• The missing Opposition


    (By Yen Makabenta, Opinion, January 7, 2014)
    Benigno Aquino III —– From hero to zero, from pedestal to the pit, from white to black from riches to rags for us, from rags to riches for them! last 2 minutes na daw….kaya overtime na sila sa pagnanakaw….para makarami!
    Ramon, ngramonc8@yahoo.com

    Everyone should sacrifice even to the extent of losing in the next election; they should expose all blunders and plunders of this administration. This man should not last up to 2016. He can lead our country to nowhere. If the former president Arroyo cannot, who is able to do?
    Dods, rama_napoleon@yahoo.com

    We can never have an opposition if we keep on electing people who does not do anything but wait for the opportune time to recieve or steal the people’s money. If there is going to be a new election, the past and present crop of elected officials should not be reelected or appointed to any government position. The whole government should start on a really new slate. As they call it “like a virgin”.
    Teddy Tefilo, espirituteodoro@yahoo.com


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    1. How did anybody else vote in the last presidential election? I am contented with my vote. I am glad I voted the way I did; otherwise, I would just shut up and instead write and get hold of my senator and my congressman and see it there is something else they can do with the shortcomings showing up here and there. But name-calling, sour-graping, making smart remarks I have seen all these before, I believed they never worked and I doubt if they will ever work at all.
      Next election I will vote again and if there are shortcomings (when was it that there was no shortcomings anyway); then I contact my senator and my congressman about my concerns. Bitching, to me it is a waste of time.