• The only logical conclusion


    The Salim-Meralco decisionmakers hate us Filipinos! That is the only logical conclusion any sane man can draw from these facts [enumerated by Columnist R. Tiglao and repeated in the editorial "Salim-Meralco people hate us Filipinos.”].

    But I wish to remind Manila Times readers that Anthoni Salim is not ethnically of the majority Malay-Polynesian people in Indonesia who are like the majority of us Filipinos. I do not mean to say that all Indonesians of Chinese blood like Anthoni Salim are haters of the brown Indonesians and Filipinos.

    I only want to remind your readers that Anthoni Salim is the son of the late Lim Sieu Liong, who brought a large part of his fortune to Singapore and Hong Kong and employed Mr. Pangilinan to globalize and modernize the financial side of his businesses.

    Dominador D. Canastra
    Marietta, Georgia, USA


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    1. We’re making a mountain out of a mole! There is nothing wrong with the Salim-Meralco investing in Singapore power project. They have the right to invest where their money will yield more. It is not taking a lot of money out of PH or Indonesia.
      The Chinese invested a lot of money in various countries in the world. The Chinese don’t hate their businessmen from Wenzou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzou, etc. Why would we hate Slaim-Meralco.