The next president will have an easier time in office – analyst


THE next in line to sit in Malacañang after President Benigno Aquino 3rd will have easier time in office as Aquino already laid and pointed out what the country needs to focus on and gathered the people’s trust and cooperation with the government as well, an economic analyst said.

Harry Liu, Summit Securities Inc. president, told The Manila Times that Aquino set up the stage for the next administration as he puts effort in “arranging the government in order.”

“[Aquino already established] the ground rules. I think he did a good 1 hour and 30 minutes speech to lay down the whole aspect of what the government has to do and what the people has to do to help,” Liu said, in reference to the President’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday.

“The point is that he [Aquino] outlined already what the government has to do, what are the things they still have to do and the things he has done already,” Liu said.

Liu added that the administration has done business friendly moves to advance the country’s economic growth.

“As long as the market is [doing good]the it’s okay. Since his seat in 2010, up to now [the president’s performance]is good. And in the next three years, he’s saying we still have to be better,” Liu said.

Meanwhile, former Trade and Industry undersecretary Cristino Panlilio of Industry and Investments Group said that Aquino’s Monday speech did not expound more on “industrial reporting” which is fundamental for the country’s economic movement at present.

“My personal view: It was lacking in economic and industrial reporting. It is more a social and people-oriented report this time around,” Panlilio said in a text message.

But given the lack of the president’s economic statements, Liu agreed that the entire countrymen should help the government to raise the country’s economic standpoint and that we still have “more agenda” to push until 2016 under Aquino administration.

“We are already here in our way [to development], and we still have lots to do. [I agree with the president’s claim] that we need to join together and help each other,” Liu said.

The president mentioned in his SONA that he will focus on manufacturing and infrastructure regarding his economic plans for the country.

Aquino also said in his speech that the manufacturing sector contributed 28.5 percent to the 7.8 percent gross domestic product growth of the country in the first quarter of year, but did not expand on the administration’s move or directives about the matter.


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