The mystery of the missing national artists

Katrina Stuart Santiago

Katrina Stuart Santiago

Where has the National Artist declaration gone?

Because I remember hearing from the grapevine that the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) had already submitted its final list to the Office of the President, before, if not around the time, Yolanda hit, I figured then that the declaration could only be delayed by the tragedy, and rightfully so.

But it’s been two months since, and the National Artist Award (NAA) has become the subject of rumors. And while bad / sad news isn’t extraordinary for this institution—we could go on and on! —this time around the rumors point to something that we haven’t heard in recent years about the NAA. And while this might all be chismis, it’s interesting and new enough to warrant a conversation.

This is what happens when we wait too long for the President to make the declaration.

Not simply presidential prerogative
The normal controversy that surrounds the NAA has to do with Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Executive Order No. 435, s. 2005 which amended Section 5 (IV) of Executive Order 236 of 2003. The latter states that the President will confer the National Artist Award to deserving individuals “upon the recommendation of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).” The more important amendment via EO435 was in this statement: “the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Cultural Center of the Philippines shall advise the President on the conferment of the Order of National Artists.” This effectively downgrades the function of the CCP and the NCCA, where in the end the President is not bound to work with a recommendation, and is free to ignore advice.

In practice, the President could always add one (or two) names to the list of National Artists, and this would be acceptable. But GMA did one over the NAA, when she not only added four people to the list in 2009—Carlo Caparas, Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, Francisco Mañosa and Pitoy Moreno—but also removed one name from the CCP-NCCA list, that of Ramon Santos.

My issue from the beginning was that she didn’t need to remove anyone at all from the list; she could’ve added the four names without having to sacrifice one, after all. But also it became about two things: whether or not Caparas was qualified to be National Artist at all, rejected as he was by two committees (literature and visual arts), and the unethical nature of having proclaimed Guidote-Alvarez when she was Executive Director of NCCA at that time.

In July 2013, the Supreme Court declared void GMA’s proclamation of her four chosen National Artists for 2009. Sadly, this did not mean the automatic proclamation of Ramon Santos.

The Superstar  of the 2013 NAA
I was glad to hear from the grapevine that Ramon Santos was again being recommended by the CCP-NCCA National Artist Selection Committee. It is the right thing to do. I heard, too, that Cirilo Bautista is finally National Artist for Literature, which makes me immensely happy, literature major that I am.

But the bigger name really is that of Nora Aunor. And yes, her name on that list was part of the chismis that I heard, and I thought then that she absolutely deserves it—in fact no other movie actress does. No other actress after all has made many of her roles iconic; memorable doesn’t quite cut it for Ate Guy. She is Elsa as she is Bona, and she is Flor Contemplacion as she Mabuti, and that list goes on. She had the longest running variety show on television via Superstar, has a singing voice so distinct, it barely matters if she’s making albums still.

Noranians have been giddy with expectation, and one can’t help but join in the excitement. Because there is something wonderful about having the Superstar of Philippine TV and movies having a go at an award that is always being criticized for being elitist.

Ah, but the rumors have also zeroed in on Ate Guy, where talks have been rife about how her morals are being put into question, and is in fact the reason why she has yet to be proclaimed National Artist, and why there has yet to be proclamation at all. It was unclear in the beginning what they meant by morals and morality, until showbiz reporter Arnel Ramos wrote about how it seems to be about the kind of citizen Ate Guy is. That is, so the rumors say, this is about Ate Guy’s alleged tax evasion cases, which to the powers-that-be are an important aspect of her being “National Artist.”

Nowhere in the Proclamation No. 1001 (April 27 1972), which established the Order of the National Artist Award, is there a morality clause; neither is there a sense that one’s tax paying (or non-taxpaying) self needs to be considered in deciding who can be National Artist. If this is true, that we are judging Ate Guy on aspects of her person that have nothing to do with her contributions to Philippine cinema, music and television, then we are being unfair to her. If this is true, and she will lose a National Artist Award based on something that is extraneous to her body of work, then we must hold all National Artists under that same lens.

That this lens is one that’s about morality and decency, subjective and changing as that is, will of course make this an impossible task. One wonders why we’re making it possible for Ate Guy.


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  1. OMG, Ibigay nýo na nga sa Noranians yang NATIONAL ARTIST AWARD para matapos na! So much more important things in life than wasting time arguing which is which…even Ate Vi has no problem with this award being given to her kumare. Enough is enough.

    • oo nga sangayon naman si gov, ewan ko pa dyan kay pnoy pinatatagal pa… gusto yata kay bugoy ibigay e di naman qualified sa crietria na set ng NCCA and CCP.


    “Ang kamalian, pagkukulang, kakapusan o kapansanan kailanman ay hindi dapat gawing sukatan para masabing walang bahid dungis at buong buo ang isang tao. Dahil kahit saan daanin, ang kagalingan ng tao sa kanyang larangan ay hindi dahil sa ipinapakita niyang lakas, talino o pisikal na anyo kundi sa kung ano ang kaya niyang hugutin sa isip at puso.

    in short, kung ako ang pipili, bibilangin ko ang mga bagay na magandang nagawa niya sa kanyang obra at hindi yung pagkakamali niya sa personal na buhay…. Kung ganyan magisip ang mga pipili ng national artist…. Eh di dapat pala kwestyunin ang pagiging bayani ni dr jose rizal na napabalitang babaero, o paalisin nila sa pwesto ang maraming pulitiko na may mga kwestyunableng karakter.. Aba mauubusan tayo ng maraming lider sa bansang ito. O kaya tumingin sila sa salamin at tanungin nila ang sarili…… Malinis ba ako para kwestyunin ang baho ng iba?”

    *Cesar Apolinario, Jr. is a filmmaker, field reporter and journalist. He has directed three feature films – “Banal” (2007) for which he won MMFF Best Director, “Puntod” (2009) for which he won Star Awards Digital Movie Director of the Year, and “Dance of the Steel Bars” (2013) which was shortlisted by the Film Academy of the Philippines for the Oscars.

  3. Nora clearly deserves the national artist award. Mapa musika o pelikula, naging malaki ang papel nya sa kulturang Pilipino. Mapa lokal o international, naitayo niya ang bandila ng Pilipinas. mula tawag ng Tanghalan hanggang sa pagiging isa sa World’s best actress ng HBO, pinatunayan nya ang kanyang walang kupas na talento.

  4. Whether morality is included or not in NA procedures and qualifications, Malacanang is really contemplating on the integrity of Nora. They will never be able to explain to the people how come an artist like Nora with questionable integrity will be given NA award. Magtatanong kasi ang mga boy scouts at girls scout sa kanila ng… Pwede pala maging National Artist ang isang taong nakulong, nagdroga, maraming bisyo at nagbigay kahihiyan sa Pinas??? Okay lang pala yun, pwede pala kaming mag kaward kahit ganun…. Well.. a little bit common sense and reality check indeed.

    • Simple lang po ang sagot dyan sa tanong mo…di na po kailangan itanong ng mga Boy or Girl Scouts yan sa Malacanang…dahil kahit magtanong sila sa magulang nila or guro or kaibigan or kahit sinong ordinaryong tao ay alam na ang great talent at achievement ng isang Nora Aunor ay higit pa sa personal nyang buhay….

    • Ang mga obra mo ang sinusukat sa pagiging national artist, hindi ang personal na buhay. Ang mga naiambag mo sa sining ang kinikilatis, hindi ang mga pangyayari sa personal na buhay ang batayan. Kung yun ang basehan e d dapat best in moral character ang award na at hindi national artist ang award. Pasok sa banga ang mga achievement ni Nora.

    • wala namang dapat na patunayan pa ang sino man sa kanila magagaling naman silang pareho pero kung quality or standard na ang pag-uusapan.. ISO accredited na si Nora..napapanahon na igawad sa kanya ang National Artist Award.

    • Liwanag, pag laki ng mga boy scouts at girl scouts na sinasabi mo eh magkakasala din sila dahil Hindi sila Diyos. Ang importante marunong tumayo ang isang nilalang sa pagkakasadlak niya kung siya man ay may shortcomings sa buhay.

      Ang mga naging saints eh dumaan din sila sa maraming pagsubok at kasalanan bago sila naging Santo.

      Si Nora ay may pagkakamali sa buhay at sino naman ang walang sala sa mundong ito. Hindi matatawaran ang naiaambag Ni Nora sa kanyang sining at kultura ng pilipino.

      In my opinion isa siyang modelo ng kabataan dahil isa siyang tunay na tao nadapa, tumatayo at nakikipaglaban sa buhay. Walang taong di dumadaan sa pagsubok. Sa pagtayo niyang muli binigyan niya ng karangalan ang bansang Pilipinas.

      Ganyan ang ituro sa mga boy scouts at girl scouts. Ang rumespeto sa kapwa.

      Mabait na tao si Nora kilalanin niyo muna bago siya husgahan.

    • Justice for ARTISTs on

      Nora’s integrity is measured by her ART. Her role in our nation’s history in film, music and other forms of broadcasts is much MORE substantial than others who have been enthroned as national artists. I wonder why people judge her as not having the morals as if they are so clean.

      Let ART BE. Let NORA BE.

  5. Hayyyy NAKU! Vilmanians! dalhin nyo ang DISKURSO NYO SA taong bayan! walang ngang pumapansin eh!!! nakakaintindi ba kayo!

    Si Nora ang Topic dito national artist hindi si Vilma.
    Sige mahirap na kung mahirap si Nora, lugmok na kung lugmok, tapos na.
    Wag nyo nang ipilit si vilma jusko day! KUlit nyo.

    Plaridel plaridel plaridel. Daka daka daka sige na artist na si Vilma, kilalanin nyo na siya! at hayaan nyo na rin ang mga experts my goooooooddddddddneeeeessss.

  6. Nabasa ko Lang po sa isang fan site and I think very timely para I share dito.


    By Mauro Feria Tumbocon, Jr., Director, Filipino Arts & Cinema International (FACINE), January 28, 2014

    For months now, expectations are high, at least among her fans, admirers and supporters, that Nora Aunor, the Philippine Superstar, has been named for the Order of National Artist, along with five others, which list was submitted to the Office of the President for conferment.

    Sadly, rumors are rife that said conferment is being delayed, her selection – after undergoing rigorous process of nomination and peer evaluation – being questioned on account of her “morals”, which details I hesitate to mention because they are without merit.

    If we were to base her being named as National Artist – for Cinema and Broadcast Arts, on artistic achievement alone and her impact on popular culture, if not contemporary Philippine history, hers is certainly unequalled, unparalleled, perhaps, will never be duplicated even in this millennium.


    1. Her more than four-decade long career spans all media – including radio, recording, television, cinema, live entertainment, theater; she is the only star/performer who can lay claim to the title, Queen of all Media indeed.

    2. Her popularity as star/performer is phenomenal: her movie, GUY & PIP, 1971 (with Tirso Cruz III) is the highest-grossing movie of all time (when adjusted for inflation); her recording, PEARLY SHELLS, sold one million units, becoming one of the biggest-selling records; her tv program, SUPERSTAR, was the longest-running musical-variety show.

    3. Her film works are nothing short of remarkable: the only Filipino actor who won international recognition in five continents; the only Filipino actor whose films were shown in top three international film festivals; the only Filipino actress named by CCP Centennial for the Arts; the only Filipino actor acknowledged by HBO as one of the world’s greatest living actresses.
    – and more!

    If indeed it were true that her selection is being jeopardized by accusation of moral transgressions – her celebrity and genius have both inspired awe (from her fans and admirers) and envy (from her detractors and professional rivals) – then, this serves as a dangerous precedent for subsequent artists who will undergo the same process of selection.

    Are we to accept that all of them should be questioned of similar “sins of morals”? How do we make of current national artists and would-be candidates who are known to be alcoholics, philanderers/womanizers, gamblers, who have been accused of physical assault, enablers of dictators, conmen, drug dealers, etc.

    Is Nora Aunor’s supposed “sins” really worse than them? If she were to be denied of this national recognition, then justice is lost.

    Let she/he who is without sin, cast the first stone!

    Nora Aunor for National Artist!

  7. Achievement wise talagang behind si Vilma Santos kaysa kay Nora Aunor, dimo maitatago ang katotohanan, lets accept the truth para wala na kayong awayan

    • Bebegandanghari on

      Tama ka dyan bakla… Ang daming makabuluhan pelikula nagawa ni ate vi, nandyan ung Kampanerang Kuba, darna and the giant, roberta at Ging. Maganda at i restore ang film na ang darna lipad darna. Dyos ko day, sa acting ability. nakamiss ung kanyang mga hysterical acting (the more louder, the better). Ang kanyang mga recoding songs noong 70’s na kahit boses bata ay isang platinum. Laban pa ba kayo dyan.

    • Alam mo ba ang sinasabi mong achievements? Teh kung ang tulad ni Nora ang achiever di bale na lang. Alam naman ng lahat kung gaano kabagsak ang career at personal na buhay ni Nora, so anong achievements ang sinsabi mo. Ni kalahati ng achievements ni Vilma ay wala si Nora.

      Tanungin mo nga sarili mo ang meron kay Nora na wala si Vilma. Best actress awards ba ang pinagmamalaki ninyo? Sorry pero alam ng lahat meron best actress awards si Vilma mapa local o international man.

      So in terms of awards, both Vilma and Nora are achievers. Pero other than that ano pa ang pwede mong ipagmalaki kay Nora?

      Sumikat si Nora, pero sumikat din si Vilma.

      Pero si Vilma mula noon hanggang ngayon ay sikat pa rin. Si Nora kailan ang huling pelikula ni Nora na kumita? Flor Contemplacion?

      Tumakbong Governor si Nora, nanalo ba? Si Vilma ilang taon ng public servant. From mayor naging governor si Vilma. So mas achiever ba si Nora ?

      Sino ang mas respected kina Vilma at Nora? Vilma has been in the political arena for a long time now. Pero in spite of being busy sa politics, hindi nawawala sa limelight si Vilma. May movies at may product endorsements. This has been going on for many decades na.

      Si Nora ano na ang achievement niyang pinagmamalaki mo? Yun bang mahulihan ka ng droga at maranasan mong maghirap dala ng sugal at alak ay isang achievement?

      Sa tao ang pinakamalaking achievements ay yun mapanatili mong malinis ang iyong pangalan at patuloy kang nirerespeto at pinagkakatiwalaan.

      At ang pinaka malaking achievements sa buhay ay ang magkaroon ka ng masayang buhay, masayang pamilya, matitinong anak na kapwa mo ay achievers din.

      Ay naku, Nora maybe a great actress pero hindi niya solo yan. We have so many great actresses at yun mga yun di naranasan ang bumagsak ng husto tulad ni Nora. Nora in the eyes of many is the biggest loser in life.

    • Kahit ano pa ang sabihin nyo Vilma si not qualified to be a Natioal Artist ! Nakakaawa ang mga Vilmanian pinagsisiksikan ang kanilang idolo mga insecured and lack of self-confidence !

  8. Karapatdapt na ibigay na. wala pang kapantay si Nora aunor sa lahat ng achievement niya from local and international. Dapat bulabugin na si Pnoy na ibigay na o baka naman may behind sa kanya na nagsasabi huag muna.

  9. Gorgonya Macaspac on

    Bottomline, Vilma Santos did not even reach round 2 of the screening. Devah???? Alam nyo yan, mga Vilmanians.

    Plus, wag nang ipasok ang name ng idolo nyo noh. Ang pinag-uusapan dito eh kung bakit di pa ibinibigay ng malacanang ang national artist award kay Nora at sa iba pa.


  10. What the fuss? Nora is a candidate for National Artist not for Canonization. Those who claim that she does not deserve the recognition should review first the criteria. the problem with us is that we are eaten up by our “fan mentality.” We fail to be rational because we don’t open our eyes and mind to the real issue. If indeed Vilma is better than Nora, then show us the proof! Nora’s body of work as an artist is incomparable. The National Artist Award is long overdue. This is the right time that Nora be proclaimed. SA MGA NAGMAMARUNONG…ASK FIRST THE COMMITTEES THAT REVIEWED THE PROCEDURE.


  11. Una ng naglatahala ng artikulo si Isagani Cruz na sumasang ayon sa pagka National Artist ni Nora, si Isagani Cruz ay isang malaking personalidad sa mundo ang akademya at literatura, ngayon naman ay si Katrina Santiago na nagsusulat sa popular na kultura.. Sila ang mga taong may mas malawak na pagsipat sa sining. Mas may kredibilidad sila kesa sa mga bayarang writers ni Vilma.

  12. Jonathan Catunao on

    The intensity of the debate on the comments section show how coveted this title is. But the case is closed. The government bodies tasked to select the honorees have already spoken and for Film and Broadcast Arts, their National Artist is Nora Aunor. After rigorous screening of the credentials of many aspirants including Dolphy and Vilma, all perished save for one diminutive but extremely talented entertainer whose diversity ranged from music to theater to television and most specially in the world of cinema. Nora Aunor is bigger than Michael Jackson because Michael never made it as an actor. Nora Aunor is more versatile than Meryl Streep because Merryl never made a single platinum record. Only one name comes very close to her — Barbra Streisand making it big both as a recording artist and as an actress/director. But Barbra’s cinema success was short-lived and she returned to singing. To think Nora can outclass the greatest of Hollywood means there is no comparison locally – even if you lump Dolphy, Vilma and FPJ together.

  13. Kung noranians ng mga taga CCP at NCCA Matagal na sanang National ARtist si Nora dahil napapasama siya sa roster many years ago. But they did not approve of her qualifications at that time. At present Nora’s cup is overflowing ….indeed the fruits of her la bor have paid off.

    What you reap is what you sow. Her body of works are far superior than anyone else.

    Hindi nakukuha yan sa pahubad hubad ng damit para Lang masabi Magaling at versatile actress ka.

    From his pep interview here is what Brillante Mendoza had said re Nora: ” Nora doesn’t need to reinvent herself. She is good on what she does” to that effect.

    Those who have knowledge in film making whether they are actors, drectors or technical people know the greatness of Nora as an artist.


    Kaya wag gagamit ng argumentong walang saysay. Baseless accusations !!!

    • Patay na si william leary, isa na lang ang may hawak ng sikreto ng ekstrang darna tungkol sa pamimili niya ng award, si ka alfie lorenzo na pro nya that time.

    • Gorgonya Macaspac on

      ay meron pang isang witness dyan. si ernie pecho na mismong famas juror that year. oh, aminin mo, ate vi

  14. in making a decisive and executive decision one must weigh things accordingly and will act in accordance will morality and dignity thank you

  15. Nora not only acted in films but produced films that has become classic like Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, Bona etc. She risk her popularity by appearing in non commercial films like Himala where she is only the featured star. Daring siya, hindi siya playing safe, kaya mas exciting siya as an actor. Kitang kita ang effort niya na maitaas ang antass ng quality ng mga pelikula niya. Malaking bahagi siya ng kulturang Pilipino dahil na rin sa kasaysayan ng buhay nya at patuloy niyang pagpupunyagi sa buhay pati na rin ang pagbangon mula sa pagkakalugmok. Walang perpekto , ang importante hindi tayo sumusuko. For that, she deserves to be National Artist

    • michaela perla berganio on

      tama! ang tagumpay sa buhay ay hindi masusukat sa mga kayamanang lupa, o kung anong kapangyarihan meron ka ngaun, kundi sa bawat lugmok mo sa buhay ay nagpursigi kang bumangon at pinagpapatuloy mo ang magagandang gawain para sa pag-unlad ng mundo na ginagalawan mo! Hindi matatawaran ang contributions ng isang Nora Aunor sa Sining ng Pelikula at wala pa ring makapantay sa mga achievements nya bilang Artista at pinatunayan na yan sa pagpili sa kanya ng NCCA at CCP bilang National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts taong 2013!

  16. Kahit naman manalo pa ng National Artist award si Nora ay di pa rin nito mababago kung ano ang status ni Nora sa buhay nito ngayon.

    Aanhin mo ang alinmang awards kung wala ng naniniwala sa iyo? Tanging mga iilang die hard noranians na lang naman ang naniniwala kay Nora. Yun mga fans niya na walang ginawa kundi ang mag lobby para manalo ng awards si Nora. Akala nila napapasaya pa si Nora ng mga awards na yan.

    Pera ang kailangan ni Nora para mabuhay siya ng marangal. Wala ng tiwala ang taong bayan kay Nora kaya kahit na kulapulan mo man siya ng lahat ng awards, deadma pa rin sa kanya ang taong bayan. Kaya nga nagngingitngit ang mga Noranians kasi nga ultimo Malacanang deadma sa mga achievements ni Nora.

    Dapat noong last year pa iginawad yan NationalArtist Award na yan. Pero hanggang nagyon nag iisip pa ang Presidente kung amgju join siya sa panlilinlang ng mga Noranians. Sige ibigay ninyo ang National Artist Award kay Nora at tulad pa rin ng dati walang papansin kay Nora.

    • well said pero kayong mga vilmanians ang unang pumapansin sa galing ni ate guy. so who cares kung wala syang pera! kayo ba ang magugutom! Ang gusto lang naman i welcome sa malacanan eh mga beauty queen na nakaka duda for the president to consistently do that. well, tama ka dapat na nga ibigay kay Nora ang National Artist award. Next time na lang si VS kapag talagang aprubado na sya ng screening committee. for now, the selection and nomination is over. conferment na lang. kahit magtagal pa ang conferment basta history na sa film industry si AG.

    • Hindi ninyo maiipluwensiya ang Presidente. Kung hindi siya bilib kay Nora wala kayong magagawa.

      Nakaka awa na nga lang talaga ang kalagayan ni Nora ngayon. Kung dati sikat siya at mapera, ngayon naman ay di na kumikita ang mga pelikula niya at barya barya na lang siya kumita.

      Out of awa, siguro pwede n arin ibigay ang National Artist Award kay Nora. Kahit papaano ay magkakaroon siya ng panggastos at di na nya kailangan mangutang pa.

    • pera pala ang katumbas ng kasikatan at kasaganaan para sa iyo. ang isang artista malalaos sa tamang panahon. isang kayamanan na kilalanin ang isang artista ng industriya na kanyang kinabilangan sa mga susunod na henerasyon. walang katumbas na halaga ang pagyamanin ang sining at kultura ng ating bayan. kaya para sa amin, hindi kailangan ni nora ang pera dahil lubhang mayaman na sya at payayamanin sa mga darating na panahon.

  17. NCCA and CCP, Noranians ba lahat? Well kong totoo, di maganda, meaning alam nila kong sino ang tunay na magaling at tunay na alagad ng sining!

    • AGREE ! Absolutely.
      But it is not about “who is the fan of who…” the issue here is the achievement. The committees had done their part and they found NORA deserving of the award. Who are we to question it?

      We were not even present during the deliberation which I was told took them months to finish due to a thorough assessment of the data presented.

      Sa isang “makitid na pag-iisip” lamang, we are ruining the procedure. Come on!

    • Vilma Villamayor on

      Kaya nga illegal at dapat ng balasahin dahil walang credibility, dahil mga Noranians ang mga miyembro nito. Walang objectivity at nagiging fan-based na lang. Dapat na ngang balasahin ang mga miyembro ng NCCA and CCP. Bigyan na lang ng ala “Bisato de Orang” award si Nora from her fanatics.

  18. Ipaubaya na ninyo kay Nora Aunor ang National Artist Award kung yun ang magpapaligaya sa kanya. Consolation na lang yun sa kanya dahil matagal ng di kumikita ang mga movies niya.

    Let’s be fair. Marami ng mga biyaya si Vilma Santos. Mayaman na siya at hanggang ngayon ay tinatangkilik pa rin ang mga pelikula niya. Successful siyang bilang politician at napaka successful din niya bilang ina at asawa ng senador. Imagine, ang mga anak niya ay pawang matatalino at si Luis naman ay lumikha na rin ng sariling pangalan sa showbiz. Kumikita na rin ng malaki at nagkaka awards na rin.

    Marami pa ring movie offers si Vilma at hanggang sa ngayon ay product endorsers ng dalawang kilalang produkto.

    Hindi kailangan ni Vilma Santos ang National Artist award. Ipaubaya na nya yan kay Nora o kay Dolphy. Darating din ang para kay Vilma yun hindi inila lobby.

    Balato na natin kay Nora yan. Hindi naman siya yayaman sa award na yan at hindi na rin maibabalik ng award na yan ang dati nyang ningning. Sandaling paahon na lang malilimutan din yan at ang tanging maalala na lang ay kung paano siya nabuhay at kung paano niya pinatakbo ang buhay niya.

    • Kaya pala biggest flop ng Starcinema yang Ekstra, nireject pa ng Cannes filmfest. What a pity! Cge na ibabalato na namin yang award from Bangladesh where no best picture was declared.

    • Hahaha mga sour grapers Kesyo Hindi kailangan kesyo mayaman, etc eh bakit nandito kayo sa news ni Nora at ipinagpipilitan nyo na maging National ARtist idol nyo.

      Dami nyo pintas Kay Nora kesyo drug addict, bad morals eh bakit threaten na threaten kayo?

      Insecurities tawag dyan at walang gamot sa sakit na yan :-)


    • what a pity reading this kind of comment makikita kung anong klaseng pakatao meron ka kung sino ka man you are hitting below the belt and people like you na tumitingin sa karangyaan ng buhay at pinupulaan ang mga taong kapos sa materyal na bagay ay walang karapatang humusga every one has his/her choice of life. di man siya(Nora) mayaman, di man buo ang pamilya nya its out of the question…. here ang pinag uusapan ay “A-R-T-I-S-T-R-Y” kuha mo ba? hindi ang personal life ng isang tao. sana gumising kayo(vilmanians) sa katotohanan na kung achievements sa sining ng pag arte at sa lahat na ng communictiong(theater,radio, tv, stage etc ) the name Nora Aunor has proven her worth with flying colors so theres no doubt that she deserves the title “National Artist.”…..di na sana kita papatula but your hitting below the belt so yong mga katulad mo dapat hinihilamusan bago lumabas ng bahay at magkalat.

    • It is nobody’s business how Nora runs her life. What she does in her personal time is her business alone. The discussion here is about her artistry here and the recognitions she obtained abroad not once, not twice, not thrice, but multiple times.

    • You’re comparing apples to oranges. In other words, huwag mong ikumpara si Nora as an artist against Vilma as a family person, actress and politician.

      Ang pinag-uusapan ay National ARTist.

    • Wala raw best picture sa Bangladesh Filmfest. Vilma won as best actress. Iyan ang kaibahan Ni Vilma, bakit Pareho na ba ang best picture at best actress ngayon? Kaya pala kinamkam Ni Nora ang credit nung manalo ang “himala” sa mga pindotang daliri as best film. Kawawang Bernal

    • Ang “ekstra” at hindi pulled- out sa mga sinehan, ang TW pulled out. So alin ang kumita sa dalawa?

    • From the mouth of Dhaka officials there were no good movies this year compare to previous years of the festival. Puros average films ang sumali kasama ang mediocre na Extra.

      Huwag na magtaka kung bakit reject yan sa Cannes Film Festival.

      Hotoy hotoy best actress award for Vilma galing sa Bangladesh.

    • Ang flop ay yun Kwento ni Mabuti ni hindi nakatikim ng commercial run. Ano feeling ng mga noranians na idolo nila ay waley ng bango sa takilya. Thy Womb was another flop. Ano ba yan. Buti pa ang EKSTRA kumita ng malaki dahil sa ilang linggo pinalabas sa buong Pilipinas. Naiplabas din ito ng ilang linggo sa America, Canada, Middle East at Australia.

      Yun mga inggiterang Noranians ayun nagkakalat na flop daw. Wala naman naniniwala sa kanila. Common sense lang naman yan.

  19. Vilma is more derserving than Nora Aunor. In terms of awards and recognition nakakalamang si Vilma. It so happened lang talagang may mga Noranians sa NCCA at CCP.

    Mapunta man kay Nora Aunor ang National Artist Award I don’t think she will be happy for it because she no longer needs additional awards. What she needs now is money to support her. Saka anything na nakuha sa lobbying ay hindi mo pagdarangal.

    • for one…Nora was NEVER CONVICTED. please check the records before you assume things. secondly, Nora NEVER ASKED THAT SHE BE DECLARED. someone nominated her and the group tasked to oversee and study the qualifications of the nominees found her deserving of the accolade. third, the award is for ARTISTRY, not SAINTHOOD. there isn’t anything in the criteria pertaining to whatever immorality you were referring as reason not to confer the award to her. Common sense please. there are guidelines and rules set for this particular recognition and those who are tasked to elevate nominees to such recognition found her more than worthy of it. lastly, if there are Noranians in the CCP and NCCA don’t you think she should have gotten this way before anyone else? this isn’t the first time her name made in the list during the deliberations after all…

    • haha! lobbying daw o. lobbying ba yung dumaan sa dalawang matitinding deliberation? kung talagang may lobbying e di sana matagal ng NA awardee si vilma.

    • Magngangawa man ang mga Noranians, wala na silang magagawa pa sa lugmok na career ni Nora.

  20. Mahiwagang Panyo on

    Nora Aunor is an Internationally Acclaimed Fine Artist. Others are merely movie stars. Please, for your own interest, read the criteria set forth by the CCP/NCCA and ask yourselves – Does your idol merit all the criteria!? Maggbasa-basa naman pag may time.

    • Nora Aunor got the most prestigious international awards such as Venice indpendent critics, AFA, APSA na tinatawag nyong hotoy, haleerrrr

  21. Sundin na Lang Kung ano ang nakasaad sa batas! Ang taga NCAA ay sila ang may karapatang humusga at mag decide Kung sino ang nararapat! Kaya noranian at vilmanian tayo na Lang ang nag aaway nakakahiya sa mga batang nag babasa dito ang ta tanda na natin pero Kung mag komento daif pa ang taong walang pinag aralan.
    Panahon ngayon ni Nora bukas makalawa Kay Vilma na. Sana Kung pumasa sya sa creteria! At vilmanian mag hire kayo Ng matatalinong Tao para edepensa si Vilma sa mga judges sa pag ka alam ko 2nd deliberation pa Lang ligwak na sya kasi napakababaw Ng ginawang pag ha handa ninyo!! Respect na Lang sa mga na mumono Ng organization na yan!!

    • Vilma Villamayor on

      Kakatawa naman, second deliberation daw oh!!! Isinama pa ang international award. Kunsabagay si Mang Dolphy ay may isang int’l award and si FPJ ay wala talaga. Hmmmmm….Vilma Santos is the big argument here. At ang labanan daw ay between Dolphy and Nora!! Kakatawa. Mga walang magawang Noranians lang talaga ang miyembro ng NCCA, dapat ng buwagin…

  22. Carried out through a meticulous process with utmost objectivity on the merits of the candidates, the judgment and recommendations of the NCCA and CCP as well as the council of peers weigh not only the highest honor for the finalists but also the exemplary integrity of the president whose proclamation of the National Artists attests to the reliability of government agencies–such as the NCCA and CCP–in acknowledging the authenticity of world-class Filipino artists. Hopefully, the president will dignify his mandate by honoring the choices of his trusted agencies which have– if the grapevine were true–already selected Ms. Nora Aunor along with five others in a fair and square process. Needless to say, only the culturally blind can’t see that Ms. Aunor is more than deserving to be a National Artist. Her unprecedented and multiple achievements speak for itself–something that the NCCA and the CCP have noted and something that the President ought to affirm asap. Like justice, recognition delayed is recognition denied.

    • Vilma Villamayor on

      Actress of the Century during Erap administration na linked kay Nora. Cecille Guidote-Alvarez nagging National Artista habang nakaluklok sa pamunuan ng NCCA. Kakatawa!! Kung ako si Noynoy, dapat na niyang buwagin ang mga miyembro ng CCP/NCCA. Mga taong hindi umalma sa administrasyong Arroyo. Nagpagamit noon at ngayon naman sila ang gumagamit. Mga Noranians kasi. Walang Himala!!!!!

  23. Mayroon awards na kailanman ay di makukuha ni nora.Ang tiwala ng marami at pagtangkilik ng mas nakakaraming mga tao,ang publiko.At yan ang mahalaga.Di naman kasi tinatrabaho ni Vilma ang ginagawa ng pa-underdog at api-apihan kunong addict at sugarol.Para lang sa mga desperado at LAOS ang NA.Ang CCP at NCCA ay parehong maanomalya at corrupt.

    • ang linis mo naman… kung magiging kasing galing at kasing husay ni Nora ang lahat ng adik eh dapat palang magpakalulong na lang ang lahat sa droga.

      ano ba ang mas masama…maki-apid sa asawa ng may asawa o ang mag-bisyo lang?

      teka, di ba nakitaan ng factory ng shabu don sa lugar ng idol mo?

  24. Magnolia dela cruz on

    Higit na magaling Nora sa dinadami dani ng knyang parangal wla na AABOT p dito at pwede pumantay ! Kyu na maging NCCA Dangal Ani Awardee for 2 yrs ,CCP Actress of the Century ,Asia pacific Actress of the Decade ,at madami pa iba

    Walang gamot sa INNGIT kung mkapamintas kyu wagas bkit ? Wla ba betamax tape idolo nyu ? Sino kya me tax evasion cases dati si Nora lg ba ? Pareho sila hinabol BIR wag kyung mg bulag bulagan Walang gamot sa mga taong Nag tangatangahan !

    At sa nsa MAlacanang diba me Proseso ? Pinagdaanan at ito lhat ay PINASA NOra Aunor Bakit nyu HINAHARANG ? Mtapos siya Manalo 4 na international best actress ni courtesy call sa inyo wla kyu INITIATIVE .pero papogi nyu at pg ride on sa mga popularidad ng mga beauty queens at boxers eh WAGAS .Mahiya nman kyo sa TAO sbgay ultimo SWS dinodoktor nyu .

    Si Nora Aunor ang pamantayang ng pinakamataas na pagganap bilang AKTRES .mga kritiko academician at mga estudyante ay patuloy siyang PINUPURI at gngwang subject of discussions sa mga film and arts classes sa UP at Ateneo.Kung me sablay man siya PERSONAL nya BUHAY ito ay di criteria upang hindi ibgay knya PARANGAL.

    hirap atin crab mentality hindi ntin mtangap na mas malaki pang balita si Nora kumpara sa mga kapalpakan ng Gobyernong Aquino. Walang gamot sa kasinungalingan !

    Nora Aunor is Nora Aunor at pra sa amin mtgal na siya dpat Proklamang NATIONAL ARTIST ,Mabuhay ka Nora Mabuhay tyong marunung kumilala sa SINING.

  25. Ipagtanong niyo po sa showbiz authority na si alfie lorenzo ang pangalan ng actress na bumili ng award para lang makaagapay sa karibal nya. Habang nag i speech daw e nagbabayaran ang manager nito at ang hurado sa likod ng telon. Wag kayong manghusga at baka atakehin kayo pag makalkal pa ang mga lihim sa baul ni pandora.

    • Vilma Villamayor on

      Over Alfie Lorenzo mas paniniwalaan ko ang CNN na nagbalita internationally ng pagkakahuli ni Nora sa LAX Airport. Grandslam Queen si Vilma na umabot pa sa Golden International winning for her two films. Iba-ibang Award-giving body na iba-iba ang criteria, apat na beses na napatunayan ni Vilma na hindi siya bumibili ng mga awards. Si Nora puro lobbying lang talaga.

    • sir Villamayor, kung magaling si VS sya na sana ang pinili ng screening committee. simple as that.

    • mga vilmanian lang naman ang galit na galit at walang tigil sa panggagalaite nang malamang for confirmation na lang at NA awardee na si Nora Aunor. hindi daw kailangan ng idolo nila ng national artist award, samantalang daladalawa ang site nila na vilma for national artist award.

  26. Nora is the only Filipino actress to win from a Top tier international filmfest (CAIRO). Pinarangalan din as best actress in ASIA PACIFIC in Australia. Kinilala as best actress in Penang Malaysia. Ginawaran din muli as best actress mula sa prestihiyosong Asian Film Award in Hongkong. Itinanghal ng CNN as one of the world’s best actress at ang HIMALA as best film of all time. Wala ni isa man dyan ang nanggaling sa pipitsuging kaduda dudang festival

  27. regalado sareno on

    How come that Centennial Awards during Erap Estrada’s time is more credible than Gawad Plaridel? Gawad Plaridel was given by a highest entity University of the Philippines while CA awards was politicized by Erapski and it’s a common knowledge that Nora had requested to Erap ( as her loveydovey then) not to include Vilma Santos. It’s a crime not to include Vilma Santos in that particular awards knowing the achievements of Ms Santos from 1963 to present. Erap administration had been taken it personally to Vilma as Nora’s rival. See what happened? Bad Karma came along with Erap as he was ousted in power. So was with Nora being caught in LAX
    Airport with grams of Shabu and jailed for days. Until the last time of their lives, Nora and Erapski will not forget these personal disasters in their lives. What comes around goes around! And it will not be scratched from the history not only in Philippine Showbusiness but in the country Philippines as well.

    • time will come that your idol will be investigated by the BIR…my audit compliance report sya na hindi pa nya nasasagot last year. i guess, soon your idol time will soon to come. and if that time comes, we will not say anything against your idol, we will simply offer a prayer for her.

    • ewan ko po rin ano ba yan gawad plaridel award; cguro dahil asawa ciya ni senator recto..?

  28. Anna marie ngo on

    There is no other living actor or actress deserving of the title of National Artist except the one and only Superstar. May the President finds it in his heart to give the honors that Ms. Nora Aunor rightfully deserves.

    • Pwede pa siguro as stage actress because of her stage-like acting na exaggerated even in big screen. Ang laki ng big screen to act as if you are in the stage where you need to exaggerate you acting because of the audience distance na nangangailan pa ng lente from a far

  29. Penelope Molina on

    Well anyone has the right to put themselves in for the National Artist Award. If you think you are deserving submit your body of works and answer the selection criteria and let these be the basis for which the decision is made from by the judges. A lot of people may think they deserve this more than others but it’s all in submitting the documents and evidence of your claim if deserving as such. Nora was adjudged fitting into all the criteria of the National Artist Award for her field and with stacks of proof and evidence. If your idol or manok or candidate did not make it then think, look, review your submission. Get your best and intelligent people to make it for her. Do not blame the judges for deliberating according to what is presented to them. Morality is not a clause in the criteria. If it is, then look back at the past National Artists and don’t look at their work then, look at their life. Now as somewhere in the Bible it said this, I will say it again and ask, as Jesus said when Mary Magdalene was being stoned for being a scarlet woman and Jesus was being condemned for associating with her, “who among you has not sinned, cast the first stone…” , now there you are hypocritical moralistic others. Nora’s body of work ticked all the boxes in the criteria for selection and your idol’s did not. Now go and review it and pay someone to do it properly for the next National Artist race. She can afford to pay off and buy off everything anyway with her multimillion overseas dollar account so her fans should not be worried. She’ll be in the next one I’m sure. After Nora of course…

    • Well then look back. Meron ba sa kanila ang na convict? Wala naman. Nagiging isyu lang naman ang moralidad dahil si Nora ang subject matter. When it comes to morality bagsak si Nora. Alam naman ng kahit ng mga fans ni Nora yan.

  30. From the mouth of Vilma’s followers “Hindi na kailangan ni Vilma ng mga awards mas importante ang box office”

    Kaboom and they ate their words. Eto pa from the mouth of Vilma Santos “patutunayan ko kikita ang indie films thru Extra” Another Kaboom na naman

    To borrow their words ayaw daw nila ng mga pipitsuginq filmfest and so they ate their words again.

    Vilma is not an artist she is a business woman. Ang layo ng artistry nila ni Nora.Malayong Malayo !!!

    Kaya bagsak siya sa deliberation dahil ang mga nagawa nyang movies did not contribute to upliftment of Philippine culture and arts. Obvious ang Sagot

    • Bagsak siya sa delibration kasi Noranians ang nagdeliberate. Wag na tayong maglokohan.

      Good luck na lang kung ibibigay ng Malacanang kay Nora Aunor ang award.

      At the end of the day prerogative pa rin yan ng Presidente ng Pilipinas.

  31. Hindi lang sa movie industry ang naging ambag ni nora aunor. During the height of her popularity, she increased the sales of the local recording industry by 75%. Naging inspirasyon siya ng masang Pilipino at nagbigay ng d mabilang na karangalan sa ating bansa. Achievements at hindi moralidad ang pagiging National artists

    • Hindi niya solo ang achievements na ito. The same has been accomplished by other popular stars.

      Nora Aunor is the most overrated actress at dapat yun ang malaman ng marami. If we talk about versatility nora is not the name.

      There is a dimension of morality in the Nationa Artist Award because this is a peopel’s award. Dapat naman yun pwedeng gawin role model.

    • @Eddie Boy

      Iho, kung achievements at accomplishment ang pag uusapan may tatalo pa ba kay Nora? Kahit si Vilma di kaya yan. If we talk about versatility, Nora is a prime example, magaling sa comedy, horror, romantic comedy at nagampanan ang ibat ibang role na kelan man di kaya ni vilma, so sino ang versatile ngayon?

      sabi mo: There is a dimension of morality in the Nationa Artist Award because this is a peopel’s award. Dapat naman yun pwedeng gawin role model.

      kung ganun pag-iisip mo walang mag qualify kasi lahat naman may bahid kasalanan, pero bakit si Nora lang nakikita nyo?

  32. “the Person is an Artist” – An Artist Must Be among the Most Imperfect Person among us because only then can an Artist Examine, Inhabit and Reflect through Art the Innermost Mysteries of Our Humanity.”

    NORA NORA, NATIONAL ARTIST for Film and Broadcast Arts

    • That is merely your opinion. Nora Aunor is an artist so with Vilma Santos, Gina Alajar, Hilda Koronel, Charito Solis, etc. But an artist must be a resposnsible artist for you to gain respect.

      You cannot totally separate your being an artst from your personal life especially when we are talking about a National Artist Award. This is a people’s award that will entitle the recipient monetary benefits from the taxes of the people.

      Huwag naman natin sayangin ang pera ng bayan sa taong hindi naman karapatdapat. Magaling si Nora Aunoro, pero hindi lang siya ang magaling. Hindi siya stand out when it comes to being an artist. Pero when it comes to how bad she has managed her life, dun siya stand out.

  33. Nora is not being canonized for sainthood. Ano ba ang inaangal ng Iba dyan. National artist ang iggawad sa kanya. Flaw and all, she is a genius in her craft. Why don’t you scrutinize her qualifications as an artist and you will be amazed of her unparalleled achievements.

    Nora’s achievement records are public. Go see her Wikipedia and let us compare kung sino ang makaka surpass sa achievenets niya as an artist.

    Not even her so called rival has those achievements.

    Multi platinum and gold records, countless concerts and shows here and abroad, golden voice superstar with a tv show running for unintertuptef 22 years.

    A great stage actress. A film actress who has the most number of acting records be it competition or lifetime citations. Her films had travelled the four corners of the world. She is well known in the inter national film circuits. Intl film experts know Nora Aunor from the Philippines.

    Let us see who can beat het acting record:

    1. Best Actress from Cairo Egypt a top tier film fest
    2. Best Actress Penang Film and TV awards
    3. Best Actress, Brussels Film Festival
    4. Best Actress, Bisato Critics Award, Venice Film Fest
    5. Best Actress, Brisbane Film Festival
    6. Best Actress, Asian Film Festival
    7. Best Actress, Sakhalin Film Festival

    On top of these, her Flor Contemplacion was adjudged the best picture in Cairo. Her film Himala was CNN’s best Asian film of all time. Bona was archived in Moma in NY and was chosen as one of best films in the world by Musem of Tolerance. She Is Green Planet best actress of the decade and was included in Hbo documentary regarding the lives of best actresses in the world. And the list goes on…..

    Nora passed this massive scrutiny from NCCA and CCP. Do you think these kind of records will be ignored by these govt intstitutions. Maraming deliberations ang kailangan from the first level and up.
    Hindi Basta Basta ang national artist title. Kung Hindi superior ang body of works mo Hindi ka papasa. So Nora did het part and NCCA too.


  34. Si Nora lang ang tanging actress na may best actress award mula sa isang international award giving body na nasa top tier.(Cairo International Filmfest). Pinarangalan din sya sa Asia Pacific region sa Australia..Kinilala as Asia’s best actress sa Hongkong at nanalo sa Malaysia. Wala ni isa man jan ang galing sa pipitsuging award giving body. Kinilala din sya Ng CNN among the the world’s best actress. Himala as best film of all time. Meron ba ang iba nyan?

  35. The following is the link to the National Commission for Culture and Arts:

    Maliwanag dito Kung sino ang mga myembro ng committee na mamimili ng candidates at ang masusing proseso para makarating ng listahan ng mga lehitimong national artists.

    Therefore, Kung meron nagrereklamo sa mga tinaguriang myembro ng mga panelista, ang sabot ko, e di gumawa kayo ng sarili nyong komisyon.

    Kung Merong nagkukwestiyon sa proseso, e di madali lang yon. Gumawa kayo ng sarili ninyong proseso.

    Ito ay is ang ahensya ng gobyerno. Mga tinaguriang eksperto sa kanilang larangan. Kung May kwestiyon kayo, e di kayo na ang maging eksperto.

    Maliwanag ang criteria sa pagpili ng mga nominado bilang artists. If you have a problem with this, perhaps you can nominate your own “so called iconic actress” in another country.

    In short. PEOPLE, let the experts do their job. And let’s face it:

    It’s hard to swallow defeat.

    All artists deserve respect and due recognition but only ONE reigns as a national artist. She’s not Susan Roces, Gina Alajar or Vilma Santos.

    She’s probably the actress that is recognized not only locally but international as well.

    Her detractors will stay and pull her down but needless to say the more stones hurled her way, the stronger her legacy remains and she rises above it all.

    To those who disagree, be silent. Bow down. Accept your defeat. Give honor to The one and only, National Artist for Film and Television.

  36. She truly deserves the National Artist Award/Recognition based on the criteria set by the NCCA. Congratulations!

  37. It makes me sad that Sylvia La Torre has never been nominated…ask anyone 60 plus about Sylvia La Torre’s contribution to Tagalog music industry…

    I hope she is given the award while she is still alive…

    • regalado sareno on

      Wala po kasing fans si Ms Sylvia La Torre sa loob ng NCAA and CCP. Mostly are Noranians. At kalat na sa paligid ang ginawa nila.

    • someone has to nominate her to be considered for deliberation. anyone can nominate somebody for as long as the guidelines are met.

    • Me, too! I realized she’s the one who deserves it though I do wonder if she hasn’t been nominated ever? Because we also never see what goes on in these deliberations unless there’s a controversy or other. The shortlists for the 2009 deliberations were made public when the National Artists headed by Virgilio Almario filed that case against the GMA declaration of Carapas etal. It’s an interesting list. —


  38. Nora needed a tailor made film and role to suit her one-dimensionsal acting that is purely formulaic

    • Talking about one-dimensional and formulaic acting! Vilma tried and miserably failed when she took on the role of Piolo’s mother in Dekada 70 originally intended for Nora Aunor. She tried again as Sister Stella L with matching manicured nails and failed again and give the films eggs in the tills! Vilma is only good as a mistress, dancer, prostitute, scheming adulteress based on her real-life experience. She tried to play virginal heroine in Pagputi ng Uwak which sends her to bankcruptcy dahil walang naniniwala na virginal siya. Nora Aunor on the other hand, can play a gamut of roles including a faith healer in Himala, a succesful Judge in Naglalayag, a lonely Nurse in New York in Merika, a rich land owner in Bilangin Ang Bituin sa Langit, a faithful PA in Bona, a deranged former NPA in Bakit May Kahapon Pa, a confused daughter in Ina Ka Ng Anak Mo, a simple barrio lass turned Japanese sympathizer in 3 Taong Walang Diyos, an Igorot maiden in Banaue, a betrayed lounge singer in Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo…etc. Kaya ba ni Vilma yan?

    • Ganun ba? mas gusto ko na yung sinasabi mong one dimensional acting at formulaic kasi kinilala siya ng buong mundo sa style na yun. E kasi naman sa hysterical na hangang average film cmpetitions na lang ang sinasalihan, para naman di kahiya hiya sasabihin nyo, bonus na lang ka gov yan ha ha ha ha ha ha,

      di ba nakakatawa nanalong best actress si Nora sa lahat halos ng continent sa first indie nya, tapos biglang na awardan si vilma sa public service sa malkanyang,

      then first indie ni vilma nanalo sa Dakak para sa mga walng kwentang pelikula then na awardan naman si Nora ng People of the year,

      nakita mo na ba si vilmang naging Aeta? Badjao? Ilocano? Judge? Lawyer? Faithe healer? Aktibista? dipa diba puro mukha lang ni vilma ang makikita mo sa film nya?

      si Nora ngaing prosti na rin at sobraang husay nya pero di siya naghubad! Si vilma kilala sa other woman, Hostess, Kabit, kaya kailanman di siya magiging national artist dahil kumakatawan siya sa kababuyan si nora sal Cultural minorities , yan ba ang one dimensional acting?

      Si vilma walang tigil sa kakasigaw, kakasampal, kakatili kahit nakapikit ka maiintindan mo ang pinaponood mo kasi parang radyo,

      Finally, Film and broadcast arts si Nora hindi one dimensional ang pagiging artist nito si vilma FILM na nga lang puro basura pa!

      sa palagay nyo magaling si vilma bakit never siyang kinilala ng mga direktor at bakit naglaho na si Jeturian hi hi hi hi think think

    • All the movies you mentioned gave Vilma Santos acting honors. Dekada 70, for instance, gave her another grand slam win. How can you say she failed? Oh oh.

  39. ronald garcia of dubai, united arab emirates on

    Bakit ba kapag may mga hindi magagandang nangyayari kay Nora Aunor ay palaging sinisisi ang mga fans ni Vilma Santos? Mukhang hindi naman tama iyon. Ano ang kasalanan ng mga Vilmanans at kahit na si Vilma Santos mismo sa mga kamalasang nangyayari kay Nora? Kung tutuusin nga, ako’y payag na gawing National Artist si Nora para naman kahit paano’y magkaroon na ito ng monthly allowance na 75 thousand pesos na galing sa tax ng mga Filipino. Kahit may mga nagsasabing gagamitin lang ito ni Nora na puhunan sa casino at pambili ng droga ay ok lang. Siya naman ang nagpapatakbo ng buhay niya. Besides, ano pa ba ang halaga ng pagiging National Artist ngayon? Wala na di ba? Hindi naman ang pagiging national Artist ang basehan kundi ang pagiging mabuting tao mo o kung paano ka nagsilbi bilang mamamayang Pilipino. Kapag namatay ka naman, wala na rin iyan. Ang pinakamahalaga ay ang legacy na iiwanan mo at kung paano mo pinalaki bilang mabuting tao at mga anak mo at ang mabubuting gawa mo sa kapwa mo.

    • dyos ko naman yong bilion bilion ninanakaw ng mga politiko, inaaruga nio at tahimik kayo yang piso piso nakikita nio;

  40. Vilma has wide range of acting prowess that is non-formulaic, realistic, heartfelt because it is not stage-like and exaggerated.

    • is hysterical wide range? or you were trying to imply the ranges of her voice when delivering her lines?

    • Is Vilma ‘hysterical’ in all her movies? No. Check out Dekada 70, Pahiram ng Isang Umaga, Burlesk Queen. She showcased another dimension of her acting here. And she received awards for these films. Nora’s attack on most of her roles are the same. Non experimental. Not taking risks. Most of the time lowly, monotone (with inflections towards the end of the line)

    • hermenegildo villanueva on

      i Like vilma pero sadyang kay Nora aunor ang award for National Artist
      kahit anong paninira sa kanya dahil mabait na tao walang bisa ang panlalait nila. GOD Bless u poh.

  41. Vilma is Chato as she is Sister Stella L. and she is Leah Bustamante, Amanda Bartolome, Josie Agbisit and Loida Malabanan and list of versatile and non-formulaic roles goes on ……

    • Nora is Elsa, she is Shaleha, she is Bona, Magnolia De la cruz, Pacita Macaspac, Flor Contemplacion, Corazon de la Cruz, Judge Dorinda Vda. De Roces, Ah, Beatrice Alcala, Maria Agoncillo, at maraming pa.

      Ibat-ibang karakter, ibat-ibang pagganap, ibat ibang genre. Sino magsasabi na formulaic roles? ang mga formulaic roles ay yung gumagananap ng iisang papel pero ibat ibang pangalan lang. gaya ng hostess, hiniwalayan ng asawa, may anak sa ibat ibang lalaki, marti na ina. yun lang ang nakikita ko sa kay AHEEMMM

    • ronald garcia of dubai, united arab emirates on

      Tama ka. But Nora Aunor was a product of media hype remember?

    • what? product of media hype ba kamo? eh anu pa kaya ang vilma ronald dubai eye, publicist pa nga nya yung isang taga-urian di ba?

  42. Where is the published list of NA candidates? Is there any deliberation going in? Mukhang winners list lang yata ang inilalabas? It is so pathetically dubious!

    • looks like you have just read about this issue just now… it’s been circulating since last quarter of 2013. you can verify the veracity of the list from CCP or NCCA anytime.

    • matagal ng tapos 2013 di mo alam si vi d pumasa kasi kasama sa credential daw yong pagka mayorat governor nia ha ha artist po ka ito di po best employee ha ha

  43. Kung may tiwala kayo sa kakayahan ng idolo niyo di na kailangan pang Manira sa iba. Si Ms. Aunor walang sinasabi sa kapwa niya na nasulat. Di niya kailangan mag makaawa ng awards dahil kahit na buong mundo alam na kung gano siya ka galing.

  44. Wag na kasi kayo mag salita si Ms. Aunor talaga ang ma bigyan. Nag taka lang ako bakit masyado kayo ng galit Kay Ms. Aunor. Bakit gusto nito mangyari si Vilma Santos di talaga siya pumasa sa deliberation. Dapat sana I respeto ninyo ang Napili. Hanap kayo ng hanap ng butas ng isang tao. Kahit ako man may kasalanan din sa Diyos at sa tao. Sobra naman kayo sa tingin nyo sa pinag gagawa ninyo di kayo paparushan balang Araw. Natutuwa kayo na bigyan ng karangalan ang isang tao hindi yong sira an ninyo ang tao. Lahat ng tao may kasalanan alam ng Diyos natin. Sa totoo lang mapa Nora at Vilma di sila maka tulong sa atin sa pag linis ng mga kasalanan sa pag harap sa Panginoon. Kaya kung ano yong nararapat sa isang tao ibigay sa kanya. I believe in karma talaga lahat ng ginawa nating masama sa kapwa babalik yan. Di man sa ngayon lalo na bigyan tayo ng karamdaman doon mo ma realize kung ano pina gagawa mo. Siguro marahil darating din yon Kay Ms. Vilma Santos mag hintay lang kayo. Time ngayon ni Nora. Malay mo next award ng National Artist walang kukontra sa idol niyo. So I hope dapat I respeto natin ang proseso. Sa tingin ko Baka next si Vilma na. Congrats Ms. Aunor for Narional Artist.

    • Kaya wag na natin yan pag talunan according to bible everything has its own time. Wait lang tayo darating din yan.

  45. Pera ng bayan ang ginagamit dito, so please wala po sanang black propaganda rito. Nagbabantay ang karma!!!

    • Tama nag babantay ang KARMA, at malaki ang KARMA sa mga KURAKOT sa GOBYERNO alam mo yan HErmie kung sino ang tinutukoy ko.

    • Oh stop being hypocritical. If you all really care where the taxpayers money go, then begin questioning your wisdom in voting. Start asking questions about what is being done to our education system. Start exploring about the government’s plans about our shamefully high unemployment rates. Begin opening your eyes about why governors and other political figures suddenly capable of maintaining millions of dollar accounts abroad? How much do you think they make? If you are really concerned about your taxes, begin gathering statistics how many OFWs we have who pay taxes there, how many of them send dollars, yen, euros, and other monies to their families in the Philippines? There is so much money circulating in that country! Where are they? And you are concerned about 75,000PHP that will be given to the National Artist? It is such a colossal hypocrisy to the highest degree!

  46. Nagiging fan base na ang NCCA. Dapat ng palitan ang mga members. Vilma Santos’s Iconic roles should not be taken for granted. Hindi lang si Nora ang may mga iconic roles, iyong kay Vilma mas versatile pa. Another hyping for Nora coming from this Noranian writer. Pati members and chairman ng CCP palitan na rin, Actress of the Century award was given to Nora during Erap’s administration na na-linked kay Nora. Guidote-Alvarez was also given the NA award while holding an office in the NCCA. Susan Roces has the decency to refused the award Dom Arroyo during her presidency after her alleged dagdag-bawas operandi against FPJ to augment his disappointment. Pag ang pagpipilian ay between good actor na magaling kapwa sa kanilang field. I will rather choose the one who has a reputable track record and that is Vilma Santos

    • You mean to say yung ibang nagbigay ng parangal ke ate guy like CNN, Cairo international Filmfest, Asia Pacific, Penang Malaysia Filmfest at Asian Film award e mga Noranian din?

    • sige palitan si hermie ang iluklok nio sa NCCA kasama si willie, ed deleon, si amy villanueva… galing, mahusay at malinis.

  47. moralidad?sinong tao ang hindi sumusuway isa man lang sa sampung utos ng diyos? sino ang taong perpekto? sino ang taong di nagkakamali? kung moralidad ang pinaka-malakas na batayan sa pagpili ng national artist..wala ng hihirangin pa..lalo na sa industriya ng telebisyon at pelikula….sino ang malinis at sino ang nagmamalinis….

  48. Nora is the most deserving and must be proclaimed as NA irregardless of morality issues its not the criteria and we must give her the DUE recognition .who can else match her body of works in cinema ? International recognitions and awards .

  49. Both Nora and Vilma have outstanding bodies of work, as evidenced by their awards and continuous involvement in showbiz. But to say that Nora deserves the National Artist recognition more that any other actor is highly arguable. And Vilma Santos is the major argument.

    In 2005, the University of the Philippines already made its national artist choice by declaring Vilma as the Gawad Plaridel for Film awardee. And the people behind this decision are not just academics who decided on the spur of the moment or because the UP needed to have an award giving body.

    The films of Nora are a cinematic treat. And so are Vilma’s. Nora’s acting is superb but it has become formulaic through the years. And her roles have never allowed her to be versatile. She has found a comfort zone in acting, a style that has given her acting trophies. And she has stuck to this ever since. Yes, her eyes, her restraint acting, etcetera. But, hey, there are a thousand and one ways to attack a cinematic role. Nora has yet to grow in this area. Vilma’s acting is more expressive and believable. Although some people believe that her acting is plain histrionics, it is actually more wide ranging. She is just known to have more movies that show her in what we can call “physical acting,” But lo and behold she has “Dekada 70”, “Pahiram ng Isang Umaga,” and even “Burlesk Queen,” each shown in different eras, that showcase her briliant restraint, quiet, reflective, less physical acting. And she has won major awards for these films.

    I believe that Nora and Vilma are the best actors the Philippines will ever have. I am looking forward to seeing them in one movie soon. I am glad that each of them contributed sterling performances last year via “Ang Kwento ni Mabuti” and “Ekstra.”

  50. brendan_brendan on

    sin is a sin. lahat pala ay may kasalanan, so bakit kailangang may pagpilian ba kina, noram eddie, vilma atbp.? Hindi basehan ang gaan o bigat ng kaslanan ng isang tao dito. Kundi ang kanyang narating o naiambag sa industriyang kanyang gingaalawan. Ano nga uli? mas deserving si ms. Santos kaysa kay ms. Aunor? May record ba kayo sa larangan ng DULANG PANG ENTABLADO . si ate guy, meron! may GOLDEN VOICE title ba kayo? naabot ba niyo ang kinita ng isang album ni ms. Aunor noong kasikatan niya? Na halos lahat ng tao sa pilipinas ay si nora ang pinag uusapan. at pinakikinggan. sa pelikula, may himala ba kayo? o nang thywomb? May Cairo Egypt best actress award ba kayo? pakitingin nga sa mga prestigious film festival sa abroad kung ano ang standing ng cairo, pls? Sa radio? naku, itanong niyo na lang sa mga nanay at tatay nio at sigurado akong nakikinig at inaaabangan nila si Norang kumanta. sana wag nating baluktutin ang katotohanang si Nora Aunor ang artistang Di kayang pantayan ang narating. The greatest actress of Philippines cinema ang tawag kay Ms. Aunor, at walang kayang kumontra dahil yan ang totoo. pakipanood nga nang opening scene ng Himala, na kung saan nakita niya ang birhen, ang galing! Sa eksena pa lang na yon tatatak na sa utak niyo ang katotohanan, Nora is the Great!

  51. The decision of CCP and NCAA should be respected by following the Presidential Order for National Artist. Nora Aunor should be the National Artist.

    • Walang magiging national artist kung pagbabasehan ang moral ng isang tao at hindi ang kagalingan sa kanyang sining.Tulad ni President noynoy. Alam nyang masama magsigarilyo lalo na at modelo sya ng buong pilipinas. Pero ano? Tumigil ba sya? Hindi! Titingnan na lang natin sya sa kabutihang nagagawa o ginagawa nya sa bansa natin. Hindi dapat husgahan ang mga tao sa mga kamaliang nagagawa nila.

  52. Dr. Danilo P. Delfin on

    1. First, there is NO mystery on the missing NA award.
    2. The NCCA and CCP submitted already the FINAL list for NA awards to Malacanan.
    3. The President of the Republic of the Philippines has the authority to finally CONFIRM the list of Awardees submitted to Malacanan.
    4. The issue of other “chismis” is NOT our problem. This is BASELESS since NCCA and the CCP are the official AUTHORITIES who screened and approved the list of NA awardees to be submitted to Malacanan.
    5. As to when will the NA 2014 be announced, we do not know.
    6. Let us TRUST NCCA and CCP instead of accusing and bashing them of any unfavorable words because of our SELF INTEREST.
    7. Perhaps we have to PRAY what is BEST for the Filipino people and RESPECT whatever decision the NCCA and CPP with FINAL APPROVAL in Malacanan who will be PROCLAIMED as NA 2014.
    8. Finally, always remember the Biblical story of a woman who was about to be stoned because of her sins BUT Jesus interfered for her sake and NO ONE CAST A SINGLE STONE ON HER. Until now, this WOMAN is always remembered in Jesus’ name.

  53. These are the criteria for the selection of National Artists of the Philippines.

    No more, no less. Nasa’n ang morality sa criteria?


    1. Living artists who are natural-born Filipino citizens at the time of nomination, as well as those who died after the establishment of the award in 1972 but were Filipino citizens at the time of their death. Filipinos who have lost and re-acquired Filipino citizenship, through dual citizenship status for at least the minimum period of five years

    2. Artists who, through the content and form of their works have contributed in building a Filipino sense of nationhood

    3. Artists who have pioneered in a mode of creative expression or style, thus earning distinction and making an impact on succeeding generations of artists

    4. Artists who have created a substantial and significant body of works and/or have consistently displayed excellence in the practice of their art form, thus enriching artistic expression or style

    5. Artists who enjoy broad acceptance through

    5.1 prestigious national and/or international recognition, such as the Gawad CCP Para Sa Sining, CCP Thirteen Artists Award and NCCA Alab ng Haraya

    5.2 critical acclaim and/or reviews of their works

    5.3 respect and esteem from peers

    • senator poe, congressmen, vilma, german moreno, president erap, boots anson, direk brilliante m coco martin, and other national artists support NORA AUNOR as national artist

    • Nora is said to have a lot of friends within NCCA who have been pushing her to be declared as NA…and she is also not esteemed by her peers? Really? More contradictions please…

  54. Alalahanin po natin na lahat tayo ay makasalanan, wala pong exempted dyan. Kaya nga siguro hindi isinali ang morality sa pagpili ng national artist dahil walang magiging NA dahil lahat sa nagkasala. Maliit o malaki man ang naging sala ng isang tao, nagkasala pa rin sya. Ang isang taong naki apid sa asawa ng may asawa, ang isang taong pumatay ng kanyang kapwa, ang isang taong nagnakaw,etc etc ay pare pareho lang ang timbang ng kanilang kasalanan. Ang pinag uusapan sa national artist ay ang contribution ng isang artista sa mundong kanyang ginagalawan, matino man sya, basag ulo, immoral, o ano pa man na labag sa batas ng tao at ng Diyos ang kanyang nagawa. Sino ba kina Dolphy, FPJ at Vilma Santos ang walang bahid ng kasalanan.
    Kung morality ang pag uusapan, lahat ng tatlong ito ay mga immoral din. Isa isahin natin; hindi lihim sa lahat na maraming anak si Dolphy sa ibat ibang babae. Gayon din si FPJ at lalo na sa may anak si Vilma Santos sa dalawang lalaki. Sabihin na nating kasal sya pareho sa dalawang lalaki pero HINDI Nya pa rin nasunod ang NAKASULAT sa banal na aklat. ( paki basa na lang po sa Bible ang tungkol sa babaeng deborsyada o hiwalay sa asawa). At bago Nya naging asawa si Edu, sinu sino na nga ba ang naging lalaki nya? Lahat halos ay may asawa. Bakit nga ba hanggan ngayon hindi sila nagbabatian ni Susan roces? . Tax evader? Naka pagbayad si Nora AUNOR ng kanyang utang sa BIR at natagalan nga lang. Eh Vilma santos ba bakit sunod sunod ang movies sya noon sa regal at viva, dahil sa utang Nya sa BIR.
    Kung gusto talaga ng madlang Pilipino na isang perpektong national artist ay suriin simula sa pagkabata hanggan tumanda ang gusto nilang maging national artist?

  55. Morality? Having sired a lot of children out of wedlock from different women an epitome of a moral person? This is even worse than anything else. If some of those whom this current dispensation is favoring to be a National Artist, why not measure this person with the same moral yardstick as Nora Aunor? I am sure this person will fail as well. Arts is not about morality. It is about ingenuity. Either we canonize artists as saints or recognize them for their art in its unadulterated form. Too many self-righteous and judgmental people in the Philippines that is why God is punishing this nation without let up.

  56. PLaridel award -Given annually University of the Philippines
    Centennial award (Cultural heroes) Every 100 years- CCP /NCCA

    HIMALA- Greatest film of all time VS> Burlesk queen

    Dhaka vs. APSA, AFA, Venice, Berlin, Cannes, Cairo, Golden globe

    Superstar (25 years) vs. VIP

    Thy womb Wiinner -APSA, AFA, Russia, Venice, vs. Extra (Philippine entry for average films)

    • Kahit ano pa ang sabihin ninyo, hindi na mababago pa ang katotohanan na sira na ang pangalang Nora Aunor. Wala ng CREDIBILITY SI NORA.

  57. Aminin niyo na. Maraming movie queens pero isa lang ang SUPERSTAR na sumira sa color barrier at itinayo ang kulay kayumanggi. Wala ni isa man sa kanila ang umabot sa kasikatang tinamo ni Nora mapa musika o pelikula. Ginamit din nya ang impluensya at nag produce mula sa sariling bulsa ng mga d malilimutang obra.

  58. Sa totoo lang, kung body of work lang din ang pag-uusapan, di matatawaran ang kay Nora Aunor! Ang pinakahuli ay Thy Womb na tinanggap at kinilala sa humugit kumulang 50 international film festival abroad. Si Nora ay nanalo ng Apat na International Best Actress award at Limang Local na Best Actress. Sa susunod na buwan, ang “Himala”, “Thy Womb” at “Kwento ni Mabuti” ay naimbitahan sa 20th Festival International des Cinémas d’Asie in Vesoul, France. Hindi pa tapos si Shaleha (Thy Womb) dahil itio ay ipalalabas sa 37th Portland International Film Festival sa 15th hanggang 20th ng February, 2014.

    Si Nora ang kauna-unahang gumawa ng pelikulang Indie (Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, Ina ka ng Anak Mo, Bona) na siya mismo ang producer. At pinaka iconic na si Elsa sa Himala. Sa mga panahong ito, abala sa paggawa ng mga Commercial at Bold na mga pelikula.

    Mga pelikulang “Flor Contemplacion” at ” Naglalayag” na nagbigay karangalan hindi lamang sa actress kundi maging sa Pilipinas. Kya’t siya ay hihiranging Ani ng Dangal sa ikalawang pagkakataon.

    Di matatawaran ang ambag/mga nagawa ni Nora sa Musika (huigit kumulang isan-daang album), Telebisyon (Superstar show), (Makulay na daigdig ni Nora), Radyo, at sa Entablado (DH)

    Kaya’t ung mga bingaggit na pangalan nila Hilda Koronel, Gina Alajar, at ni Vilma, wala sila sa kalingkingan kung ambag sa Toong Sining ang pag-uusapan. Sa isang thespian na katulad ni Nora, di kailangan mag-sisisigaw at magtititili upang maiparating sa manonood ang nais sabibin, MATA lamang!

    At syempre 2014 People Asia “People of the Year” for Film! Ung mga binanggit nila na artista, meron ba nyan?

  59. Ang comment ni Mama Monchang ay walang basehan “convicted addict”. Show any court record na convicted si AG. Kung ang morality issue ang basehan, sigurado Vilma won’t even pass the test either.

  60. Mag comment ako not because sasagutin ko ang paninira Kay Nora na ang sabi mga vilmanians daw. Para sa skin hinde eto ang lugar para mag palitan ng mga maaanghang na salita. Pati tuloy ang walang kamalay Malay na si Vilma nadadamay sa usaping eto. Maging ang estado ni Nora bilang Icon at pagkilala bilang isang superstar ay nababalewala sa dahilan ng mga palitan ng mga walang katuturang salita, tuloy nabababoy ang pagkatao ni Nora maging si Vilma. Anyway, baket kaya manahimik na Lang kayo, ting nan nyo tuloy nauudlot ang dapat sana sa pag proclaim ng NAA, kc ang ingay nyo eh! Let’s face maraming pinagdaanan ang bansa natin. Maraming dapat na asikasuhin bukod sa NAA. Kung para tlg Kay Nora ang NAA so be it, Kung hinde sa kanya, wala tayong magagawa, wag ipilit ang hinde dapat dahil kahit anong ingay pa ang gawin natin, Kung hinde nila type ibigay Kay Nora wala n tayong maggwa.


  62. Nora is an ARTIST and the AWARD is NATIONAL ARTIST! Hindi bobo ang mga taga CCP at NCCA para panalunin ang idolo nila.

    I am not a Noranian but we know her contributions as taught by our Profs and Humanities instructors and experts.

    We are looking for National artist who showed exemplary performances on their chosen field not a candidate for sainthood or beatification.

    We are the young generation who know what we are talking about including the writer of this article.

  63. … ang batas ay batas … dapat ito ay binabasa ayun sa pagkakasulat nito … wala tayung karapatang mag bigay ng kuro – kuro at mag dagdag dito …

    wala sa batas na kailangang pag basehan ang morality, ang pagbabayad ng buwis ng isang tao ..

    basahin nyu ang batas .. wala doon yang mga yan …


  64. The selection of the National Artists by the NCCA and CCP has validated the nomination of Ms Nora Aunor thru her contributions to the Arts and not as an individual taxpayer, as a sinner or anything else but as an actor/artist. These group were given the tasks to select, nominate and recommend to the President the rightfully to-be declared as National Artists. They are professional who have the capacity, ability and the knowledge who are eligible to be selected, nominated and to recommend after the process to the President. They have gone thru all the process. For those who are saying that some from these group personally favor Ms Aunor has no concrete proof to say so. On the other note, i agree with the writer. No actress is ever deserving to receive the National Artist except Nora Aunor. If Vilmanians wanted their idol to be one in the future, she has to elevate her craft to a more significant, relevant and mature films that will get a nod from NCCA and CCP.


    When we choose the right person for a certain category, you don’t have to consider the personal issues as what is being tagged to Ms. Nora Aunor, anyway who among us is unblemished? Consider the many awards and recognitions that she got, since she started acting up to the present. Awards and recognitions that were given locally and internationally. No other artist in the Philippine Cinema can be compared to what Ms. Aunor has achieved. She is but an honor to the country and deserve to be called National Artist.

  66. bernie placido on

    Kung nais ng gobyerno na maging transparent at maipakita sa taong bayan na wala silang kinikilingan, marapat lamang na maiproklama na si Nora Aunor biulang National Artist. Napakarami niya nang naibigay na kontribusyon at karangalan sa sining. At wala itong kaparis kumpara sa mga artista ng anumang henerasyon. Ang pagkapanalo niya ng paulit ulit bilang best actress sa ibat ibang prestiigious international film fests ay isang matibay na patunay na siya ay yaman ng bansa at pinapatunayan niya ito magpasahanggang ngayon. Ang moral na usapin ay hindi kasama sa criteria dahil marami sa ating National Artist ang hindi naman perpekto ang personal na buhay. Ang award po ay para sa pagiging National Artist at hindi beatification ng pagiging Santo! And besides, sino ba ang perpekto sa mundong ito?

  67. Very insightful article. There is no morality clause in the criteria; otherwise no one will qualify for the awards.

  68. Ang pagkakaroon ba NG anak sa labas ay Hindi labag sa moralidad?si FPJ may mga anak sa labas. Di ba?so okey Lang ba yun?kahit na nilabag Nya ang isa sa sampung utos NG Diyos?is that morally acceptable?and FPJ is a national artist.?so ibig sabihin pag okey Lang yung Kay fpj okey Lang din na mag anak sa labas yung may mga asawa?ask ko Lang po mama monchang.sana Lang maging fair yung ibang Tao sa kontribusyon ni miss nora sa showbiz.Noras contribution in showbiz is above vilma.removed the fan mentality look and study it without bias .

  69. jonathan p. mangaoang on

    Let me add this. The President is not bound to name a National Artist each time the NCCA/CCP submits a list. If the President does not find anyone on the list (or not on the list) deserving of the award, then let it be. Do not make it appear/insinuate that he/she is doing a disservice to the country. If an individual is deserving of the award, he or she will get it, alive or not

  70. jonathan p. mangaoang on

    I believe that morality should be taken into consideration in choosing the National Artist awardees. While it is not among the criteria enumerated under the law, it is not wrong or illegal to factor in how the nominee lives/lived his or her life or the choices he or she makes/made. After all, part of precious public funds wil be disbursed in naming an individual a National Artist, a monthly pension that is. We all make mistake, yes, but what shall be considered is what we did after making that mistake. Let us name someone who is better than the rest of us, someone who will be emulated by all generations, present and future.

    • Si FPJ din ho maraming anak sa labas…so kailangan pala bawiin natin ang award, si Broca at Ismael…mga beki, yong idol nyo na si Vilma pumatol sa may asawa at may betamax pa. Ganon ho talaga ang tao nadadapa pero ang importante nakakabangon ho….ituloy ang laban ni Elsa…peace.:)

    • Then Jonathan, it will probably be better if one begins to scrutinize the life of FPJ! Are you saying that impregnating women and bringing bastard children into this world brings pride? Are you saying that concubinage and infidelity are exempted from morality issues? Isn’t infidelity specifically stated in the Bible to be immoral? Are you saying that it is acceptable to bait women, give them a bastard child, and change their lives forever because they do not have control over their libido? Is it really acceptable in our society now that there are so many children roaming around without a father who could have been a real role model? REALLY?

      If all the accusations about Nora were all true concerning drugs and frequenting the casinos, who is she hurting? Who did she affect—NO ONE BUT HERSELF! So FILIPINO PEOPLE, GET YOUR MORALITY PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!! YOU ARE GENUINELY LOST!

  71. NCCA and the CCP have done their part in choosing these National Artists. They should have been proclaimed by this time! Nora Aunor’s contribution to the Filipino Culture and Arts are so overwhelming. No artist in the Philippine history past and present could duplicate her feat. Let’s just give her what is due her.

  72. Bakit may mga press release na kung sino ang National Artist? Basehan na po yan para di pagpatuloy ang National Artist dahil kaduda duda na ang resulta dahil may kinikilingan na kung sino ang dapat maging National Artist. Mga noranians na taga CCP-NCAA ang gustong maging National Artist si nora na idolo nila. Mali ang ganyang sistema.

    Maski di nakalagay sa proclamation ng National Artist ang tungkol sa morality clause katulad ng pagbayad ng buwis, sa buwis mangagaling ang benepisyo tatanggapin ng isang National Artist. Hindi magandang huwaran ang magiging National Artist ay isang tax evader. Kaya tama lang di maging National Artist ang isang tax evader. Kung magiging isang National Artist ang isang tax evader magiging huwaran na ito ng lahat na wag mabayad ng tamang buwis dahil kahit di magbayad ay maari palang makakuha ng karangalan. Di lang naman yan ang problema dahil marami pang issue si nora na siya ay di karapat dapat maging isang National Artist. Palagay ko ikaw ay isang noranian din kaya nabubulagan ka. Gusto kitang paalalanan ang ginawa kahihiyan ni nora sa bansa natin sa pagkahuli ni nora sa Los Angeles International Airport na may dala dalang Shabu at kasama pa niya ang live-in partner niyang may asawa’t anak na si John Rendez. Ang pagpapakasal ni nora aunor sa kapwa babae nakalagay pa sa registry ng Nevada, USA., Ang pagsusugal niya sa mga Casino. Ang pagpapabaya niya sa mga inampon niya at naglagi sa US. Kung sa mga contributions sa entertainment ni nora, marami din ibang nasa industria ng entertainment ang nakapagbigay ng karangalan na mas higit kay nora nandyan si Lea Salonga, Gina Pareno, Manny Pacquaio, Eddie Garcia, Vilma Santos at marami pang iba. Kung may morality issue man ang isa sa mga nabanggit ko ay di naman kasing grabe ng mga morality issue ni nora aunor na idolo mo. DI KARAPAT DAPAT si nora maging National Artist.

    • Hello sir Ben sana naman wag nating ipagkait sa nararapat ang award. I know as a Christian we are cheerful giver. Kaya let us all happy and be very thankful to God.

  73. Kaya nga hanapan mo muna ng bahid ang iba pang naging National Artist at kung may mapatunayan ka saka mo sabihin unfair sila kay Nora. Kasalan ni Nora kung ano ang mga nangyari sa kanya sa buhay. At huwag mong sabihing unfair ang Malacanang sa kanya dahil pinu protektahan lang naman ng Malacanang ang reputasyon ng National Artist award.

    Nora is a convicted drug addict and no one can deny that. Can you say the same thing of the other National artist awardees?

    • Alam po ninyo ang pinakamahirap tanggapin sa lahat ang katotohanan. Ang katotohanan po ay si Nora Aunor ang na piling National Artist di niya ito binilli o hinihingi. Kaya di na ako nag taka ang kalaban natin ay kapwa Pilipino rin. Mag bigay ka ng karangalan sa bansa nilalait ng kapwa Pilipino. Bigyan ka ng award hinaharang ng kapwa Pilipino. Kung may tiwala kayo sa kakayahan ng ini idolo di nito kailangan Manira sa buhay na ibang tao.

    • Si nasirang FPJ, ilan ba ang naging anak niya sa ibang babae, hindi ba yan issue ng morality? Si Vilma, pumatol sa may asawa, may betamax issue pa. Hindi ba yan question of marality?

    • She was never convicted, mama Monchang. Kahit magpunta ka pa sa LA county, wala kang record na makikita, as in WALA! Pinawalang sala siya!!! As in parang walang nangyari, Malinis ang record.

  74. Nora is not the only actress that has potrayed iconic roles. Hilda Koronel as Insiang. Gina Alajar as Salome. Vilma Santos as Sister Stella L, as Leah Bustamante in Bata, Bata, Paano ka ginawa?Charito Solis as Igorota, and many more other actresses.

    Ano ang kaibahan ni Nora sa ibang artista? Bukod tanging siya lamang ang sira ang moralidad dahil sa pagiging convicted drug addict niya, sa pagiging casino addict niya, sa pagiging lasengga niya at marami pang hindi karapat dapat na tularang bagay. Of course the other actresses are also not perfect. Pero hindi naman natin masasabing sing imperfect sila ni Nora. History will speak for itself. Only Nora Aunor has been involved in all of these controversies and such were not just rumors but well known facts.

    • Maaaring may ibang gumanap ng iconic roles, pero malayo sila talaga sa achievements ni Nora. Kahit pa si Vilma mo. Locally and internationally, very well acclaimed si Nora at mga true artists ang nagpapatunay diyan. Palagi lang silang nasa buntot ni Nora! At yan ang totoo.

    • Monchang, agree with you that Ms. Nora Aunor is not the only actress who portrayed iconic roles, locally, and that is the root word! Locally, Ms. Nora Aunor played Rosario, a barrio lass turned Japanese sympathizer in 3 Taong Walang Diyos, Elsa as faith healer in Himala, an igorot maiden in Banaue, Milagros, a lonely nurse in Merika, Magnolia dela Cruz, a rich land owner in Bilangin ang Bituin, Bona, a faithful but deranged PA in Bona, Milagros de la Cruz in Minsa’y Isang GAmu-Gamo, etc. Her Superstar Show lasted for more or less 25 years, uninterrupted! She has numerous golden record awards and stage actress. To satiate your curiosity, here’s for you:

    • it’s true MamaMonchang, wala siyang pinag-iba sa mga nabanggit mong iconic figures, parepareho silang may malasakit sa industriya, parepareho silang mga tao na nagkakakamali. Why is Nora Aunor above them? She continues giving prestigious recognitions for oue beloved country despite all those negative issues surrounding against her. For decades, she’s been down that you think she’s out, she’s brainy enough to choose what to do next and without much effort, she’s again the creme of the crop. Nagawa ba yan ng mga iconic figures na nabanggit mo especially your beloved idol who needed all the the full support of young blockbuster stars and Star Cinema?

  75. It is the prerogative of the President of the Philippines to determine if the people being nominated by NCCA and CCP are really deserving of the National Artist award. After all this award will give them the opportunity to get monetary benefits which will definetely be coming from the the taxes of the people.

    Sayang naman ang pera ng taong bayan kung mapupunta sa mga taong hindi mo pwedeng gawin huwaran dahil alam naman ng lahat ay hindi nagkaroon ng magandang disposisyon sa buhay. Doon sa mga fans ni Nora na nasa loob ng NCCA at CCP na pinagpipilitan si Nora sa National Artist Award, pwede bang imulat ninyo ang inyongmga isipan dahil hindi lang si Nora ay may karapatan dahil may iba pang artista na mas may karapatan higit sa kanya. Sayang ang galing ni Nora pero sorry hindi siya dapat gawaran ng National Artist Award dahil alam ng lahat kung ano ang mga pinaggagawa niya sa buhay. Ibigay na lamang ito sa mas karapat dapat.

    • What Nora Aunor has done in her own free time is no one’s business, not the president’s, and certainly not yours. If you are too concerned about the 75,000PhP that the National Artist will receive, please begin asking questions where all the yens , dollars, and euros that have been circulating in the Philippine society have been going. Start examining how much governors and political figures really make…and i am talking about honest earnings. Then, please explain how these political figures who are making abysmal amount, can open up dollar accounts containing millions of dollars which they were unable to do when their only income was through movie-making? You are concerned about your tax money? Then please wonder why our public education system is in such deplorable condition? Why is the unemployment rate there so high that many of us have to work abroad because the government, to this day, continues to create employment for the people? Where are we in terms of strengthening our military? Why are our government workers and teachers living like a pauper? Can your government really account where your tax money go. You are myopic in your views and it is pathetic.

  76. Paul San Gabriel on

    I completely disagree with the writer’s statement: “…and I thought then that she absolutely deserves it—in fact no other movie actress does. No other actress after all has made many of her roles iconic; memorable doesn’t quite cut it for Ate Guy. She is Elsa as she is Bona, and she is Flor Contemplacion as she Mabuti, and that list goes on. She had the longest running variety show on television via Superstar, has a singing voice so distinct, it barely matters if she’s making albums still.”

    I honestly believe that actress Vilma Santos’ track record as cinema icon is far better than that of Nora’s. We have to debate on their contributions to Philippine Cinema. Vilma’s winning the University of the Philippines Gawad Plaridel Award is a proof that she is better than Nora in all aspects when it comes to cinematic achievements. The only alas of Nora over Vilma is that the former has more friends, supporters, and fans in both CCP and NCCA. Please concentrate on their merits as an actress and I will tell you that Vilma is definitely better!

    • Mas marami nga lang friends, supporters at fans sa CCP-NCAA si Nora. Naawa sa kalagayan sinapit ni Nora sa buhay niya kaya pilit nilang gawin National Artist ang idolo nila para kahit papaano mayroon ng monthly gastusin ang idolo nila at di na mangungutang sa kanila. Sila ang unfair sa mga karapat dapat na maging National Artist. NO TO NORA AUNOR as NATIONAL ARTIST.

    • Ang masasabi ko lang po sa inyong humuhusga kay Ate Guy wag po kayong humatol at ng huwag kayong hatulan ng Dyos wala pong perfect maliban sa ating buhay na Dyos

    • So Plaridel award that is given annually is more prestigious than Centennial award that is every 100 years.

      Dhaka Award is more prestigious than APSA, AFA, VENICE, BERLIN, CANNES, CAIRO and GOLDEN GLOBE?

      Himala vs Burlesk Queen?
      Thy womb vs EKSTRA?

      Superstar vs, VIP

      Think think pag may time.

      De Deleon- Banaue
      Conde- Fe EZperanze,,
      O’Hara- Tatlong taon walalgn diyos

      Miss X
      Pahiram ng isang umaga
      Bata bata

      Films originally written for NORA

      ABAKADA Ina

  77. Gabby Lopez, EnP on

    I sense 2 of those who will be proclaimed are Architect Joseling Zaragoza and Actress Nora Aunor.

    • Nora is only human and just like any other people, she may have her own ups and downs. But beyond all her imperfections she did not harm any person nor cause big damage to others. Yet what she uses as an outlet to express her feelings is through her songs and movies. She still remains standing after all of what happened to her. She loves her craft so much and she dedicates all her life to serving others with her God’s given talent. She’s an epitomy of a real artist.