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Megastar Sharon Cuneta was definitely in the mood for some chit chat and gamely sat for a three-hour Q&A with the press for her comeback concert Sharon at The Theatre at Solaire.

Slated on October 15 and 22, the two-nighter will be her first major concert in the Philippines since 2012.

Sharon went from giddy to emotional as she talked about all the recent developments in her career and personal life.

One of the most followed celebrities on social media—both in the positive and negative sense—she had no qualms saying that she has grown a thick skin toward her bashers. When Sharon returned to TV via ABS-CBN’s The Voice Kids early this year, her weight was the cruel subject of many netizens’ posts. Her take on certain issues also invited many disagreeable webbies.

 Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta

“As long as you ignore [them], mamamatay naman iyong hindi totoo eh [what isn’t true will just fizzle out],” she generally said of social media bashing.

So as a gift to her fans, the techie 50-year-old promised to be active again on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and is even asking her daughters Frankie and Miel Pangilinan to teach her Snapchat!

The showbiz darling also vows never to allow anymore bashers to affect her like before when she went off social media, but made clear that there is only one criticism she will accept.

“That is if I should be called a failure if one of my children end up a failure in their lives because of a negative attitude. But that’s not likely to happen because we raised them well.”

Sharon has two daughters with her husband Senator Francis Pangi­linan, and an adopted son.

Meanwhile, as for her eldest KC Concepcion—her daughter with first husband Gabby Concepcion—the Mega mom openly shared that she is fond of her current beau, Azkals team captain Aly Borromeo.

“Anybody who is nice to my daughter, who makes her a better person, and brings her closer to the family I will like—and Aly is like that!”

Moving on to her weight loss, Sharon proudly declared she has lost more than 60 pounds from her “tikim-tikim diet.” “Tikim” the Filipino word for “tasting something,” means the celebrity does not deprive herself with the food she likes to eat, but has a little of her favorites as she diets. Besides working out for her, her latest and most successful attempt at weight loss gives her a better disposition in her life.

 Kiana Valenciano

Kiana Valenciano

“Oh My God there is absolutely no comparison to where I am now from two years ago!” she exclaimed. I am in a much much better place. I feel good not just physically but… I was able to get through losing my mom [Elaine Cuneta]. The sadness… everything. God is good.”

With her new found happiness, she just let out a boisterous laugh when asked about her supposed “Bilibid prison performance,” in 2012, which a witness at the controversial Senate inquiry on extra judicial killings and the drug problem blurted out.

Sharon clarified that she performed for inmates as part of a reachout program for TV5 back then, which was organized by civil society leader Gang Badoy Capati of RockEd Philippines.

The Megastar animatedly chatted that she even performed with the bands from Bilibid, bought two paintings from inmates, and sang with them all for the sake of giving them hope and inspiration. She quickly pointed out too that she never met any drug lords when she went there.

“I never met anyone there in the way that they were trying to insinuate. I’ve never been chummy or will ever be chummy with drug lords, nor have I ever received any money from them. Eh di sana matagal na akong payat! If I did, then I would have been thinner a long time ago!” she laughed uncontrollably again.

Now that’s how you clarify an issue!

It seems like the Pangilinan clan has a lot to talk about lately. This time, it is Angeli and Gary Valenciano’s youngest Kiana Valenciano, who just jointly celebrated her new single “Circles” and hitting 100,000 followers on Instagram.

“’Circles’ is about a relationship that just ended and when you keep trying and trying but it’s really over. So you keep going in circles.”

She co-wrote, co-arranged and co-produced this single with her dad.

It’s obvious though that this 23-year-old morena beauty’s love life is far from going in circles. Kiana smiled from ear to ear when asked about Sam Concepcion who’s being linked to her right now. The love buzz all began when their hang outs became well circulated on social media.

Though Kiana admits that they don’t have a label, she did say that they unexpectedly became close.

“I’m not going to say dating. We hang out. I don’t see what’s wrong with that, you know?”

On family affairs, she also revealed that the Valencianos are very much affected by the ongoing separation of her brother Gab and his wife, model Tricia Centenera, because of an alleged third party on Gab’s side.

Kiana still talks to Tricia everyday, and she says that their family will forever treat her as a member. She just hopes that people won’t be too quick to judge them after what went down with Gab and Tricia.

“It’s so sad that the whole family is being questioned. As Christians we are not telling people we are perfect. We’re human like everyone else. When something like that happens, you just have to move forward.”

It’s such a hassle when workmates on set are not cooperative—more so when they’re late or suddenly disappear!

According to In The Know’s source, that is exactly what happened on the set of an enchanted series when two co-stars mysteriously vanishing. The taping came into a stall for a good three hours because of the to actors, and what is more juicy is that the production personnel caught them getting intimate on the set’s sidelines!

Good thing they were reprimanded. Naughty, naughty indeed.

Until next week! Ta-ta!


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