The real reason the LP stag party offends us


WE have exercised circumspection in offering our views on the now-infamous “stag party” put on by Liberal Party officials in Laguna last week, because everyone—except, naturally, the parties involved —has reacted to the story just as they should have reacted, with horrified outrage.

There is, of course, no justification for employing dancers to perform simulated sex acts in a public function, or anywhere else for that matter. In the wake of the scandal, the response of LP officials has just made their public image problems even worse. MMDA chairman and presumptive Senate candidate Francis Tolentino, who provided the “gift” of three dancing girls, went from “I didn’t do it” to “But I asked the girls to wear skirts” back to “I didn’t do it” in the space of about an hour last Wednesday evening after the salacious news saturated the local regular and social media. Other LP officials, after taking way too long to think about it, finally mustered the appropriate embarrassed approbation to express their disapproval and promise to “investigate” the affair the following day, and have been obviously trying to avoid the subject ever since.

But a large part of why we collectively reacted with revulsion to the LP event has nothing to do with the LP or its officials. As many have pointed out, the racy show was not the “isolated incident” LP stalwart and Senate President Frank Drilon claimed it was, and pictures and videos of other politicians (including some who were quick to condemn the LP’s behavior) at other events doing approximately the same thing quickly circulated online to prove the point. And that’s where the real problem lies: What bothers us is not so much the behavior of the individuals and organization involved, reprehensible as it is, but the unpleasant reminder that we still live in a society where this sort of thing is considered okay. For all our visible and audible respect for women—the Philippines is noted around the world for its number of women high government officials, for example—they are still discriminated and objectified, a source of entertainment to appeal to our basest animal instincts.

The LP’s sorry show in Laguna is little more than a by-product of an environment in which it is somehow considered normal and necessary to decorate a noontime variety show with a troupe of pointlessly gyrated, scantily-clad young ladies. It is the by-product of an environment in which the consumer market is oversaturated by the marketing of improbable standards of beauty and sexiness, and where a “pleasing appearance” is considered a legitimate job qualification, regardless of its relevance.

The Liberal Party and its officials who allowed this to happen deserve all the scorn we can heap on them. But it would be hypocritical not to reflect on the bigger problems that provide an atmosphere for it, and regard them with the same distaste.


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  1. What really bothers is that none of the LP officials present did something to stop it. Worse, the birthday celebrant, Laguna representative, Congressman Agarao even joined the lewd dancing obviously enjoying himself. If this is what Daang Matuwid that the Liberal Party boasts about, I don’t know what will be the future of this country.

  2. The lewd exhibition by those immoral girls was truly a disgrace and embarrasing. A person with a clean mind cannot tolerate such scene. We should condemn all exhibitions such as this specially on television where all members of the family are watching including children.

  3. I agree that employing the scantily-clad young performers to execute a choreography which cater solely to the prurient interests is as repugnant as it is tasteless. But this issue has been blown out of proportion as how national issues are being tackled nowadays.

    You do not even need to attend a stag party sponsored by LP officials to witness such acts of salaciousness. Just turn on your TV at noontime and you can watch young performers of exactly the same intensity of carnality.

    Or, you can also wait until late at night during weekends and there are shows that allow their opening scene to be engrossed with similar magnitude of lasciviousness. You can even easily watch in Youtube public videos of barely legal Filipina actresses gyrating to the tune of amativeness.

  4. Vic Penetrante on

    The stag party could not have happened had Leni Robredo not dilly-dally on accepting to become the LP vice-presidential bearer and had been present.
    Just wondering why the women’s right group has nothing to say about the fad of showing men’s abs?

    • >>> where are you Risa Hontiveros and the leaders and members of called “GABRIELA” ???

  5. As far as I am aware the girls were being paid to perform – and probable paid well.
    It was an adult audience . Pretty girls and handsome men are all over advertising and promotional material. I am not sire how young sexy girls are anymore sexist than young sexy men.
    I thought the Philippines was a Catholic country not a Puritan one.

    • Unfortunately, it was not an adult audience; there were kids in the crowd. And I’ve never seen a mainstream advertising or promotional material with a woman sitting on a man’s face. You don’t have to be a puritan to be disgusted to see kids being exposed to men eating ass onstage.

  6. What bothers me is the sheer amount of Liberal Party politicians with no morals and no honor. Claiming accomplishments where none exist. The Liberal party exist to loot the treasury, enrich the top 1% and protect each other from investigations and charges.

    They continue to peddle fantasy versions of the Aquino administration history and apparently have every intention to continue the corruption and incompetence.

    • Your comment pretty much sums this up by hitting all the nails squarely on the head. Yet the LP is the ruling party.

      Let us see if this is a defining moment where a nation wakes-up and says we want real to change.

      If history is the measuring device. I predict more of the same.. A zebra cannot change it’s stripes..