The only thing being sensationalized is Aquino’s self-image


AFTER more than five years of laboring under a government led by a man who somehow manages to display diffidence and arrogance at the same, one would think we, in the media, would have had time to become inured to his outrageously offensive complaints of “sensationalism” nearly every time he perceives the press to be reporting bad news only to cast him in an unfavorable light. But President BS Aquino is truly one in a million, and continues to astonish us with his insensitivity and rude self-importance.

In Malaysia on Sunday, on the eve of the sixth anniversary of the Maguindanao Massacre, Aquino used what little time was made available to speak to the Philippine media gathered to cover the just-concluded Asean summit to complain about the “tanim-bala” or bullet-planting extortion scheme at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, a story that dominated the headlines for a couple of weeks prior to the APEC summit, and an issue his government has yet to satisfactorily resolve.

Yes, on a day that, if Aquino should have had anything to say to this country’s fourth estate, it should have been an apology for allowing to lie dormant (if not actively blocking progress) in the Philippine court system the case of the brutal slaying on Nov. 23, 2009 of 58 people – at least 34 of them journalists. Instead, the President decided to complain that the “tanim-bala” matter was being “sensationalized,” describing it as a scheme to discredit his administration. His complaint implied that the media was complicit in the effort to make him look bad.

Making the ludicrous and utterly false claim that “only two or three” victims of the extortion had complained about it, Aquino used the same asinine logic as his hopeless Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya offered, that the number of cases (between 1,200 and 1,500, according to reliable statistics gathered by law enforcement agencies) was very small compared with the number of travelers passing through NAIA every year, and thus, the matter was being blown out of proportion and must be an effort to discredit him.

Enough is enough, Mr. Aquino. You are a public servant, and moreover, you are a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines bound by the same laws as the rest of us – including libel. Your careless statements, beyond betraying, certainly not for the first time, an overweening sense of entitlement, are a serious allegation against many parties. You made the charge, so please explain to us how a 56-year-old grandmother who has spent most of her working life as a domestic helper in Hong Kong – thanks in no small part to your poor record of creating job opportunities in our country – is part of a conspiracy to make you look bad. You please explain how an American missionary, a young man doing God’s work and whose first introduction to the Philippines was an encounter with thieves in uniform, is part of that same conspiracy. And you explain how the media, whose job it is to inform the public of matters which certainly may have a direct, personal impact on them, is a willing conspirator in this same incredible plot.

You made the accusation, you present the evidence to prove it, or withdraw it and apologize for your self-centered recklessness.

The time for honoring yourself is not just long past; it never existed in the first place. Enough is enough, Mr. Aquino.


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  1. To think that his chosen successor, Mar Roxas, promises six more years of the same! The frightening thing about it is the rstrong probability that he might just be able to make good that promise. Smartmatic is here to make sure of that.

  2. Pls stop delving into the past. Let’s get to the here-and-now and the present state of affairs of our country.
    Aquino says the laglag bala incidents are too few and insignificant. Hey! Do we have to wait for the number to balloon and let the whole world know about it? As the commander-in-chief and as President of the Philippines (every one in government, basically, and every facet of governance is under him), he must give proper attention to such concerns and not dismiss these as insignificant. He even hints at a conspiracy to discredit his leadership (cunning and imaginative mind he’s got)
    Is it wrong for the men and women of the press to give attention to such concerns? Are tbese people blaming him for these incidents? We, the People of the Philippines, want answers to questions and not hand washing. Otherwise, let’s throw away command responsibility into the trash can.
    Aquino tried to distance himself from the Mamasapano massacre and even tried a canard about the severed finger(if you know what I mean) and now, this. Is he truly man enough to own his mistakes?
    He is a BRAGGART, besides being a vindictive lying tyrant of a don’t know what!!!

  3. Catalino Garcia on

    If this is the kind of logic that Aquino wants …then, maybe, we should not assume that he is not a thief.

  4. What to expect from a self-centered and inutile official!
    In my own point of view, the legacy of Marcos are the projects that up to this moment are being used and beneficial to the Filipinos. These are the Heart Centre, National Kidney, Lung Center, Children’s Hospital, Folk Arts and the PICC that was recently used by Bugok’s APEC.
    What happened to the 800M Iloilo Convention Centre which was supposedly built for APEC 2015? NgaNga!!!

  5. President Aquino, much that you are not corrupt , the people around you are so corrupt. Maybe this is the nature of Philippine politics. The only legacy that you will leave to us is NOTHING. You do not have any accomplishment period .

  6. In his SONA, when we saw few people witnessed in the progressive he was trying to portray in his administration, only one person was interviewed…well the issue about TANIM BALA is obviously the same…he reasoned out that few were trapped to investigate…don’t you see; this is another vengeance…they need more victims in order to prove that SCAM….gosh NoyNoy kailan ka magiging matured…ang tanda mo na. Alam mo kung pwede lang kitang ipagluto ng Tinolang Manok dyan sa Malacanang nagawa ko na and I will teach you how to do the real lovemaking para maging LALAKI ka lang! That is so insinuating!

  7. You cannot expect a normal reaction from a mentally retarded and schizo person like Pnoy! His monkey-like sneering on people when confronted with his serious misbehavior or governance is a symptom of mental imbalance. Pnoy split-personality will only tolerate sycophants but repel critics. He will enjoy and approve the company of the idolizing coterie of demagogues. Pnoy insensitivity to poor people victims of mishaps and disaster is a rude behaviour of an arrogant President. Why on earth this guy was elected to that post of national leadership when he is a psychotic person as his mental condition was exposed during the election in 2010.
    Pnoy is only capable of working as a toilet orderlie not as President of 100 million populace!

    • Abnoy will be put under hospital arrest after he steps down. He will be confined at the National Center for Mental Health for sure.

  8. I understand that the media has to make reports of the administrations missed opportunities but not to blame the present government all the ills that happening in the country.Because if you compare Mr. Aquino’s governance of the country with the past administrations , I think Mr. Aquino is 1000% better than all those combined. Corruption, malfeasance, extortion, killings was the Legacy of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. It is ingrained in the psyche of some stupid filipinos it would take some time before it goes away.Also I have noticed that when some pinoy s Farts the MEDIA always blame the president..

    • Marcos never massacred people marching and protesting in the street, like the farmers in Mendiola, and Hacienda Luisita.

    • Missed opportunities, kamo? Looked like he junked opportunities for the people and went into a rampage against his imagined opponents.

    • I think it is the other way around. Marcos’ stint as president, though authoritarian, is a lot better than the two Aquinos’ time in Malacanang combined.
      The Filipinos then felt a lot safer and corruption was reduced to a few. During the Aquinos, the Kamaganak, Inc., the KKK, the Pnoy allies, and the LP feasted on the people’s money. And with no accomplishments to show like a single infrastructure done.

    • The idiot president of yours brought it into himself. Don’t compare this ,abnormal president to the likes of Pres.Marcos he would measure an iota.

    • The problem with Aquino is he looks at the tanim bala from a statistical point of view. Those people affected by this scam no matter how small the percentage they maybe should not be treated as mere statistical number.It is unacceptable for me to see a president to take an illegal activity or crime as not a very serious matter. Its even more frustrating to see Abaya and Honrado defending themselves instead of acting and solving the problem at once! Kung tunay boss mo ninyo ang Filipino, abay naagrabyado na ang ilang OFW at turista ng mga ilang tauhan ng gobyerno sa airport, dapat action agad! ….bawasan ang daldal sa media dagdagan ng action at mismo ang media ang magmamalaki sa inyo sa agarang paglutas ng problema Sa bagal niyong umaksion, umikot na sa buong mundo ang racket ng illan tapos sisihin ninyo media. Isama ninyong sisihin ang sarili ninyo!