• The Ombudsman: Aquino’s top political assassin … and undertaker


    It is astonishing that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales still found the gall to berate the press the other day in an unexpected palengkera language: “Nabubuwisit na ako. Wala nang ginawang tama ang Ombudsman! Palagi niyo nang kinukwestiyon. If you feel that I am impeachable if I have done wrong, I welcome it. I will give my position on a silver platter,” she shouted.

    Who does she think she is? That she is the fountainhead of justice that she doesn’t need to explain to the nation, through the media, the very widespread belief that she is prosecuting only the Opposition?

    Perhaps in our subconscious, we Filipinos, given our peasant history, still automatically bow down, in fear, to elderly ladies with an imperious Doña visage. That’s the only explanation – combined with the national yearning for an anti-graft crusader to root out corruption – I can think of for her arrogance and the media’s docile attitude toward her.

    Since her appointment in 2012, she practically has been Aquino’s deadliest political assassin. It is Aquino’s corruption of the Office of the Ombudsman to turn it into his political assassination squad against his enemies that marks the depths of depravity of this regime, its severe damaging of our Republican institutions.

    Not even strongman Marcos had dared to use the Ombudsman as such a weapon. While the Office of the Ombudsman has, for decades, been riddled with corruption – because of its low pay-scale for lawyers – this is the only President who has made the Ombudsman herself as his attack dog. He has damaged our prime anti-graft institution for a generation.

    Aquino-target No. 1

    Chief Justice Renato Corona – the biggest obstacle to the Aquino clan’s Plan B, which was to give up Hacienda Luisita to agrarian reform but for the Supreme Court to rule that current prices be used to compute their compensation, at P10 billion.

    The Ombudsman lying at the 2012 impeachment trial to politically assassinate Aquino’s no. 1 enemy at that time. Below: The succeeding targets. Inset: The current target?

    The Ombudsman lying at the 2012 impeachment trial to politically assassinate Aquino’s no. 1 enemy at that time. Below: The succeeding targets. Inset: The current target?

    It is another demonstration of the media’s hold of people’s thinking that few know it was really Morales who made the fatal blow in the political assassination of Corona, and take him down.

    And it was Morales’ blatant lying that was the dagger that dug deep into his heart. Morales lied in Corona’s impeachment trial when she claimed that data provided by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) showed that he was hiding $12 million in his dollar accounts.

    The only other explanation for making such falsehood is that she didn’t understand reports on bank transactions data, which sounds really impossible as she isn’t exactly poor, based on her Statement of Assets and Liabilities and Net worth (SALN), which showed her net worth at P40 million. Or perhaps she just repeated what she was told to say by another Aquino operative, Commission on Audit member Heidi Mendoza.

    The $12 million figure Morales claimed was the sum of all transactions over nine years, rather than Corona’s remaining account balance. That means that a $100 deposit, which was withdrawn and then deposited again, (perhaps in a better time deposit) was counted as $300.

    I studied the AMLC documents and estimated Corona’s dollar accounts – just a little over $1 million, mostly accumulated before he even joined the government in 2001. I wrote a column explaining this when I was still with the Philippine Daily Inquirer (“Corona’s deception on Corona’s bank accounts,” May 17, 2012), which I’m sure she or her staff read. They didn’t respond to my column.

    How could a former associate justice of the Supreme Court lie that blatantly, or distort figures to humiliate and remove a former colleague of hers? And she has remained as the country’s top corruption fighter?

    If she had any decency, her lie – or mistake – should have prompted her to resign. Of course, she didn’t.

    Morales’ lie – bannered in screaming headlines by newspapers – created the public outrage against Corona’s purported huge “unexplained wealth,” portrayed as worth half a billion in pesos. It was a total lie.

    But it was the smokescreen for the 20 senators to remove him as Chief Justice – in exchange for the P10 billion in pork-barrel funds and hijacked money called the Disbursement Acceleration Fund (DAP).

    Morales’ lie was crucial. By March, or three months through the trial, all of the eight charges – among them, believe it or not, that he favored Philippine Airlines (PAL) in a case filed by flight attendants, another discussing the Vizconde massacre case with the father of the victim, and the most outrageous, his 40 fictitious mansions – were proven factually wrong.

    The eighth charge was actually his alleged failure to submit his SALN. It was an open-and-shut case since the Court’s clerk simply produced the copies of his SALN.

    But because of Morales’ false testimony, he was removed as Chief Justice by the Senate for filing an incomplete SALN and “unexplained wealth”—which weren’t the charges at all.

    That episode will go down in our country’s history as one of the darkest days of our Republic – with Morales playing a key role.

    And she claims she hasn’t been political?

    Aquino-targets 2, 3 and 4

    These were the Opposition Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon Revilla – who had mass following and who, at that time, were the pillars of the Opposition that could thwart his plan for his cabal to continue in power after 2016. Morales filed plunder charges against them in June 2014 in connection with pork-barrel funds that they allegedly pocketed. A month later they were all in jail.

    The data which the Ombudsman used to file charges against the three Opposition leaders mostly came from the special report of the Commission on Audit – with the “whistleblower” Benhur Luy and his associates actually providing only additional evidence.

    In the first place, the COA special audit had been incomplete, and biased against the Opposition, since according to the agency itself, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad ignored their requests to submit all of the documents it had asked for, mostly those involving Aquino’s allies.

    Still, the COA special audit found indications of similar cases of pork-barrel fraud, in terms of the modus operandi used and the amounts involved, and implicating allies of Aquino, among them:

    Former Senator Edgardo Angara; Neptali M. Gonzales II, the deputy speaker of the Lower House; former representative and Aquino’s Tesda head Joel Villanueva; Akbayan party-list representative Risa Hontiveros; Florencio G. Noel, former An Waray party-list representative who is reportedly close to the president; Senator Allan Peter Cayetano, Nacionalista-Liberal Party coalition; Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimental Jr., Liberal Party; Sen. Francisco “Kiko” Pangilinan, Liberal Party; Sen. Ramon B. Magsaysay Jr., Liberal Party; Sen. Cynthia Villar, Nacionalista-Liberal Party Coalition; and Sen. Manuel B. Villar, Nacionalista-Liberal Party Coalition.

    Yet the Ombudsman hasn’t even assigned investigators going over the documents to prepare charges against these Aquino lackeys. Morales and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima kept saying there would be second and third batches of legislators to be charged. But none so far, and it’s already mid-2015 and this Administration only has 11 months to go.

    “That’s the best argument [against allegations of]selective justice—Iyong pag-dismiss ko kay Purisima,” Morales, however, said in a press conference on Wednesday. The Ombudsman, earlier in 2013, also filed charges against former congressman and Aquino’s customs head Rozzano Rufino Biazon, and seven former Congressmen, for their alleged links to the P10 billion pork barrel scam.

    Who is Morales fooling?

    Purisima has been politically dead – and stinking, that Aquino wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole – and after the Senate hearings that have incontrovertibly proved since February that he led the flawed operations that resulted in the Mamasapano massacre of 44 elite police troops. Biazon has been politically dead since early 2013 because of his huge failure to check massive smuggling as Customs head.

    Morales is simply Aquino’s political undertaker, who disposes of the political bodies of the President’s dead allies. And like a Mafia boss, Aquino is relieved of that painful job to personally tell them to go to hell. And they even became the sacrificial lambs for his fake altar of the straight path.

    Aquino-target No. 5?

    A year before the 2016 elections, Morales blindly rushes to use the allegations – made without the rigors of rules of evidence in a regular court – hurled by Antonio Trillanes 4th in Senate hearings, to file charges against Vice President Jejomar Binay and his family, now the leading candidate for President. Never mind if Trillanes, who already hates Binay for allegedly abandoning him in his 2003 Oakwood mutiny, thinks that for being his attack dog against the Binays, Aquino will endorse him as his cabal’s vice presidential candidate.

    You decide if the Ombudsman is really an anti-graft crusader, or simply, scandalously Aquino’s political assassin.

    Or is it just all coincidence?

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    1. Heard that at a convention abroad, Morales opted to go shopping instead of attending the conference sessions.

    2. Typo – “Corona’s deception on Corona’s bank accounts,” should be Colossal deception on Corona’s accounts.

    3. Correction, the ombudsman is the assassin of MAR ROXAS – mr. trying hard to become the next President of the Republic

    4. Larry Ebersole on

      really,being apolitical to the person who put you in position is very hard to accept in our asian society. there is always leaning to the guy who put you where you are, but should be not be to the extent of being very obvious that you become partisan 100%.because to do so, puts both you and the guy who appointed you in deep political shit.

    5. well said mr tiglao. i’ve been reading your column, your views and find it very interesting. the facts and figures… but so sad that these ombudsman carpio morales whose name before i thought was good and pro-people….now its very clear…she is also a paid ombudsman….if she can indict some politicians under liberal party…well…but the truth is she cannot because of her ambitions…and of course the money…

    6. jesus nazario on

      Cases lodged at the Ombudsman immdeiately after the 2010 election against Smartmatic and Comelec re the PCOS mess is still un-acted upon until now. They have been rotting there for the past 5 years . And here we are about to use the same PCOS in next year’s election.

    7. Berate the press? ang pagkakaintindi eh nabubuwisit sya sa opposition at hindi sa press.

    8. Roldan Guerrero on

      Very soon, within 11months to go, this ingrate granny will be on the TOP LIST, mavbe next to his STUPID BOSS, as the most wanted PERSONA NON GRATAS. She is untouchable now but her time will come and lose everything in a single nightmare. She has destroyed the lives of many high profile individuals through her LIES and MISRULE of JUSTICE. I have yet to find the answer how ang why these kind of people are allowed to mingle in our government.

    9. arthur keefe on

      If Morales does not sue Mr Tiglao for libel, she is guilty as charged and should resign or be sacked.

    10. eugenio w castillo on

      Glorious designed by God to our nation is happening because of this ladies who are faithful to do their duties. Negative commentaries to the ladies comes from darkened minds of people who are overcome by Satan to see nothing good from the great transformation of the nation. Who can remove and put to prison the likes of SC chief justice, generals, senators and next is the vice president so that he can do no harm to the nation by being the next president kuno. The Filipino people will never vote for you so that there is no more return to the abyss of hopelessness and poverty.

    11. Mr. Tiglao I could not agree more of what you said about this lady bit$% who thinks she is powerful than the constituion. She is only arrogant today challenging everybody to impeach her because she has the backing of the animal president. She should not go to oblivion unpunish in the future.


    13. mario san antonio on

      in the light of all the above irregularities, why is no one filing the impeachment she is asking for?

      • Larry Ebersole on

        simply because it will be an exercise in futility as her boss owns the impeaching court; the congress. it will be the same as trying to impeach her boss B***S*** Aquino in his own lapdog congress.

    14. renato s. irlanda on

      people are wrong when they say that the ombudsman thinks she is above the law, sadly the ombudsman thinks that she is the law!!

    15. Conchita Moraless should be thrown out of the garbage can, You Stink! Magresign kana supladang matanda! Kayong kaalyado ni Pnoy ikulong lahat mga kurap!

    16. Conchita carpio morales is undoubtedly used to a “T”, as attack dog, bitch- to impress upon the public the canard and dastardly planned schemes of the liberals, abad, abnoy, drilon- altogether with the crying lady’s style of heide mendoza. These are thespians, with stage-managed agendas, backed by broadcast networks’ paid hacks and mainstream TV channels’ honchos- all colluding in unison. What else can be expected from the “mata pobre” usurping power, whose self-serving motive is to protect their own interests, while the populist/ pro people are silenced and populace suffer? Where is public administration nowadays? It is all showmanship by the Aquino government.

    17. Let’s give the old lady another benefit of the doubt. Let’s see what she will do with the case filed at the Ombudsman against Alberto Lina of Customs. 11 months will be too long for her to just ignore it.

    18. “If you feel that I am impeachable if I have done wrong, I welcome it. I will give my position on a silver platter,” she shouted.”
      The offer is not for her to give. She should resign first. Unfortunately, as you, Ambassador Tiglao, said, she has not, and she is not going to resign. She want to be impeached but believe isn’t going to happen. That’s why the challenge she was hurling was too shallow. She will continue to be an attack dog of Pnoy. But their time is fast approaching and “karma” won’t spare them.

      • Manuel Jaime jr on

        That only means that Carpio Morales is still aprehensive to be impeached.Her backtracking,after saying she would welcome an impeachment charge,only to say later on that she cant be impeached,because she’d rather give it to others via a silver platter,means she prefers to resign than take the heat of going through an impeachment trial.This is how recreant our present Ombudsman is.She really is a jackal roaming at the behest of her bureaucrat and top honcho,the Abnoy.

      • ric green, deo macalma’s bubwit has said long time ago that this morales has her eye on being appointed as the nation’s representative to the united nations, the position vacated by davide before, before the end of boy sisi’s term. malapit na yon at makikita talaga natin kung talagang hit man sya ni boy sisi pag natuloy ang tsismis.

    19. Very good observation. I totally agree with you. Your article are supportive by facts, actually happened and is happening right now. This Ombudsman is thinking that she is above the law.

    20. armando flores on

      Morales and sereno are indeed political prostitutes of aquino operating in tandem with de lima

      • Can’t figure out if these ladies are blessings or what:
        De Lima, Pulido-Tan (buti na lang retired na), Morales, Mendoza, Henares, and Sereno.

    21. Si ombusman Moral-less,at sina delima at coa-tan, ang tatlong babaeng naging sobra ang pagkasinungaling at sobrang pagka-sipsip kay Aquino makuha lang ang ambisyon nila! Lahat gagawin!! Ganito kakapal angmga mukha na parang ang tingin sa mga tao ay mga walang utak!
      Dapat itong mga babaeng ito ay makulong sa pagtratraidor sa kanilang sinumpaan trabaho! Kahit mababa ang dugo mo,kapagnakita mo ang mga itong nagsasalita maha-high blood ka! Parang mga cholesterol!! Hehehe!!

      • wow, I love your comment! high blood nga ang sakit mo after isang tingin sa mga babaeng ito, mga judge pa nman kung tawagin. parang purong taba ng baboy,na tumigas na. ;lol

    22. Sereno and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales terribly failed in the aspect of peace-consciousness. She still has a lot of room for improvement if she is careful to tame her political tongue and restrain her head from getting too big enough to fill the entire room. The Ombudsman and Court of Appeals are both government institutions that has to LEARN how to coordinate and jointly communicate their decision on cases they overlap on to prevent untoward incidence of chaos brought about by political conflict. Had Ombudsman and Court of Appeals made a joint press conference on a decision to order the execution of the suspension order of Mayor Binay, resistance and chaos could have been prevented. (John R. Petalcorin, Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), Senator Aspirant for 2016)

    23. Mar Padilla, Jr. on

      I totally agree. What else could I see, It’s 100% correct . The voters are asking them to explain and elaborate more if they accept the guilty verdict or not. Maybe the headman, whisper keep quite the election is so near now.

    24. P.Akialamiro on

      While this administration is inconistent and seletive of those it goes after for irregulariities, VP Binay (& son, etc.), has a lot to explainong to do. The country doesn’t need another leader of questionable lntegrity. Politics or not, he has to clear his name.

    25. Justaskingseriously on

      What can anyone expect of a con? What can anybody expect of a cheetah? What can be the third strike? Morals? Assassin and undertaker? Perfect. Right on the money! Three strikes, your’re out. Umpires do not rule on coincidence.

    26. Justaskingseriously on

      What can anyone expect of a con? What can anybody expect of a cheetah? What can be the third strike? Morals? Assassin and undertaker? Perfect. Right on the money!

    27. laguatanlawzen.com on

      Your article is eruditely written complete with irreversible proofs. Ombudsman Morales is just nothing but a mindless Moral-less and willing attack jackal of ABNOY, purposely to destroy Abnoy’s political enemies at all costs. There is always the end to all their glories – they will have their judgment and the KARMATIC effect of their foolishness.

    28. Ano pa ba ang bago sa sistema sa Pilipinas. Hindi ba the same misinformation was used during Erap presidency. Meron pa bang dignidad na natitira sa Senado o sa alin mang institusyon sa bansa? Malungkot pero iyan ang katotohanan. Iba lang ang mukha pareho din ang gawain. I’m 55 years old sa na makita ko sa lifetime ko na ang Pilipinas ay magkaroon ng lider na may totoong malasakit sa masang Pilipino.

    29. Alejo Rosete on

      THANK YOU Ambassador Tiglao.




    30. Carpio-Morales have an axe to grind on ex CJ Renato Corona apparently because Corona refused her request for perks and privileges she requested which she is entitled to received so she found being part of the unfair impeachment of Corona as the opportunity to get even, or worse. Her actions also solidify that Conchita is a power-hungry lapdog.

    31. The Ombudsman has a job to do and it is not easy. Graft and corruption is embedded in government service, 29 years of rule like the Binay feifdom in Makati is a classic example.