• The real Edsa and all that Edsa nonsense


    “The future does not belong to those who are content with today, apathetic toward common problems and their fellow man alike, timid and fearful in the face of new ideas and bold projects. Rather, it will belong to those who can blend passion and commitment to the ideals and great enterprises of…society. It will belong to those who see that wisdom can only emerge from the clash of contending views, the passionate expression of deep and hostile beliefs.
    Plato said: ‘A life without criticism is not worth living.’” —Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy

    A lot of people wonder why I frequently quote Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy. The reasons are very simple. He had deep and fundamental connections with the Greek philosophers and classical writers of centuries ago. He had white heat passion for the eternal verities, God, country and mankind. He had incontestable courage to fight for his beliefs and his dreams of tomorrow. I had been that all of my life and I cannot help articulate and take immense pride of my connections with a kindred soul.

    Now, back to the real Edsa all the nonsense associated with it.

    What is the real Edsa?

    Every year, the country celebrates the anniversary of the Edsa uprising. The celebration is in docile obedience to an edict from Malacañang based on the impression that Edsa was a democratic revolution. Was it a revolution? No, it was not; it was just a successful military and civilian uprising. Was it democratic? Yes, it was because there was people
    participation. Was it planned? No, it was not! If not, what was it? It was nothing but an accident of history. It was as much an accident of history as the accession to the presidency by Corazon C. Aquino. If Ninoy Aquino was not assassinated at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport (MIA), very likely Cory would never have become president of our country. And we would have been saved from the calamity that it was. If Cory Aquino did not die before the 2010 presidential elections, Benigno Aquino 3rd (PNoy) would not have been elected President of the Philippines. The country would have been saved by the catastrophe that is the Noynoy Aquino administration.

    But that is a lot of water under the bridge and the Aquino floods are punishing the nation. The Aquinos resuscitated the Marcoses – graft and corruption, unending human rights violations and all. The country has been reduced to a condition of idiocy. Filipinos can no longer distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil. They think that an admitted killer, adulterer and womanizer should become president of the country. They think that one charged with overwhelming graft and corruption could be President of the Republic.
    They think that one who is a running dog of a President that has a psychological problem should inherit the presidency. I could give a kilometric enumeration of idiocy but I hate boring myself to death.

    In other countries, these people would have been pressured to commit hara-kiri, with seppuku to boot. With these in mind, we come to the inevitable question – what was Edsa all about, stripped of the hallucinations of the Aquinos and their bunch of blind camp followers as well as the spinners of Juan Ponce Enrile (Johnny for brevity) and Fidel V. Ramos (Fidel for short)?

    IMMEDIATE CAUSE: The immediate cause that led to Edsa was the order of President Marcos to have Johnny and Fidel arrested for trying to unseat Marcos through a coup d’etat. It had nothing to do with removing the government or changing the system. It had something to do with the duo fighting for their survival and in the effort to survive, asked the people of Metro Manila to join them for the restoration of democracy in the Philippines.

    Of course, why did the people take the Johnny-Fidel appeal for help? For the same reason – to get rid of Marcos and his minions! And as the open reason: for the consumption of domestic and international media as well as the international community – to restore democracy in the Philippines. It was a beautiful propaganda line acceptable to everyone tired of graft and corruption, the display of the luxurious habits of the Marcoses and their cronies, and the murderous and abusive behavior of the military and the police in committing crimes from torture to rape, from stealing properties to murder.

    NO COLLECTIVE Edsa IDEALS AND DREAMS: Many of my friends tell me that the ideals and dreams of Edsa were betrayed. This is a pack of vulgar nonsense. There were no collective ideals and dreams in Edsa. The shared motive of Edsa participants was to see Marcos removed. Each participant had his own dream to pursue with the toppling of Marcos considering that the uprising was a motley crowd.

    Johnny and Fidel – To save themselves and establish a new government of their friends and cronies;

    The businessmen – To have a new government friendly to them and their businesses;

    The students and the communists – To take advantage of the chaos and work for the establishment of a communist government headed by their Supremo, Jose Maria Sison;
    The ordinary citizen – To free themselves of their fear of being arrested, tortured and abused, and to participate in the fiesta that was going on at Edsa;

    The media men and women – To cover the event, hoping that they could write a book or a series that could make money as well as be favored by the leaders of the new government;
    The soldiers and policemen – To free themselves from strict discipline as well as obeying orders that denigrate their religion and their conscience;

    The priests and nuns – To pursue their dreams of preventing human rights violations and seeing a new order that respects individual rights and liberties; and

    The politicians – To secure places for themselves in a new order!

    THE DREAMERS: To say, however, that there were no dreamers in Edsa is an insult to the best among the Filipinos. Because somewhere in that crowd were dreamers who wanted to establish a new order. Many of them are dead now like Vice-President Salvador “Doy” Laurel, President of the United Democratic (UNIDO), and a few men and women who are still around today, driven by celestial fires and dreams to establish a new order for this country. Will they succeed, only time will tell?

    In the meanwhile, the ones who are loudest in celebrating Edsa are the political heirs of Marcos like Johnny and Fidel and their confederates as well as those who were not there and their participation was fleeting as well as hearsay.

    In the succeeding columns, for historical purposes, I will write about what made Edsa possible, the lessons of Edsa and those who betrayed the individual dreams of democratic restoration.


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    1. Atty Bono Adaza knows what he’s talking about because he was an active member of the opposition! Actually, we had him monitored in Cagayan de Oro for any link with the NPA but turned out negative and we left him alone in his public denunciation of Martial law. I categorized him as a patriot and nationalist who was just vocal on what he believed in!

    2. We need people like you to narrate the truth–what is really Edsa. I truly believed it is an uprising/revolt not revolution. Because if it a real “revolution” Philippines will be better off. Since you said, it was brought by circumstances–survival. And the “meron” “bystander” perhaps who doesn’t know what is all about, been hoodwink (until now) by the “yellow armies”. I don’t understand why students now are not acting what it use to be in 60s, 70s, 80s. Pinoys now are “kanya-kanya” There are still “few good men” left in our midst Sir…hopefully!!!

    3. You’re absolutely right, Atty. Bono. The only benefit that the Filipinos get from the EDSA revolution is the freedom of speech/expression. Corruption, injustice, poverty got worse. Before it was only the Marcoses, now anyone who holds office in the government shamelessly practice corruption.

    4. First of all, the quote that you lifted from the words of the late Robert Kennedy has absolutely nothing to do in relation to what the significance of EDSA is all about.

      To say that the EDSA commemoration is nonsense is like telling the Jewish people that their commemoration of the “Passover” is nonsense. Passover is a reminder to them of their liberation by GOD from slavery in Egypt more than two thousand years ago. To say that EDSA is nonsense is like telling the Americans that their 4th of July celebration is nonsense. Americans commemorate this special day to remind them of their declaration of independence from the British empire. Mr. Adaza, I’m not sure what religious faith you follow but we Christians around the world celebrate the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Is this nonsense?

      You must be that stupid to say that uprising and revolution are like apples and oranges. Please look it up. EDSA BTW is not for everyone. It is for like minded Filipinos who fought for freedom against the brutal dictatorship and corruption of Ferdinand E Marcos. It is not about the Aquino’s.

      • babylim.adazalaw@yahoo.com on

        It shows that you are the stupid one LA702, because the outcome of EDSA 1 was the reverse of what you have just wrote. You must be an AQUINO, LA702!!

      • just to remind you that EDSA DID NOT REPRESENT the whole Philippines population, it was as Mr Adaza said, an “accidental gathering”, some people say, they were stuck in the traffic and just joined…If there was a planned of a revolution, then every part of the nation should have participated but again, it was only the Manilenians…

        EDSA can not even be compared to the Passover as you do in your argument or even the fourth of July in the US…read and understand each of these occasion….EDSA is more of a “personal interest” to those who initiated it….

    5. During the early days of Cory regime, you and Doy were treated like “langaw”. People see you then as sourgraping politician who dont get any juicy govt position in Cory’s govt. but time exposed the real “LANGAWS” in our society.
      The Cory govt.commits too many big blunders that affects our society today like,
      1 Demolishing Batasang Pambansa and change it to a Congress w/ the addition of Party going Party list lawmakers
      2. By allowing the US bases to leave that make China decided to occupy the contested islands in China Sea
      3. Abandonment of Nuclear power plant without any alternative solution that results massive brownouts during her terms and force the next FVR administration to built power plants w/ expensive power rates that we still endure until now
      4.By allowing Misuari to return and demanded an autonomy government. Peace in Mindanao is the aim for allowing Misuari to come back & form an autonomous govt. but until now it still remain a DREAM.
      5. By releasing Joma Sison from jail and allow him to live in exile.Until now, the NPA and their affiliated parties/organizations are still a menace in our society.

    6. Many late bloomers really do not have the right idea of what is the real reason why EDSA 1 happened. There are those who twisted the facts just to push their own agenda and gain the advantage. The sad thing is that many never learned from this.

    7. Yes. Mr adaza. Its time for you to tell us the real inside story of edsa – the good and the bad. So that history can judge who is evil and who is good for this country. People are fed up with their rulers and want a government for the people.

    8. In hindsight, I still have doubts that maybe, that EDSA Aggrupation was a script designed by Manong to give Andy his “gracious exit”. If Manong can design a martial law, he surely can also design how to end it without making the cronies and generals feel that they were left behind by the man they served and profited from. Manong must have done a lot of reading in crowd psychology and knowing the public sentiment of the people against his boss have enlisted the participation of Cardinal Sin when the script begins in Act One. That’s why one of the first guy that Cristina has to call when they start the show was the Cardinal. For if indeed they want a military showdown, they could have enlisted US or Israel assistance but never did they do so. Plus the fact that Manong met his boss at the Malacanang grounds prior to the airlift as if to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

    9. Yes JPE and his Ramboys were out to save their skin. They had worried Marcos would be overthrown and they would be fed to the wolves. So out they came when their plans were discovered. They sought refuge from the people they had long oppressed. Politicians joined in the fray to assure their ascendancy to power. The TraPos began planning their “new order” with typical trapo style by ‘cooperating’ with the people, Cory and Cardinal Sin. Their true colors were to be known in time. While many joined in the fray for their own personal motives or for the welfare of the country, a politician from Mindanao absconded to Bohol at the height of the People Power Revolution. He refuses to comment or allows such comments in his column.

    10. I think EDSA 1 is a clash between 2 forces. Marcos group and the Anti Marcos group.the question is who will prevail. There is a point were Marcos forces might have win if the pro Marcos forces acted quickly , there will be no EDSA 1. General Ver is not a good tactitician not like Fidel and JPE that took the advantage of the assassination of Ninoy and the rally in EDSA. If Marcos was in good health, Fidel and Enrile might be dead by firing squad right now.

      • Fabian has no combat experience. In fact, during the first few hours of Manong’s caper, Fabian was in a wedding. Lacking the combat experience most generals have, he does not know what to do or how to react in a time of crisis. The camp commander at that time who was loyal to Fabian once told me that he wanted to attack those mutineers but he was prevailed upon. With the lost of precious minutes, the balance shifted in favor of the mutineers.

      • It was Marcos who ordered Ver not to attack, Marcos still hold the whole Army that time but he opted not to retaliate, otherwise it would have been a bloody occasion…Credit to Marcos for that peaceful rally…

    11. Lolita Marquez on

      Edsa is planned but regarding Enrile and Fidel they did not know that it would happen soon. Yes, i agree that everybofy had its own reason. Not to really restore democracy but to get out of the clout of FM who had outrun his usefulness. It was a struggle against who was ince a strong man. The idealism that it would have brought was lost because the victors were of the same oppressive class.

      • EDSA was planned? sus apo, stupid. that EDSA event started only when a group of people from the government mutinied. without that starting event. there was no EDSA incident. Now tell it how EDSA was planned. You are talking about democracy. What about it please explain. What I know is if you are free to go anywhere, to do what you want, to practice what is good; shout against the authorities who in turn also may arrest you if you beyond the policy; and even rebel against the government with a right of protection from death, injury, shout what you want, run for elective position and have your goons, etc., then there is democracy. that is our country during marcos time.

    12. Elcid Pelayo on

      It was a fluke which defused the possibility of a civil war that could have cleansed this nation of corrupt, venal,treacherous,idiotic ,pompous politicians, wily,selfish,greedy businessmen,the big time criminals and their syndicates thirty (30) years ago when my generation was still capable of fighting well.Instead we have years of bullshit and China is all set to complete her domination over us all because of that damned fluke that brought to power the chinese housewife of that sybaritic,ambitious senator and another six years his insane only son….SAYANG !!!

      • I can’t wait for him to explain the allegation that he left for Bohol when Cory and Party were in Cebu flying to Manila to join the People Power Revolution. What gives?

    13. Hi MP Adaza am ur ardent follower on ur informative write ups..Pls sir continue d sharing of info during your times in d batasanPambansa under presFEM administration..We & d Youth deserv to know d real truth. GOD Bless U..

    14. Certainly … ”A life without criticism is not worth living” … as long as the criticism is a CONSTRUCTIVE one .

      The way things are going right now in politics , even the obviously ”CORRUPT POLITICIAN” has the nerve to ‘DESTRUCTIVELY CRITICIZE’ his opponents in order to win and save himself from future “criminal charges” and possibly jail term.

      The “EDSA EVENT” … while it restored “DEMOCRACY” … it also restored the freedom of many of those who lead the “EVENT” to continuously “CORRUPT THE GOVERNMENT” … even producing “WORST PRESIDENTS” the Philippines ever had.

      • democracy to steal, lie, corrupt and kill…I was never a fan of these EDSA, I hated it, I saw on TV during that time how people were fooled by Enrille and Ramos, by the Cardinals and nuns who they believe or credited themselves of the peacefulness of such “evilution”…Marcos still has his loyal military with him but instructed Ver not t attack the rallyist,otherwise it would have been a bloody scene…Kudos to Marcos for caring more of the welfare of the Filipino than his life…

      • Ask him about his trip to Bohol when Cory and Party went to Manila from Cebu at the height of the People Power Revolution. Lets hear his unbiased report.