• The ‘Remnants’ of artist Niccolo Jose


    Niccolo Jose takes his art to the next level with his current exhibit Remnants at the Altro Mondo Gallery in Greenbelt 5, Makati.

    The exhibit, which runs from August 22 to September 14, showcases the evolution of Jose’s work and his passion for turning reclaimed wood into art pieces.

    “I’m really a sculptor,” says the 26-year-old artist who studied Studio Art and Environmental Studies at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon USA for five years.

    Upon returning to the Philippines he began working on what he calls “figurative sculptures,” which progressed into functional furniture pieces. But what set him apart were his customized chairs created according to the body measurements of the owner. He also began experimenting on pyrography where he created unique art by burning elaborate designs on wood.

    Staying true to his environmental advocacy, Jose also uses only recycled or reclaimed wood in his artworks. “I work with wood, but I don’t cut down trees, everything that I use are recycled woo that is 50 to 300 years old. They’re from old houses, old railroad tracks and some that were just going to be thrown away.”

    For Remnants, Jose meticulously treated, selected, cut and carved each small chunk of wood like a puzzle, making sure that each piece retains its original color and “pattern” as he created sculptures that depict the human body and portraits brought to solid dramatic effect using the unlikely material of wood.


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