• The Ninoy Aquino I knew


    As author of the 1986 philippine people power revolution’s philosophical construct, this writer-journalist avers, with all the most incisive analysis i can make, that ferdinand marcos didn’t mastermind the killing of ninoy aquino. not that i am butter up to the marcoses—what for? but the common perception is right: makoy couldn’t, wouldn’t do it—he was too brilliant to commit such a stupid act. marcos knew that if he did order ninoy’s assassination, he would be blamed for it, as word about it would get around as fast as a fired bullet.

    My take on the matter points to another figure as the brains in the dastardly deed. Some day, when i have the luxury of time on my hand and the budget to focus on writing full blast about it, i would write my most insightful reading of said murder. The world will be shocked—as all the aquinos and cojuangcos will similarly be so—on the identity of the killers, that i can be sure of.

    Rei Calaunan


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