The right treats for teething babies


During the first months of an infant, physical, emotional, and cognitive developments already take place. They often come in the baby’s first word, smile, and giggle. These accomplishments are important to note as they will have an impact on a child’s growing years.

The baby’s teething stage is another milestone. This phase—which often comes within four to six months—is often dreaded by parents because of the long list of effects such as fever, diarrhea, or even a mild case of rashes.

Although it may come across as a little stressful, the teething stage is crucial as it sends signals to parents that their child is ready for weaning or solid food. For snacks, parents can give babies nutritious and yummy baby biscuits from Milna.

A baby’s teething stage is crucial as it sends signals to parents that their child is ready for solid food

According to Lois Del Rosario, senior brand manager of Milna’s Rusks for Infants in the country, it is usual to give regular biscuits to teething babies. However, these are not hard enough and are usually laden with sugar and other additives that are harmful to babies.

It is best to choose teething products that contain no artificial coloring and preservatives, and are packed with proteins, calcium, Vitamin C and E, iron, and minerals. To avoid flavor fatigue, try different flavors like tbanana, orange, and mixed fruit.

Del Rosario added that the texture of the baby biscuits helps alleviate the teething discomfort. They have a solid composition that encourage chewing activity.

She enthused that during the teething stage, a child starts to open his or her fists to take hold of things that can be nibbled. Thus baby biscuits should have a rounded shape that makes the grabbing motion easier for a child. According to Del Rosario, this feature assists in developing a child’s motor skills.

Del Rosario said that their product can also be dissolved in water to create soft food. This allows flexibility and variation in preparing baby meals.

The toddler biscuits are part of the wide range of products offered by Milna which include cereals for six months with the flavors of beef and green peas and brown rice and banana; cereals for nine months with the taste of beef stew and green peas and chicken soup and sweet corn; and instant pudding which can be enjoyed in chocolate or strawberry flavor.


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