to fight THE MAN. Marcos was the most brilliant national leader we ever had, and fate compensated by confronting him with the most DiABOLICAL of enemies. May this Marcos vs Ninoy episode in our history serve as a lesson for all time.

  23. Keep on writing, gentlemen, so the people shall know. It’s disheartening to know that a lot of Filipinos believe every word PNoy says and he does so with the help of ABS CBN, GMA and the PDI. However, a segment of our society is awakening and, hopefully, eventually shall turn the tide against AquiNO! and his cohorts and his stooge MaRujas! Your commentaries shall help much move our country towards that day.

  24. Keep on writing, gentlemen, so the people shall know. It’s disheartening to know that a lot of Filipinos believe every word PNoy says and he does so with the help of ABS CBN, GMA and the PDI. However, a segment of our society is awakening and, hopefully, eventually turn the tide against AquiNO! and his cohorts and his stooge MaRujas! Your commentaries shall help much move our country toward that day.

  25. Most Philippine Media nowadays can be BOUGHT…Only the FAKE Achievements of Aquino 3rd were Publish by those Paid media…whereas, during the Marcos era, since Marcos didn’t paid those Media, they PUBLISHED the Atrocities of Marcos and NOT his Achievements…Marcos Built more Projects than the two Aquinos…and Aquino 3rd’s six years Budget is a WHOOPING Php 13.8 Trillion pesos, NOT even a single Typhoon Shelter have been Built during his term…

  26. God is always there and he will punished those sinner.
    Good deeds gets good Karma, Bad gets bad Karma!
    People elected the politicians and we people to blamed for what we have now and the future of this country.

    The Filipino mostly Selfish! “Ang akin ay akin lamang at ang sa iyo ay akin din”. Too bad! Wala ng Natira sa Bayan…

  27. Manuel Jaime jr on

    It is very unfortunate that the author forgot to tell this newspapers readers why Marcos had to close the Lopez’ media outfits and Manila Times during the height of the declaration of martial law.Sad to tell,Manila Times writers and columnists then tends to support the communist cause and have become left leaners.I do not have any idea why,but the best reason i can proffer is that they were all pro Aquino.Marcos indeed have every reason to arrest Ninoy because of his close association with the communists and Joma,plus the fact that the military does have a lot,multiple evidence to support the charge of treason against Aquino.Manila Times today is a lot far better than what it is 43 years ago.This newspaper has evolve from a left leaning pro Ninoy newspaper into an anti-corruption straight forward and non fearing broad sheet.At the least,now,this publication had been fair to all,Marcos included,and is one of the nations newspaper who continues to expose the wrongs done in the past including those done by Ninoy and his political clan.Keep up the good work!!!…

  28. Good article. Through your eyes you can compare the accomplishments of former Pres. Marcos even if we combined the past Presidents after Marcos. Look what he has done, i.e. Phil Heart Center, CCP, PICC, Phil Children’s Hospital, Lung Center, Nat’l. Kindey and Transplant Institute, Phil Gen. Hospital, Orthopedic even the Nuclear Power Plant which was mothballed by Mrs. Aquino..Mr. Marcos mind is 20-40 years in advance while our leader today is 20-40 years delayed of his thinking. So don’t be surprised of his policies today.

    • on

      I fully agree with ABNLOY 69, Marcos have done a great job for his country. He is one of the most brilliant President we have ever had. While PNoy is the most mediocre, slipshod, inept, vindictive President the Philippines had ever produced. In addition to what you have mentioned about Marcos’s mute monument of his numerous accomplishments, there is that San Juanico bridge linking Luzon with Visayas and Mindanao. His road building and nationwide electrification program can never be equalled nor surpass by any Presidents put together. Marcos Barter Trade he established in Jolo to link with Sabah made Muslim traders improved their quality of life. Cory, through the stupid advises of her barnacles of close friends and associates, disbanded the Barter Trade thereby forcing the Muslims to wage a rebellion against the government. BS Aquino 3rd oftentimes ignores the law. He thinks he is the law.

    • on

      I fully agree with ABNLOY 69, Marcos have done a great job for his country. He is one of the most brilliant President we have ever had. While PNoy is the most mediocre, slipshod, inept, vindictive President the Philippines had ever produced. In addition to what you have mentioned about Marcos’s mute monument of his numerous accomplishments, there is that San Juanico bridge linking Luzon with Visayas and Mindanao. His road building and nationwide electrification program can never be equalled nor surpass by any Presidents put together. Marcos Barter Trade he established in Jolo to link with Sabah made Muslim traders improved their quality of life. Cory, through the stupid advises of her barnacles of close friends and associates, disbanded the Barter Trade thereby forcing the Muslims to wage a rebellion against the government. BS Aquino 3rd oftentimes ignores the law. He thinks he is the law. (this is my first comment)

  29. You isolated only one incident with regard to Ninoy Aquino and Ferdinand Marcos. Ninoy was imprisoned from 1972 until he was allowed to go to the US for his heart operation. Marcos allowed Ninoy to be tortured physically and mentally during his prison time while his family was humiliated and also mentally tortured. However, it does not take away from the fact that Ninoy’s son PNoy is now doing the same to Gloria Arroyo, imprisoning her despite the lack of solid evidence, her physical disability and the UN ruling.

    • Manuel Jaime jr on

      If you are the President during that time,and one of the country’s leading senator,a Presidential contender to be exact,who squeal to the whole world,especially Malaysia,a top secret government scheme and military operation which will in effect bring back Sabah to the Philippine territories,what are you going to do? And this leading senator would be found to have planned the Plaza Miranda bombing and is a communist symphatizer,ally and a cohort,again,what would you have done to this person who is a powerful government official? It is easy to blame Marcos for what he had done when the country is facing a 2 pronged rebellion,and also for jailing a senator whom you idolized as a martyr and a hero.But if you were in jis place,what would you have done? Save the country or the democracy that you believe were taken away by the late strongman?…

    • Tess, for your information Ninoy was sentenced to death by firing squad. Pero naghanap pa din ng paraan si Marcos upang hindi ma-firing squad si Ninoy. It’s clear you are the one who isolated one incident.

  30. I ask the voters please don’t vote any candidates that belong to the Liberal party, if there are good members of their party they can now resign to their party and run as independent candidates.Winasak ni Pnoy ang hustisya sa ating bansa,puro vendetta nasa utak,dapat siya ipalit sa kulungan hindi sa veteran kundi sa mental hospital,kasama,niya dun sina doj lima,ombudsman morales,abad,soliman,abaya,drilon etc na kurap na opisyales ng gobyerno,kawawa ang bayan na brainwash ni Pnoy at kasabwat nyang mga broadsheets,tv networks at tabloid newswapers na kasabwat din sa katiwalian.

    • apolonio reyes on

      Ako, Renato, walang ibobotong Liberal, dati at kasalukuyan mga Senatongs at Tongressmen at kasalukuyan gabinete ni Pnoy. Ito Renato ang aking mga nasa listahan ng kandidato sa Senado ay;
      1) Rafael Alunan
      2) Gen. Getulio Napenas
      3) Gen. Romeo Maganto
      4) Rep. Neri Coleminares
      At baka si Francis Tolentino na nag resigned dahil sa controversya sa ” Play Girls ” at tatakbong independent sa pagka senador. Sa akin, Renato, ang taong marunong mag sorry lalo sa kanyang Ina sa kanyang pagkakamali ay mas mabuting tao kaysa sa taong ayaw umamin ng pagkakamali at kasalanan.

  31. Leodegardo Pruna on

    What a comparison? The best president the nation had, not counting this president, is now slowly being identified. If we take the average of the performance of previous presidents, the result would drastically go down if the performance of the present is added in the group. Hope is the only thing left. The continuation of the “tuwid na daan” would only leave us with “huwad na daan”. God bless the Philippines.

  32. To sum it all – Aquino,3rd can be likened to a beast with sheep’s clothing. He brought damages to our country but still good image at media.

    Ang kawawang kaisipan ng musmos na bata ang kanilang ngayon minamanipula,upang sumamba sa bagay na hindi nila nauunawaan at wala pang muwang kung ano ang tama at mali.
    Ang abs-cbn ay karugtong ng VATICAN,lahat ng tele serye nila ay nagtuturo sa mga musmos ng pagsamba sa mga santo at santa.

    • Justaskingseriously on

      Nandiyan ka pala sa Middle East “lalo na sa Saudi” ayon sa naisulat mo tungkol sa mga pinoy na “da best” daw. Muslim ang cultura diyan. Ang INC at mga muslim ay nagkakaisa sa pagbawal ng mga rebulto at lahat ng mg “images”. Kahit yong mga historical relics ay sinisira.

      Kawawa ang cultura na panay na lang sermon at salita. Paano matututo ang kabataan kung wala nang “teaching aids”? Kaya nga ang television na panay “images” ay malakas na medium para sa pagunawa sa mga pangyayari sa mundo. Pati na yong internet. Gaano ka sakim ang mga muslims gumamit ng internet? Lahat ng kanilang salita ay kasama na ang mga “images” ng mga hayop na hawak ang baril at espada samantalang ang kanilang mukha ay mga mata lang ang hindi tinakpan. Bakit hindi rin ipagbawal ang “images” sa internet? Dahil ang “image” ng nakamaskara habang nagpuputol ng ulo ay isang napakalakas na “teaching aid” para matakot ang hindi susunod sa kanila. Kung masama ang gumamit ng “images” ayon sa INC at MUSLIM, AYAN — dapat na rin huwag gumamit ng television at internet. HIndi ba? Mayroon yata sariling television network ang mga INC. Bakit kaya sila ay sang-ayon sa mga images sa television? Kung ang rebulto ay “graven images” di lalo na ang mga nakikita sa television at internet ay nagiging “engraved” sa utak. Paano alisin ang naka “engraved” na sa utak? Samantala ang “nagsasamba” (according to you) ay natototo makipagusap sa mga “espiritual” na mga “heroes” at sa ganoon ay nagpapatunay ng kanilang pananampalataya sa mga bagay na hindi maaraing makikita. Akala ko ba na naisulat mo na “alam ng bawa’t isa kung ano ang mabuti para sa kaniya.” Bakit ka bumalik sa pag atake ng pananampalataya ng karamihan ng mga “da best”???

  34. Ninoy’s treacherous and treasonous action of revealing Marcos’ plan of Merdeka (Jabidah) in the late 1960’s caused the Philippines to lose Sabah from Malaysia.

    Now, Noynoy collaborated with the Malaysians and MILF in the balkanization of Mindanao by pressing The Congress to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

    in the 1960’s Ninoy supported and collaborated with the enemies of the state such as the CPP-NPA rebels, Jose Maria Sison, Ka Dante Buscayno, by giving them money, medicine, guns and sanctuary at the family-owned Hacienda Luisita against the wishes of some Cojuangco-Aquino relatives.

    Now, Nonoy gave P5 millions as goodwill money to the MILF while he and the leader of MILF met in Japan. Noynoy is pressing Congress to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law and if that is passed, the government is obliged to give the MILF billions of pesos. MILF can use the money to buy high calibre guns, bullets, recruit more young gullible members.

    In 1970’s, Ninoy was willing to sacrifice his friends, relatives, innocent Filipinos who attended the Liberal Party’s miting de advance in Plaza Miranda by not revealing to the police authorities, CPP-NPA’s plan of bombing the Plaza Miranda. Ninoy wanted to get at all cost the Philippine presidency, even if that meant deaths of innocent civilians.

    Now, Noynoy met with the MILF leaders and willing to dismember some Mindanao provinces from the Philippines, in order to get his much coveted Nobel Peace Prize award.

    But by twist of fate, Ninoy even became a martyr. An enemy of the state becoming a hero in the eyes of some unknowing Filipinos.

    • Thank you for your enlightening comment. The problem with us Filipinos is we forget so easily.

  35. What can you expect from a President who knows nothing but vengeance, surrounded by “brainless” advisers (understandable of course, as the one who selected them is of their kind), some of which are out and out known to be corrupt. Just look at all the contracts entered into by Abaya, the agricultural importation of Alcala, and the performance of BOC under Lina. To top them all, Abad still on a different name and cloth, DAP NGN DAP DAP, notwithstanding that it has been declared illegal by the SC. Noy 2, your inhumane treatment of GMA will comeback to haunt you. And you think Roxas know better? What does he have to have the gall to run for president? He can’t even manage the distribution and administration of relief goods. Remember his “sterling performance” on Yolanda? Noy2 remember this: KARMA, KARMA, KARMA.

  36. I hope and pray that Pnoy will get jailed now or after 2016 election, of all the scums hounded upon his administration and all the hatred and divisiveness spills over the whole country every time pnoy lied in front of the camera… as if he fart in his mouth people are in chaos every time he opened his mouth and speak!!! Pnoy is corrupt, inutil, liar!!!

  37. pnoy is more afraid of the marcoses than he is of gloria macapagal-arroyo. plain and simple. if he was not, he would have been hot on the marcos’ trail for the the last 5 years of his presidency and then bring them to justice. he is afraid to bring bong bong marcos to the ring for a good fight bcause he knows his ass will get kicked big time. unlike gloria macapagal-arroyo. he can kick her all he wants because he’s dealing with a weakling.