• The refugees are our responsibility


    THE large numbers of war refugees and poverty stricken migrants pouring into Europe is a matter for immediate concern and action. But it should be concern and action primarily for the displaced and suffering refugees and those fleeing sub-human conditions and political systems where human rights violations, religious persecution and injustice are so cruel and common.

    The secularized European Union has generally bypassed Christian values and replaced them with the pragmatic rules and regulations of an over-organized social welfare state. The EU governments do provide well and generously for the basic needs of the citizens as they should.

    But those EU legalistic processes and procedures cannot properly respond to humanitarian crises and to the human suffering of refugees and those fleeing violence and sub-human intolerable conditions of abuse and discrimination.

    The secular political establishment of the EU is in turmoil and confusion. Without a special law agreed by all they are stymied and unable to respond. Besides several members will not agree to share the challenge because of racial, economic or political pressures in their countries.

    Is the vaunted European Union really a union at all, some are now asking. Do most of the members really believe and adhere to the high principles of justice, fairness, respect for human rights and economic equality for the poor and the oppressed of the world? Freedom of movement is a key part of the EU and it can apply to refugees as everybody else.

    Some states are in the EU for what they can get out of it for themselves. Their negative reactions and unwelcome closed doors is a disgrace and not worthy of a civilized people. Branding these people as “illegal” and justifying oppressing and abusing them ignores the war they are fleeing and the truth that humanitarian needs are more important than the rigid strict rules and regulations that block them from reaching a safe welcoming haven.

    These unwelcoming nations of the EU are not good neighbors and don’t care about the plight of the refugees and those fleeing human rights violations and extreme poverty. That’s the effect of secularization and the loss of Christian beliefs in love of neighbor.

    They have quickly forgotten their own past. Past generations of EU citizens were migrants and refugees and displaced people after the First and Second World wars. And if they were not refugees and victims of war, they were members or silent supporters of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and other cruel tyrants.

    It was their invading armies of aggressive occupation and human rights violations that destroyed Europe. They ought make up for that.

    The founding pilgrims of America were refugees fleeing religious persecution in Europe. The North American indigenous people welcomed and helped them. They were not Christian but helped these unknown strangers and migrants that crossed an ocean seeking a life of freedom.

    The politicians refusing to accept refugees and displaced persons and migrants in dire circumstances care more for their political careers than the humans suffering so much. They are morally constipated and devoid of compassion for human suffering. They hide behind heartless and unfeeling bureaucratic procedures that block the refugees from finding relief and a better life. The refugees and migrants fleeing oppression want to be free from extermination terrorists, chlorine and gasoline filled barrel bombs dropped on civilians by Assad of Syria. All this with hardly a protest or reaction of outrage from the West for such atrocities.

    There are outstanding exceptions, such as Germany, Austria, Sweden, France and Italy and a few others who accept and help the refugees and even the migrant asylum seekers but they too are politically paralyzed. Germany has taken 40 percent of the travelers already and the UK only a miserable, mean 4 percent and has a closed door policy.

    The Christian response is that of compassion and the love of neighbor. The heart of Christianity is imbedded in the answer of Jesus of Nazareth when he was asked who is my neighbor.

    His response is in his story about the victim of violence dying on the side of the road. A rich cleric and an upper class social elite came by; they saw the victim and they quickly hurried away doing nothing. Such was their apathy and indifference.

    A social outcast from Samaria, a migrant in Israel who passed that way, saw the wounded man who was a total stranger to him. The man had been robbed of all his possessions like a refugee or a migrant in distress. The traveler responded immediately with compassion and gave the dying man medical aid and brought him to an inn where he could be treated as though in a hospital. He paid a large sum of money for his recovery and offered to pay the innkeeper all future expenses on his return. He is known as the Good Samaritan and the example of the good neighbor who we are called upon to be, loving peopple even if they are not our relatives or clan.

    There are remarkable dedicated people and Non-Government organizations assisting the refugees and the desperate migrants fleeing awful degrading and oppressive regimes and poverty. However it is the government that has to respond and welcome and help them. There are mountains of surplus food thrown away every week in the EU and lots of jobs that Europeans don’t want. In Ireland and the UK there is a regulation cutting back the unemployment welfare benefits of those who refuse to take a job when offered.

    Thousands prefer live on welfare when the refugees and migrants are willing to work hard for low wages.

    Some social elite politicians and media label them all unwanted illegal migrants. This is an insult to suffering humanity where most of them are obvious Syrian refugees fleeing a bloody cruel war. The shocking picture of the body of a small boy being carried ashore after drowning in a tragic attempt to reach European soil has shaken the world through social media.

    Over 2000 desperate people have died trying to escape terrible conditions in Syria, Libya and other countries where violence, human rights violations, injustice, cruelty, discrimination and indecent poverty makes life unbearable.

    The large numbers of refugees and migrants coming into Europe fleeing bombing atrocities of the Taliban and Isis and the tyrant Assad should be seen as a benefit not a burden. European nations have more people dying than being born and face labor shortages.

    Europe can benefit from the skills, learning and hardworking labor of migrants and refugees who are determined to work hard and succeed if given the chance and are not discriminated against or confined to camps and ghettos.

    In Austria I met some of them. They were welcomed into small towns and villages. As I talked with those who understood English I learned that they were engineers, teachers, professors and school leavers all desperate for a chance to be part of nation building now that their homeland has been destroyed by war.

    The principles and values of the EU are challenged as never before and if they can remember their own refugee past and poverty and lack of freedom under communism they will welcome these people seeking a new better life.



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    1. Look after the Christian refugees first, let the Muslim nations handle their own ummah, as per their religious teachings.

    2. Germany and most of E.U. countries are taking lots of refugees but what about the Vatican State? It is not good for the Pope to be always smiling for smiles cannot alleviate sufferings and anything that has gone haywire. It will not feed empty stomachs. Even your so-called concern if not accompanied with actions means nothing.

      This spurious religion must also show her concern for mankind. It is not good if your cult is not lifting a finger to ease pains of being refugees. The Roman Catholic Church must give a portion of the profit of its scams as a dole-out to the refugees. Do what is good but not plan and employ more scams only to be taken by the Almighty God on the Day of Accounting. But make sure, you do it based on biblical tenets and not on the wisdom of men. Not all who gives including those who perform miracles will inherit the kingdom of heave. Seek for the right path.

      • Justaskingseriously on

        You do not have the basic knowledge of geography. Vatican may ba a state but it is just a hill in the city of Rome. How can you even talk about religious truths that are mostly in the spiritual realm (not in geography) if you cannot even read the map of the world?

    3. The American government under president Bush are mainly responsible for this situation by making war on Arab countries…therefore let them take care of the refugees..there are plenty of wide open spaces in the states where they might be accommodated..THE EUROPEANS DO NOT WANT THEM !!!!!!!!!!