• The nation in search of a vision


    THE exchange of insults between Malacañang and UNA can only intensify after Vice President Jejomar C. Binay’s “take-no-prisoners” speech in Indang, Cavite on Monday. Beyond scoffing at Binay for belatedly attacking what he had uncritically supported as Aquino’s Cabinet member for five years, Malacañang will now move for his ouster, some Palace insiders have revealed. They will press the presidential electoral tribunal to resolve the five-year-old electoral protest against Binay in favor of Mar Roxas, whom President B. S. Aquino 3rd has just anointed as LP standard bearer. Binay had challenged Roxas to withdraw the protest after his anointment; the exact opposite is what could happen.

    More sparks will likely fly from the Binay camp if and when Roxas forms his presidential ticket and announces PNoy’s polyamorous sister Kris Aquino as his running mate, and the boxing champion Manny Pacquiao as a senatorial candidate. These two items now seem to shake the political rumor mill and turn some heads.

    Correctly or incorrectly, Kris has been touted as a secret Binay supporter, supposedly one of the reasons he had expected to be supported by PNoy in his presidential bid. All she has to do now is to survive a verbal joust with the visiting former international porn star who wants to date Kris’s bachelor brother-president. Now she is being mentioned as Mar Roxas’ possible vice presidential candidate, after Grace Poe Llamanzares has been exposed as being not a natural-born Filipino citizen as well as being stateless.

    As for the boxer Pacquiao, Binay was the first to mention him as his leading senatorial bet. No party consultations, no debating credentials needed. After all, the Senate was able to survive two terms of Lito Lapid without much effect on its intelligence quotient.. Now, the LP is reportedly interested in coopting Pacquiao, after he earned several billion pesos from his last fight. This is likely to provoke an outcry from the Binay camp.

    There will be no shortage of petty issues to keep the two camps at each other’s throats. And there will be no shortage either of people cheering both camps from the side. But what the nation needs and deserves is a serious debate between the presidential wannabes. The electorate needs to see what every political player wants to bring into the play: if the presidency entails problem-solving, the voters need to see that anyone who wants to be considered for the job has a fairly good grasp of the problems, and some ideas on how to solve them.

    This is where the programs of government come in. Each party and each presidential candidate must have a program of government to espouse and to defend; but even better than having a program of government, each one must have a vision of the society and the nation he wants to lead. Such vision must precede the program, which must be rooted in it.

    The vision must not merely try to answer specific questions about specific issues. Above all, it must provide an all-encompassing view of what the society or the nation wants to become. This involves not only day-to-day survival issues, but also transcendental issues that involve the ultimate destiny of man. It must proceed from a genuine awareness of the human condition, not simply an awareness of the partisan forces competing for political control.

    Among the human institutions, the family and the Church have stood against the destructive forces; but under Aquino, the State has led the attack on these institutions. As for the political institutions, Aquino has nearly totally wrecked the presidency, the legislature, the judiciary, the police, the free press, even the labor unions. They have to be rebuilt simultaneously, not one after another, and the only way to do so is to bring in an administration led by a man with a far-seeing vision for the nation.

    We need a leader who will fight for the nation’s right to become what it wants to be, and can become, not simply one who wants to be there for his ego-trip. It is not easy to find such a man, but our duty as a people is to make sure that those who offer themselves for such a role try to meet the most exacting demands. This is why we need those debates through which the candidates can share their vision for the nation of government.

    Apart from Roxas, who has been anointed by PNoy as the future LP candidate, only Binay answers openly to the suggestion of being a future presidential candidate. Unless Malacañang succeeds in destroying him completely before the October deadline for the filing of certificates of candidacy, Binay and Roxas will be the opposing candidates next year. But, assuming we could still hold a clean, honest and transparent election, neither of them has favored us with a hint of a vision on which to erect a much-needed program of government.

    Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. appears to be the only one who has so far dared to share with us his vision for the nation, in at least two major forums—one before the Philippine Constitution Association and another before Asia’s CEOs. At the CEO forum, he said, “My vision of the country is one that can overcome its economic and social challenges by drawing on our own strengths and on our unity. It is a vision of the Philippines that is prosperous, rich in opportunity, and home to happy, morally upright, and productive citizens whose lives are meaningful because theirs is a just society, because theirs is a nation that has become great again.”

    But Bongbong Marcos is not even a declared presidential aspirant, and refuses to make that declaration. A friend tells me that he has told Bongbong Marcos he would be committing a crime if he left the Filipino voters no other choice but Roxas or Binay. But not even that strong medicine could force him to take one step further. He’s still “keeping his options open.”

    Many are praying he would make a decision soon. For the nation would be so much the poorer if at the end of the day all we are able to do is to produce “leaders” whose greatest skills lie in exchanging insults without illumination, and producing so much heat without light for a people that’s about to go blind.



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    1. If JPE is free from prison….there was an item in one sunday mag years ago…JPE Best President RP Wiil Not Have. Let RP have him as 2016 Pres. From a product of an illict affair to being a great statesman..that is a road only a man with a strong conviction can achieve. He knows to be poor and rich at the same time, with this he can face any section of the RP society and speak in whatever jargon. Nobody in the present crop of aspirants can be better than him in terms of government experience and his knowledge of the RP law; even one feisty senadora tried once. The DYE HAS CAST…JPE

    2. For Mr. Binay please stop the old tactics. Instead of putting negative against your opponent why not put your agenda what you can do to our country? Show your platform how you can solve corruption in our country. Include also how to control political dynasty in Philippine politics. Ito lang po ang isa sa mga problema Mr. Binay na dapat mong harapin. Ang ginagawa mo ay puro lang paninira sa kalaban na wala namang patungohan. Kaya rampant ang corruption dito sa ating bansa dahil sa political dynasty. Isa ito sa mga cancer ng ating bansa.

    3. The hards facts of life as a Filipino – you can’t have the best of both worlds. Politics in Philippines have always been about the world of a king’s maker, and those made kings are always indebted to them, to say that those who came before, whose family names did not ring the sound of a family enshrined with the powerful clans of oligarchs, they all went down in flames, just take a good hard look at our history.

      Filipinos, after experiencing martial law, vowed not to fall into it again, and went crazy to elect the most stupid and ignorant lot to rule the nation, but this time only to complain yet again that life has not improved their lot. So, here we are again at the crossroad of ignominy, being fed with non-essential candidates to choose from, too bad and such a shame for a nation who pride itself to be a country with educated people, able to speak english compared to our neighboring countries, yet a lot of us are going to these countries to seek employment, because all our resources are being used up by all these idiots that Filipinos are hell bent to vote for and to represent them in congress.

    4. it appears that the operators are now in full swing to have their choosen one at the helm after pnoy. they would want to double their ROI. the stake is quite big. like with their bet, at present holding the crown. the going however, the losers will remain…us, pinoys comes 2016…
      i voted for gibo before. i would choose bbm if he runs this time. it will be an uphill battle for him for obvious reasons, but it will worth the try. who knows, time has changed..the vision of the old macoy still the best option for pinoys to see, other than the acts of the clowns we saw daily, after the biggest joke of our time, the 3 decades old edsa…

    5. Faustino Reyes on

      Never in my life have I prayed that Bongbong Marcos run for president, not even in my dreams. I was in college during the martial law years and I know the excesses committed by Marcos. Ninoy Aquino was then my hero.

      I even supported Cory’s presidency despite the many coup attempts and her poor management of the country.

      Noynoy’s management style is more dangerous than Marcos’s because it has no direction. Vindictiveness is the rule throughout his term and corruption is now institutionalized. He did not pocket people’s money (?), he just gave it to his supporters and now he fears that he will be charged in court after his term and he wants the next president to be in his pocket so he will not be prosecuted.

      We are so unlucky to have these kind of leaders. We deserve the leaders we elect. Next time we should be more discerning and vote wisely

    6. it certainly looks like that only makoy jr has a vision on what the country should be. all the others, biNOY, boy pickup, poe-pet, digong, ping ping are all sniping at each other, throwing dirt at each other, conniving with others to ‘destroy’ another. tho biNOY had some things in his TSONA, the one of makoy jr is better. eh kung magbabakasali uli ako sa kung sino ang presidente ng pilipinas, eh kay makoy jr na ako. hoping that he is not his father’s clone. mas better na pagbabakasali ako kesa sa mga nabangit na mga tao sa itaas ng comment na ito.

      • I agree that Bongbong Marcos can be a good President. My observations is that he is not a vindictive person like Pinoy; he is a visionary like his father; he has been a good governor; his work ethic principles are very good and he is hard working. We can give him a chance to repay whatever wrong doings his father (may he rest in peace) did in the past.

    7. Amnata Pundit on

      The best way to help Bongbong is to apply a FULL COURT PRESS on Comelec/Smartmatic. As long as Comelec is using Smartmatic, Bongbong has no chance of becoming the next president. With an honest system in place, Bongbong will win HANDS DOWN,

      • tama ka amamda pundit, ang hocus pcos machines ang mabigat na kalaban ng bayan at mahirap tibagin ang kapit ng smartmatic sa boy sisi admin at sa comelec. parang ang tingin ko ay isang kondisyon sa pagkakatalaga sa mga comelec commissioners ang pag tangkilik sa mga magical hocus pcos machines. the comelec is doing everything to make smartmatic’s hocus pcos machines the only option we have. they had 3 years in planning the 2016 elections but they dilly dallied and looked like waited the last minute to act. mukhang luto favor smartmatic.

    8. jun marlang estioko on

      Panay nga vision at ambition ang mga yan – wala man lang makatarungan at makataong action.

    9. No matter how visionary Bongbong may be, a Marcos presidency will only divide the country even further. He best lend his brilliance to a candidate that unites, that takes us away from the Marcos-vs-Aquino, good-vs-evil political immaturity that has plagued us for far too long. I saw that in Gibo, I see that in Miriam and her take-no-prisoners appeal, and I hope to see that in Grace Poe, citizenship issues notwithstanding.

      • I also asked Gibo in facebook with no positive results. The other day, I coincided with his aunt in Belair and I asked her if Gibo will run and I was told he will not run because he said he cannot do it alone.

    10. Very good observation Sir! I for one is waiting for Bongbong Marcos to confirm that he is running for the highest post of the land. He got the talent and the vision that I was longing for this country for a long time. I’ve been away to my beloved country for much of my adult life,from one country after another just to have a decent life for my family. i wish I could come home in a country with stable politics, safe and with a lot of oppurtunity for everyone. A kind of environment that you don’t have to worry about your safety when you walk during the night, an environment that everyone has their own job that they would not resort to criminality just to feed their hungry stomach and mostly, a nation that is morally upright. And those thing are the very thing that I dreamed of for me to come home. And lo! Bongbong Marcos said the very word that I’m longing for. I wish Bongbong will run and I suggest that he should run for president. I have a lot of friends abroad and he is very popular. The kind of politics that we learned outside the country are very different from that in our country. We know who are the true leader/s and we also know who are the rotten one.

    11. I am one among those praying for Bong bong to come to our rescue by declaring his candidacy for president. I have read his speech before Asia’s CEOs and as I previously commented it was awe inspiring and a refreshing breath in the midst of the stale and stink of these two aspiring clowns who as you said have nothing to show but their ability to insult each other.

    12. It seems to be clear that only Sen. Bongbong Marcos has the right vision for the country. Let’s hope and pray that through Him our most merciful Creator will save our country in the nick of time.

    13. Guillermo Hernandez on

      Vision in provided by leaders.

      Unfortunately, the Philippines do no have leaders but a dumper-crop of demagouges……..who are interested only in enriching themselves while in public office……or enlarging their political family dynasties …… or protecting their own interest or all of the above.

      It does not really matters who wins the 2016 election, the Filipino nation SHALL be the
      biggest loser. The 2016 election should be boycotted by the Filipinos…..otherwise
      The country will have another PCOS-elected President.

    14. I am hoping that Senator Marcos will decide to run for president in 2016 and will not get the backlash for being the son of FM Sr. in the same manner as Gibo got the backlash for being associated with PGMA.

      Among the current breed of politicians, he’s the only one that laid out his program and seems to use the law as guidance in making his decisions for/against PNoy’s wishes. Also, he seems to speaks well with dignity.

    15. Hoy..Ungas ka Tadtad..akala mo nakakalimutan ng taong bayan ang karumaldumal na ginawa ninyo ng Diktador Marcos, isa ka sa mga wumawagayway ang bontot para sa Martial Law..tapos binabanggit mo pa yong pamangkin mong Bontot, eh Bobong Marcos…tarantado ka pala..dapat wala ka na sa mundo..buwesit ka! Gusto mo Tuliin kita?

    16. Mayroon pang lalabas na kandidato sa pagka pangulo na hindi pulitiko na may pagmamahal sa bayan at alam ang gagawin upang iangat ang bansa sa loob ng limang taon. Pag dumating ang tamang panahon, kasabay ng paglabas ng kandidato na ito ay ang paglabas ng mga kayamanan ng bansa na isinantabi ng matagal na panahon upang magamit sa tamang pagkakataon.

      Indeed, this nation can be great again and the next presidency is a presidency of nation building.

    17. Ang nabubuhay sa nakaraan at nagtatanim ng sama na loob at nagbubulag-bulagan sa kakayahan ni bongbong Marcos ang hindi sa sang-ayon,na siya lang ang may integridad at kakayahan na muling maitataas ang pilipinas! Tama na ang pagkakaisa ng lahat ang unang paraan upang maging payapa at maayos ang magiging takbo ng bayan!

    18. I agree. All what these two candidates are doind are mudslinging at each other. Lucky for Mar, he has the entire Malacanang spokespeople doing most of the talking for him. All what these candidates are talking are “pipe dreams” dealt in generalities and none in specifics. I read the speech of Bongbong at the CEO, and it made sense, practical, feasible and its the formula that is right for this country at this time. The problem is, he has not declared his intentions. Assuming that he will run for the presidency, would his last name be a heavy burden for him to overcome? My take is, only narrow minded, if not, ignorant voters will use that as a reason not to vote for him.

    19. all we want is for chief justice Corona be back to the Supreme Court for the farmers to get back their land. and vote intelligently for the next president who will jail all those who plundered pilipinos treasury. they should go behind bars all of them.

    20. Felimon A. Soria on

      Mr Roxas considering Pacquiao for senator and Kris Aquino for Vice president under his banner? Politics has come to a new low.