The Philippine radical Left: Hello, Carmma


    MANUEL “MAR” ROXAS 2ND and his godfather now sitting lamely in Malacañang are nonchalant about, on the one hand, and dismissive of survey results, on the other, showing Mar trailing behind Sen. Grace Poe or Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    The former Interior secretary and President Benigno Aquino 3rd shrug such results off as a poor indicator of the sentiments of the electorate, whose real appreciation of whatever it is Roxas—standard-bearer of the ruling Liberal Party (LP) in the May 2016 elections—stands for as a candidate for the highest post in the land would supposedly translate into votes for him as the next president of the Philippines.

    If the respondents’ replies to questions from the pollsters, however, do not rub Roxas the wrong way, he would attribute the people’s perceived faith in him as being borne of daang matuwid (straight path), the good governance mantra of the Aquino administration.

    Unlike the LP bet, Poe thanks voters, telling them that, to use her apparently favorite word, she is “humbled” by their casting their ballot for her if presidential elections were held today.

    Seemingly wiser than Roxas, who seems to have a penchant for repeating or explaining himself too much, she just shuts up if the numbers rank Binay, not her, as No.1 in the surveys.

    The Vice President, like Poe, an independent presidential candidate, also expresses gratitude to the electorate when he is up there in the polls and nothing more, except perhaps vowing to deliver on his campaign promises.

    Poe’s tack seems to have been adopted by her running mate, Sen. Francis Escudero, who also just thanks the people for their apparent vote of confidence, especially after topping the latest Pulse Asia survey.

    Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., a rival of Escudero in the vice presidential race in the balloting three months from now, apparently also knows that humility works in showing genuine gratitude to those who believe in him and what he espouses as a candidate for Vice President.

    In the same Pulse Asia poll, Marcos took second spot, with his fellow senator nursing what looked like an insurmountable lead (33 percent against 23 percent).

    But some quarters have other plans for him.

    A group of leftist activists has threatened to bring Marcos down–hard, they swore—and so he has a really serious catching up job to do on Escudero.

    These radicals, so-called martial law babies, apparently have not been big believers of surveys, especially when it comes to who should lead this country in the next six years.

    When the poll numbers were unkind to Marcos, Judy Taguiwalo and company seemed not to give a hoot about his candidacy, perhaps seeing that the senator does not stand a chance in whatever of making it as the No. 2 official of the Republic.

    But when the surveys began to show that the only son of the man despised by these Marxists may actually pull it off, Taguiwalo, a University of the Philippines professor, and apparently a few others formed Carmma–Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacañang.

    It looks like Carmma is joining the anti-Marcos front a bit late in what seems to be a throwback to 1986 when the Philippine Left was said to have been poised to seize Malacañang, only to pay the price for its buntotismo (literally, tailism, in the radicals’ jargon, to go with “adventurism,” “opportunism,” “sexism,” etc.)

    The Left is still hurting from that unfortunate fiasco nearly 30 years ago and it seems to think that it can make amends for their supposed dilly-dallying to mount an insurrection at the time against the Marcos regime through Carmma, whose own mantra apparently is Bongbong or bust.

    Purportedly, that rebellion should have led to a “digmaang bayan” or “people’s war,” and eventually to the establishment of a “national democratic” state.

    On February 5, Taguiwalo was quoted by a “fearless” broadsheet as saying, “We are not anti-Marcos because we want to be in Malacañang. Our motivation has always been true freedom and democracy.”

    Earlier, she was reported by the same daily newspaper to have been agitated when asked by a television reporter if a certain politician was bankrolling the anti-Bongbong campaign.

    Her reply: “If you know what we had gone through under martial law, what we have given up and what we have suffered, you would not even dare ask that question. I really feel insulted that you think there’s a politician prodding us to organize this.”

    What she and the others may have gone through, what she and the others may have suffered are a tribute to what they stood for at the time, no questions asked.

    But what they supposedly gave up is lost on me.

    Taguiwalo, for example, was able to go back to UP but others were not as lucky to be able to do so, either dying for the “kilusan” (movement) in some battlefield in the “kanayunan” (hinterlands) or returning to where they left off in the 1970s and worming their way back to Yale and other Ivy League schools or the local corporate world.

    If she gave up what she thought had to be given up, that was solely her decision.

    Nobody told or forced the UP professor to give anything up, so she should stop the reproaching.

    Walang sumbatan, you were dealing with a “dictatorship,” so you knew what to expect.

    Anyway, Carmma thinks that Bongbong has to pay for the sins of the father and it is dead serious about pulling the rug from under the vice presidential candidate’s feet.

    Telling off the senator that it means business, Carmma (rhymes with karma) on February 9 (Chinese New Year), or just four days after Taguiwalo’s encounter with the TV reporter, took out two full-paged ads in two of the country’s leading broadsheets (The Manila Times not one of them) and four full-paged ads in as many tabloids.

    We learned that a full-paged ad in each of the four tabloids costs P45,000 and a similar ad in one of the broadsheets costs P185,000 (we were unable to get the rate for the other broadsheet).

    Pretty expensive for Carmma, which was supposedly organized by hard-up and aging “martial law babies.”

    But you do the math.


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    1. Mr. Marinas the way you look in your column I think you are old enough to remember that the EDSA People Power that toppled the dictator Marcos was led by the middle class. Not the leftist or communist radicals as you want to label them.The likes of Cardinal Sin, Cory, the AFP rebels led by Ramos Enrile and Honasan exhorting the thousands of nameless people who gathered at EDSA to end the conjugal dictatorship is definitely not the radical left,Joma Sison is nowhere to be found as he was caught flatfooted by this seemingly revolt of the elite, not the masses in his own perception. Now they are gathering once again to prevent the return of the son who is not even a shadow of his father but wanted to build once again the dark tunnel that led the country to darkness of despair.

      • “wanted to build once again the dark tunnel that led the country to darkness of despair”

        Here’s the thing… are you even trying to understand what you’re saying just now? Are you saying the people will be as powerless compared to how it was back then? The fact that media can no longer be easily manipulated? The people, mostly the new generation for that matter, has seen the incompetence of the symbols you people put up in a pedestal. Glorifying them like their some hero and not noticing how quickly the country had slowly devolved while under their reign. Sheeples, the lot of you. Not even trying to consider the multiple possibilities and easily influenced by groundless fear that was had been constantly preached by the Oligarchy and the media it is in cahoots with.

        The Yellows are incompetent in leading and history has proven that. Statistics can easily be manipulated, but not the experiences of people. Remove those nostalgia goggles because its shows how blind you people are.

    2. How come if you are anti Marcos you are classified as a lefty ? The word Lefty has a very bad meaning which means you are a communist . I am anti Marcos and what ever he stands for but I do not consider myself as a lefty or a communist. I was not affected by Martial Law but I do not want a dictator that runs my country.

      • Because anti-Marcos people are mostly radical leftists. And since you are against rightist people then you are probably a lefty, you may not accept it or not but that’s how you people are called.

    3. If you Carmma people, like Judas, are planning something evil..why are you announcing it? Why don’t you just do it? I was also in Manila during Martial Law but had a great life because I was a law abiding citizen. Eh kayo? You are all mayabang and surely been brainwashed by those opposing Martial Law. Manahimik na kayo…what ever sufferings you had experienced during Martial Law, I bet you deserve them and don’t blame them all to Marcos..who do you think you are that Marcos will even spend time on you. Like in any government, there are snakes and these snakes with no names surely were the ones who were the culprit and not Marcos. Sayang lang pagod ninyo. Use your head for once because Bongbong Marcos can be the change that we are all waiting for. Who amongst the candidates have the ability, industry, honesty and integrity all in one? Si Bongbong lang!!

    4. Each of us is responsible for our own sins. Ezekiel 18:20 tells us, “The soul who sins is the one who will die. The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son.” This verse clearly shows that punishment for one’s sins is borne by that person.

    5. Really? Taguiotso as she claimed not being paid by politicians, but of course by a ruling powerful oligarch. Why dont she ask the fake communist joma who is living in style but not in China his source of fund.

    6. Let them be. Will they find a good support from the people? If anything, they’d be exposing themselves. Where before they were just nameless thousand innocent pitiful victims, now the public has an opportunity to get to know who these people really are claiming billion-dollar damages for so called human rights violations? SELDA? Karapatan? Bantayog? Aba, mga kampon pala ni Joma Sison!

      • You can tell that! They should be campaigning against Mar, the anointed candidate of PNoy including Grace since she once renounced her citizenship. These people are blinded by their ego. They were the ones who pulled our country from darkness which we suffer up to this time.