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    Bag painting for Heart Evangelista-Escudero began as an accident. She was once eating fries with a very expensive Hermès bag hanging on her forearm. Before she knew it, the excess oil from her food started dripping on her precious bag.

    “I was so shocked,” Heart told Showbuzz during a visit at the taping of her rom-com series Juan Happy Love Story with Dennis Trillo.

    “I quickly tried to remove the oil with a tissue but it only got worse. When I got home, I tried other means but the oil could not be removed. It was a big problem for me because it’s a Hermès and it’s very expensive,” she added.

    That was when the idea of painting on her bag came to Heart. After doing so, she used the bag again and the wonderful artwork didn’t go unnoticed to her friends. They all loved it so much so that one of them requested Heart to also paint on her bag. Other friends then followed suit.

     Heart Evangelista-Escudero

    Heart Evangelista-Escudero

    “As of now, there are 50 bags on waiting line,” she beamed. “I’m very glad because now, it’s not only my friends who ask me to paint on their bags. I already have clients from Macau and I get inquiries from Dubai. I am thrilled whenever there are inquiries from other countries.”

    But, of course, Heart loves doing the paintings even more for her Filipina friends, including Jinky Pacquiao.

    “Jinky is so sweet. When I heard that she wants to have her bag painted on, I was so happy and I was so surprised when she sent two Hermès bags for me to paint on. When she got her bags back already painted, she posted them on social media, promoting my work! I was so touched.”

    Heart insists that she only paints on Hermès bags and she has a good reason for this.

    “When it comes to this certain level of art and keeping its value, it’s best that I do my painting on Hermès bags. Technically, it’s the only bag that can be auctioned in auction houses, even in Europe,” Heart said.

    Heart’s painting on Hermès has indeed become very in demand that even two of the most popular brands of cars—Volkswagen and Ford—have taken notice of it. On September 3, they will hold an exhibit featuring Heart’s painted bags.

     Aside from her friends and countrymen, Evangelista-Escudero now has international clients for her painted Hermès bags PHOTO FROM Instagram/iAMLOVEMARIE_E

    Aside from her friends and countrymen, Evangelista-Escudero now has international clients for her painted Hermès bags PHOTO FROM Instagram/iAMLOVEMARIE_E

    “Aside from that, we are also coming up with a coffee table book featuring all my Hermès painted bags alongside different beauty and fashion icons like Gretchen Barretto and other socialites. That’s what I’m working on now,” Heart excitedly said.

    Now, how much does it cost to have Heart’s art in one’s Hermès bag? “In the store, the bag itself costs around P500,000. Outside, some people would spend P800,000 to a million pesos. The bag would be around P90,000 for me to paint on. And it will take a few months because I have a wait list,” the actress revealed.

    Heart, however, is planning to take a break from doing so once she finish all the bags on her wait list, “I want to keep the exclusivity that’s why I will stop for a while,” she explained.

    And while she will not be busy painting on those bags, Heart will have all the time to give her 100-percent concentration on the very important project she will work on with her husband Senator Chiz Escudero: their first baby.


    “I have all the reasons to be thankful,” Megan Young said referring to her showbiz career now.

    “After Tom Rodriguez (Marimar), it will be Dingdong Dantes who I will work with in our new series. When I was told that I will have a project with Dingdong for the GMA primetime block, I immediately said yes,” the 2013 Miss World continues.

    It’s not only working with Dingdong that makes Megan excited but also the big names in the industry who will be with them in the show. “There is Jaclyn Jose who I have worked with in Marimar. It’s always a pleasure to do scenes with her, she’s so good that you would be pressured to do good as well. She’s very nice and so giving as an actor too,” Megan enthused.

    Megan Young

    Megan Young

    “I also look forward to working with Miss Cherie Gil. Of course, everybody knows how good she is and how great her screen presence is. I cannot wait to shoot my first scene with her,” she added.

    Aside from Jaclyn and Cherie, Megan is also starring with Sid Lucero, Andrea Torres, Paolo Contis, and Ryan Eigenmann.

    Close to home is how Megan describes her character in the series. She plays the role of a woman who was born rich but is deep into her advocacies. “She’s like the Miss World of the teleseryes—full of good intentions for everyone. I am motivated by my experiences and by the people that I met during my reign as Miss World.”

    Now that Megan is starting to shoot for the series, she will have to put her travels on hold. For the past few months, Megan and rumored boyfriend Mikael Daez spent a lot of time traveling. The couple was just in Europe the other week as Megan hosted the 2016 Mr. World in UK. Right after her hosting stint, they headed to Scotland. “It was a very enjoyable trip. The place is so beautiful. It’s really a perfect vacation place,” Megan said.

    Although Megan and Mikael are always together traveling, they still would not confirm their real relationship. When asked, Megan would only say so much of her and Mikael’s true status. “We have lots of differences but we also have many things in common. What is important is we get along really well. As of now, we’re just enjoying the moment.”


    Miss Global Philippines Camille Hiro (extreme left) during her contract signing

    Miss Global Philippines Camille Hiro (extreme left) during her contract signing

    The Philippines seems to be fast becoming the home of beauty pageants—the country is slated to host the Miss Universe next year and, for the second time, Miss Global International will be staged here on September 24.

    The reigning Miss Global International—Australia’s Jessica Perth—is arriving in Manila on Sunday to help in the preparations and promotion of the international event.

    This year’s Miss Global International promises to be bigger. Sixty countries have already confirmed that they will be sending their representatives. Philippines’ very own Miss Global Philippines Camille Hiro, is already deep into training.

    “It’s not easy, I swear,” Camille said. “When I won in Miss Global Philippines, I thought I knew everything already when it comes to walking and carrying myself. But in my training now with Kagandahang Flores, I realized there are so many things I have to correct, like in my walk, I was taught with the proper way of doing the pasarela. It’s hard because I have to be in my seven-inch heel all the time. I also practice wearing only my two-piece swimsuit. There were also times when they have to pull my hair for me to extend my body and, therefore, look taller.”

    Life has taken a new turn for Camille who used to earn a living by ghost writing for politicians’ speeches or newspaper columns. She was also moonlighting as a product events host but now, with her title, Camille has become the endorser of the products. In fact, she has just signed an endorsement contract with Bermere Beauty Clinic.

    “I never imagined I would experience this kind of life. I’m just grateful to all the people who are helping me and encouraging me. I will not let them down. I will do my best to bring honor to the country,” she promiseed

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