• The return of US bases to the Philippines


    If you have complete knowledge of what is going on in the West Philippine Sea, I think you will do the same as our Government is doing. They have exhausted all the process in dealing with these problems and nothings happens. The Administration only wants to scare the Chinese away. That’s all

    I absolutely agree with your opinion. Since the RP government and the press has already capitulated then there is no need for any US basing. It my fervent hope that the RP government break all talks with the US concerning the stationing of US military assets. With all due respect, Reverend, your take on history leaves much to be desired. China encroached on RP territory, because the RP has no military forces to repel it.They saw the opportunity and took it. Weakness invites aggression. History has proved that. Does not your legislature allocate funding for the military? Maybe you should ask your senators and members of congress why in the last 20 years they left your country totally vulnerable??!
    John W


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    1. bring back the US bases in our country, US always support our constitution and our way of life. and also US bases will create jobs and will boost our economy. look at the US Navy back in the days, how many pinoys were lucky enough to join and retired from the Navy, i know it was only a portions of history but for it really count. so lets give it a try, bring back the Naval Bases to our country.

    2. No US base in the Philippines is actually good for the US taxpayers. Filipinos should start learning Chinese.