The return of Urbandub


Urbandub20160519It has been exactly one year since the original line-up of Urbandub performed on stage in one of the most successful rock concerts of 2015. Ironically the sold out performance dubbed Endless on May 9 of that year also marked an end to one of OPM’s most iconic rock acts.

Nevtertheless, members Gabby Alipe and John Dinopol continued to play as Urbandub. MCA Music also released Endless DVD, featuring the band’s final concert at Metro Tent. Included in the disc is a documentary of the band’s history, and as such can be considered the best memento for their fans.

Alipe and Dinopol have announced that they are set to return to the concert scene with Urbandub Endless Revisited, The Concert on May 27 at the Music Museum.

“We’ve missed the ‘Dubistas’ just as much,” agreed the rockers.


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